• It was the year 2156 when scientists finally discovered a new way of creating life. By manipulating artificial genes and growing the fetus in a tube, they were able to created 'the perfect Human being'. They were rumoured to have no flaws and to look as beautiful as any child celebrity. Their hair- and eye-colour could, according to the advertisement, range from red to blue and everything in between. Naturally, rich people all around the world put in an order for one of these 'perfect children'. Eventually, 23 orders were accepted. And in May 2157, the first batch of these 'Beauties' was born. The first one on the 2nd of May, the second on the 3rd, etc. And for a while, everything was great. They had loving parents. A home. They were loved. They were happy.
    And then everything took a dark turn.

    On the 25th of May, in the year 2162, one little Beauty developed a 'Gift'. This boy, the first successfully born prototype, is publicly known as Zero. It was his sixth birthday party when the tragedy happened. The other 23 Beauties had been invited for this celebration, because it was not only Zero's birthday, but also the anniversary of the scientific break-through that made the Beauties possible. It was a very nice and relaxed meeting. The parents chatted, the children played... Until Little Zero passed out.
    When he awoke, Zero was not the same. His voice was ancient and loud. He spoke his first prophecy.
    “These Gifts of Beauty,
    They are the work of an empty man.
    To retrieve your soul,
    Follow my words as close as you can.”
    When the little boy made eye contact with one of the other Beauties, he would loose control of his own body and speak a prophecy. Each prophecy leads, according to Little Zero, to their 'soul'. Back then, nobody understood what the little boy meant. They didn't understand why Little Adam, Beauty #21, needed to find "A dame with hair as white as frost, to whom beauty is never lost. Her head is always full of dreams, yet frozen in time is how she seems."
    Then the Beauties grew up. And as each of them hit the age of six, they all developed a Gift. Several kids were suddenly making fire dance on their fingertips, while others could bend the will of their parents or heal small wounds and injuries. The world panicked. The Gifts were strange, weird, and sometimes even dangerous.
    It wasn't until the end of June, one month after the last Beauty had received their gift, that things escalated. Beauty #18 had been brutally attacked on the street by a frightened woman. The six year old boy had been strangled to death, despite his efforts to fight her off.
    People everywhere were demanding the death of these children. It was obvious that they were getting too powerful. Apart from their Gifts, they were also stronger and faster than the average Human. They really did seem perfect.
    Until exactly five months after their birthdays. Because on that day, they became colour blind and they stopped being able to taste and smell things completely. The children had lost a part of themselves. The only explanation the parents had, was Zero's line. “They need to find their soul,” he'd said seriously on his birthday. The scientists said it was complete fantasy and just said it was a fault in their genes. Yet, the world was convinced that, without finding this one 'person' the Gifted would be unable to reach their 'soul' and their full power. And they were happy with that.

    Eventually, it was decided that the children would be imprisoned, away from humanity. A small island in the Indian Ocean was used to build two prison camps. Each camp would hold twelve of the 'Gifted' as they were now labeled. Light-weight metal gauntlets were made for their hands. This special type of metal would prevent the children from using their Gifts.
    Ever since these 24 Gifted children were seven years old, they've been locked up in the prison camps. It is now the year 2175. Most Gifted are now 18 years old. This roleplay follows their story and their struggle.

    This roleplay follows: the twelve oldest Gifted, their four guards and two scientists. The Gifted each have their own cell. The guards and scientists all have their own flat on the premises. The staff is concluded by two ladies who clean and cook the meals.
    Before you do anything, please carefully read the summary in the spoiler above.
    It's also a good idea to read:
    About the Gifted
    About the Gifts
    About the Prophecies
    About the Guards and Scientists
    About the Prison
    Roleplay Rules

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    *Sakura Kaida Miyamoto ¦ (DarkAng3l) Finished
    *Stormcloud Dancer Quebodeaux ¦ Assistant (Rumtumtugger) Finished

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    - 10 line minimum per post; (20 minimum if you have two characters in the post)
    - 2 characters maximum;
    - Anything unrelated to the RPG in the chat topic;
    - No killing a character without permission of the owner;
    - No 'perfect characters'. Each character must have a few flaws;
    - Wait 2-3 posts before replying again;
    - You do not have to fall in love with the person the prophecy leads you to!
    - Please read the story carefully before making your character!
    - We start the RPG on Monday, the 5th of September, around eight p.m. If this is a problem, please contact me.
    - This roleplay is not meant to fill it's topics in a day. Take your time with your posts. We can be patient. Quality over speed, please.

    Please let me know if you do not wish to continue in the roleplay,
    or inform me when your character is finished so I can approve it.

    Chat Topic

    I would like to thank each and every one of you for your interest in this roleplay. The idea means a lot to me, and to see it's popularity has really given me great joy. You are all amazing people and I'm sure you will all do your best.
    Thank you for your patience, your praise and interest in Soul Shackles.

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    Welcome to Night Vale. All Hail the Glow Cloud. All Hail Perfect, Beautiful Carlos.

    Full Name: Zero
    Nickname: He isn't aware if he has any nicknames.
    Age: 19
    Date of birth: 25-04-2156
    Sex: Male
    Sexuality: Demisexual. This means that he cannot feel any romantic or sexual attraction towards a person until he develops a deep emotional connection with them.
    Ethnicity: Zero does not identify with any ethnic group, due to the way he was brought into this world. If asked, he just says he's white.
    Gift: The Gift of Prophecy
    Language: English
    Religion: Zero does not believe in any God, or follow any specific religion. He believes that there is no higher force than Humans, but he views them as Demons instead of Gods. He has a basic respect for Mother Nature and animals, but doesn't believe that any higher force created them.
    Family life: Zero does not have a mother, a father, or any siblings. As he was the prototype, he was never adopted. He lived in the science lab until he was seven. The famous 'birthday party' that was thrown for him when he turned six, was organised by the scientists, to show off their work. Zero does not attach any value to the word 'family'.
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 127 lbs
    Looks: Zero has simple white hair. His hair is quite fine and easily becomes charged with static electricity. He's very annoyed that he doesn't have a hoody, because he would love to hide his hair. His eyes are and unnatural ice-blue colour. They're framed by dark lashes. His emotions are often easily readable in these eyes, even if he attempts to hide them. He has a pale skin that would almost put a vampire to shame. He doesn't ever remember having colour on his cheeks or blushing. His face is heart-shaped. His lips are quite thin and have a light blue sheen over them, as if they're permanently frozen. His nose is slightly too large for his face and the thing he's most insecure about.
    As a kid, Zero wore a white shirt with black trousers. These were the only clothes provided for him in the research facility. When he got locked up with the other Gifted, he was given the same black prison uniform as everyone else.
    He is 5'8, and would love to be taller. He has a normal build, and isn't especially scrawny or muscled. For a Gifted child, Zero thinks he looks pretty normal.
    Likes: Knowledge, learning, asking questions, Greek and Roman mythology, Artemis (his stuffed animal.).
    Dislikes: Humans, physical contact, being stared at, not knowing what's going on, being confused, his nose, his hair.
    Characteristics: Zero is, on the surface, stubborn and distrusting. He doesn't trust anyone apart from his own mind, and will not be easily swayed into trusting others. If anyone tries talking to him, he's quite good at ignoring them. If they keep trying, he can become quite vocally aggressive. He has a short temper, and is not afraid to attack others or raise his voice. He not once in his life apologized to someone. He's skeptical about the Humans and will never trust them after the way he was treated as a kid. He's also skeptical about ever getting out of the prison.
    Under that, there is a better side of him. It's almost as if his personality has been split in half. The positive side lurks in his mind. This part of him is, despite his short-tempered nature, quite patient. It's strange, but even if Zero loses his temper, it will, for example, take a while before he becomes violent. Zero's patience and short-temperedness really depend on his situation and mood. He's usually quite confident, unless it's about his 'huge' nose, his static hair or his gift. Those are his weak points and the things he's most self-conscious about. He can be quite persistent, something that comes with being so stubborn. He's imaginative. He doesn't know anything about the other Gifted, but to entertain himself, he watches them and imagines what their lives must've been like. He creates whole story lines in his head for them. He's also quite observant. Despite imagining all these things, that doesn't mean he doesn't see what actually happens around him.
    History: Zero was born in a research facility outside of Castletown, on the Isle of Man. He had his own small room, where he spend most of his time. If he wasn't there, he was in the lab or the small library. When he was three, he was taught to read as part of an experiment. They wanted to see how long it would take for Zero to learn. He could read fluent English in three weeks. Ever since, he spend his time reading books on all sorts of subjects. There were no fiction books, but he easily made his way through books about medical conditions, animal behaviour, history and more. The scientists were friendly to him, but he had no real parental figure. He was told what to do, and that was it. It made Zero feel isolated and lonely.
    On his sixth birthday, everything went to hell. He developed his Gift and spoke 23 prophecies that day. He was taken away, locked in his room for weeks. Six year old Zero had no idea what was going on. He just knew he couldn't go to the library and he was getting his food through a cat-flap. He didn't know that in the outside world, people were panicking.
    After a month of being locked up, they released him. Experiments continued; Zero was allowed to read again. But the scientists weren't nearly as friendly. They treated him more like an animal than a boy, which caused Zero's attitude towards them to change. Instead of friendly answering any questions, he would keep to a confused silence. This confused quietness quickly turned into angry silence. He would get hit if he didn't speak quick enough. This resulted into Zero lashing out, trying to hit or bite the scientists. Eventually, they had to result to drugs or tasering to keep him calm.
    The tests increased once Zero was seven. The other Gifted had turned six and gotten their Gifts. All Zero would hear during these tests, was about the other Gifts and if he could do that too. And each time that he failed to perform a trick, he would feel more and more useless. He started to hate the scientists who hit him, tasered him, told him to do better, treating him like an animal that couldn't learn a certain trick. Zero hated the way he was treated. He hated how alone he was.
    He hated it even more when they started using him as a test subject for the gauntlets. Even though he had no Gifts other than the Prophecy one, the scientists still pushed him to try harder. Only after a month, they gave up and used someone else. Zero was confined to his small room again. A new scientist came by after a few weeks, giving him a stuffed animal. It was the shape of a bunny. The coat was fluffy, with black and yellow bumblebee-stripes. Zero has black and white vision, so he doesn't know what colours the animal is. He imagines it to be black and silver though. The lady said she was sorry. She didn't look like a scientist, but she looked quite official to Zero. She left. The day after, Zero was put on the boat with the other kids.
    Zero didn't respond well to prison. For weeks, he would try to attack the guards and refuse to eat. But hunger won out and Zero felt defeated. He didn't make friends with the other gifted. He didn't fight anymore. He just kept to himself and lived in the confined walls of his mind.
    Zero's only possession now is the stuffed animal, which he named Artemis, after the Greek goddess of the Hunt and the Moon. He doesn't like to be in the prison yard or the cafeteria and prefers to be in his cell. He doesn't like physical contact and hates it when anyone touches him. Despite the fact that all the Gifted can communicate telepathically, Zero has never had telepathic contact with someone. He's not scared of the powers he possesses; he just doesn't want contact with the others, who are supposedly 'better' than him. He doesn't hate them like he hates the Humans, but he doesn't think that the Gifted are superior either. He has accepted their fate of living in the prison until their death.

    Welcome to Night Vale. All Hail the Glow Cloud. All Hail Perfect, Beautiful Carlos.

    Hey, you started it again. (:

    Can I keep my role?

    After - Go - Skull.

    These rings that I'm breaking are making you a personal debt.

    Skull schreef:
    Hey, you started it again. (:

    Can I keep my role?

    After - Go - Skull.

    Yes, darling. (: Changed your name. I'd like your role by the 4th of September, please. Very nice of you to still want to join.

    Welcome to Night Vale. All Hail the Glow Cloud. All Hail Perfect, Beautiful Carlos.

    The fourth of September should be possible.
    And I loved the RPG from the start, so I was really exited when I saw the new roletopic. :3

    These rings that I'm breaking are making you a personal debt.

    Skull schreef:
    The fourth of September should be possible.
    And I loved the RPG from the start, so I was really exited when I saw the new roletopic. :3

    It honestly makes me really happy that people are excited for this. I am as well. ^^

    Welcome to Night Vale. All Hail the Glow Cloud. All Hail Perfect, Beautiful Carlos.

    Full Name: Danielle Skye Fairholm
    Nickname: Dani, Sky and everything else your characters come up with.
    Age: 18
    Date of birth: 09-05-2157
    Sex: Female
    Sexuality: She doesn't know, since she has never fallen in love before. But she thinks she's hetero, because everytime she would imagine herself being romantic with someone it's a guy.
    Ethnicity: English
    Gift: Bend the will of humans
    Language: English
    Religion: She's struggling with what to believe, since she has no accurate knowlegde of the world. This lack of knowledge is naturally because she has been impronsed since she was only 7 years old.
    Mother: Alice Leigh
    Father: Nicolas Fairholm †
    Siblings: Skye Fairholm †
    Height: 5.6
    Weight:138 lbs
    Looks: Dani's mom wanted someone who, at first sight, looked pretty normal, but was still perfect. So her overall built is perfectly balanced. She has a pretty slim body and an hourglass-shape. Her skin is pale and she has several birthmarks on her body, except for her face. Alice wanted her daughter's face to be spotless, still she's got a scar just above her right eyebrow because of an accident that happened when she was still a kid. Also, Danielle has something against leg- and armhair and thus wants her skin to be soft and free from any hair that doesn't belong there. Since she doesn't have a lot to do in prison, she doesn't care taking her time shaving her legs and arms.
    Dani has pretty small ears, a nose which end tends to stand a bit upwards and her lips are blushing pink as her cheeks, which make it look like she's always blushing. Her mother still wanted to give her daughter something special, in order that she would still stand out in a big crowd. That's why her eyes are this crazy golden colour. Her eyes stand out even more, because they're encircled with dark lashes. Also, her eyes are mostly widened, full of this childish amazement and excitement.
    Danielle has hair which has a color between light and auburn brown and is reaches to her waist. She always loved to wear it different everyday, she felt really pretty when er hair was tied up in a special way. Unfortunately she doesn't have a rubber or hairpins in prison, which makes her wear her hair loose everyday.

    Likes: Singing, fantasizing about everyday stuff, chatting, sometimes she likes to dance too (dance crazy, that is), listening to music, going to the yard, when she's amazingly bored she tends to act crazy, the uniform since it's black, learning new stuff especially about how it is to lead a normal life.
    Dislikes: Having hairy arms and legs, being alone, having no knowlegde of the 'normal' world, thinking about her future in a realistic way.

    Characteristics: Danielle has some childish characteristics. She is, for example, very curious, easily amazed ánd easily bored. She freely talks with almost everyone, it doesn't matter if it's a stranger or not, and most of the time she floods them with lots of questions. These questions are mostly about the world outside prison or their personal lifes. Dani is very eager to learn a lot about life outsite prison and even though she sometimes is ashamed of the questions she has to ask, it doesn't stop her from asking them in the end. Dani is also good of trust. She easily trusts people and believes almost everything you'll tell her, but when she finds out that you've lied to her she can get pretty angry, or worse, dissapointed. She also can be mad for a long time and finds it hard cross the line and say sorry herself. Dani can also be very persistent, when she wants something, she'll do everything to accomplish this.
    Like I said, Dani is easily bored. She needs to have something to do all time and when she isn't able to do anything, she either gets too enthousiastic and acts crazy, or she gets bad-tempered. That's why she has chosen a football to be one of her personal belogingings. It serves as prevention against her becoming bored. She has learned a few tricks with the football and is still glad she has this one football left. She mostly takes it with her when going to the yard. Like I said, Dani being bored can also result in her acting crazy. She loves joking around and just wants to have some fun, even though she's in prison it shouldn't keep her from enjoying her life 'till the fullest. Sometimes she's even a big flirt without even realizing it herself, because she's also very prudish, this however doesn't mean she doesnt fantasize.
    Danielle is someone who loves to talk and who easily talks about almost every subject, except for her feelings. Feelings make her confused and thus she doesn't want to talk about it, keeping them for herself seem to be so much easier. She also loves being around people, they don't even have to say a word, as long as she isn't alone. When she's alone her thoughts will wander off and she might start thinking about her future in a very realistic, and eventually pessimistic way, which makes her pretty sad, obviously. That's why she is always trying to come in contact with others, sometimes she even will try crazy stuff to get the Guards their attention.
    Dani can also be suddenly very calm when amazed about something or while enjoying something. She also has this calm atmosphere around her when she's fantasizing about everyday stuff. Dani likes, for example, to imagine herself living with both her parents and her sister, going to school, watching movies with friends and stuff. Still, she also fantasized about love-related stuff, since this is an unknown subject for her. She's always very curious about it, but also ashamed for this almost obsession-like interest. She is so eager to learn about it because it is something she doesn't know much of and has never experienced. Still, she's ashamed by it and doesn't talk much about it.
    As last, Dani is always also eager to help everyone else and wants everyone to feel good. That's why she's mad that she cannot use her gift and it never occured to her that changing people's moods is immoral. The end justifies the means, it doesn't care what she has to do, if only the others will start feeling better.

    History: Skye Fairholm. Dani's 'sister' was born the natural way two years before Dani. One day Skye, Alicia and Nicolas were going to visit another family member by car, when another car hit them. Skye and Nicolas died in this accident, however, Dani's mother barely survived. Lonely as she was decided to have another child and tha's why she decided to 'buy' one, Dani. However, since the accident Alicia had became overprotective. She wanted a perfect child who wouldn't be bullied or have any other problems in her life. She just wanted a perfect child who would have a perfect life, and to not forget her own daughter, she gave Dani the middle name Skye.
    Dani's mother was mentally very weak and like I said, overprotective. Dani didn't have much freedom and always longed for it, but young as she was, she also understood that she couldn't leave her mother. Dani always felt like she should help others as much as she could, she also loved her mother and wanted to see her happy. Her childisch energy and eagerness to learn was what kept her mother being happy to be alive. This may sound very dramatic for outsiders, but Dani had gotten used to it and led a pretty normal life. She got to go to school, made some friends and had fun.
    When Dani turned four she wanted a cat and eventually she got it, she called the cat Lara and became very close with the animal. Not long after she got her cat, she started following ballet classes. Nothing too difficult since the children were still so young, but Alice thought it would learn Dani some good manners and discipline. Dani also had the body for it, she was very flexible, and her mother thought it would be a waste not to use that.
    When she turned 6 Dani noticed she could make her mother feel better by simply touching her and saying things to her through her mind. She didn't know how she could do it or what it exactly was, but she was glad that she could help her mom a bit and used her Gift at times her mom was most depressed.
    Her simple life went on like this, until the one day they came to get her. Dani doesn't remember much of it, it was such a great shock that she blocked most of the memories. However, she still remembers how her mother cried and begged the 'bad guys', as Dani still sees them, not to take her away. When she was finally imprisoned she didn't do well the first few weeks. She never had much freedom, but always thought she would get it one day when she got older and that hope was simply taken away. She missed her friends and going to school. Becoming color-blind and not being able to smell or taste anything anymore sure didn't help, as did the gauntlets. She didn't sleep much, had lost her apetite and energy. This went on for a few weeks, months even, when she suddenly started becoming more 'alive'. She went back to her old self and tried to make the best of it, which she still does. She thought it would be a shame if she wasted her lifetime. You only live once and she wanted to make the best of it, even if it had to be in prison. Still, she is very lonely, sad and desperate, but these are emotions she had locked up far away. She never let them out ever since.

    Personal Belongings: Danielle's personal belongings are a football and a transverse flute. The football is simply to amuse her, since she is easily bored, it keeps her from going insane. The transverse flute is a whole story different. Since her mother wanted her to be perfect, she also wanted her daughter to learn how to play an instrument. Dani's grandmother used to play transverse flute and Alice always calmed down when hearing it, it made her feel nostalgic. She reguested to make Dani a musical talent, so she would be able to play the flute on a young age and so she did. She, however, never learned to play anything else, but she still wishes to.
    There was a lot of discussion wether she was allowed to keep the flute or not, since it could easily be used as a weapon. But Dani proved she wouldn't break any rules, obeyed the Guards and didn't try anything dangerous or troublesome, that's how she was allowed to keep the flute.

    - When she was younger, she was attacked by a huge parsien dog, you could even say she was 'walked over'. She was only 3 years old and thus very small, the dog had seen the cat, Lara, Dani was carrying around and simply jumped on her, not ignoring his instincts. Since then she has a small scar just above her right eyebrown.
    - She hates colors and tastes being mentioned, unless she askes for it.
    - She likes everything that's black, gray or white or just sparkly since it looks the same in her black and white view. That's why she is jealous of the Gifted ones who have white, grey or black hair or eyes.
    - She likes to watch the sun set, since it's something she also loved when she was younger and could still see the beautiful colours. When she now is looking at the sunset, she imagines that she can see the purple, pink and orange colours.
    - She starts feeling very depressed when she thinks of her own future and how it would turn out, that's why she avoids thinking about it and lives every day like it's her last.
    - Dani isn't very good at singing, nor is she awful, but she still loves it. She randomly sings song she remember, songs she heared the guards sing or were played on the radio.

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    In the end the only person we love is ourselves, that's why we choose to love someone who can please us the most.

    Full Name: Lenore Elín Sappheire Callas
    Lenore means light, Elín means sun, Sappheire means sapphire; lapis lazuli.
    Callas is a short form of any several compound surnames composed with the first element 'kalos', meaning good; beautiful
    Nickname: Mostly Nore, but some people call her Lenny or Sapph. To tease her some people call her Norypory.
    Age: 18
    Date of birth: 11-05-2157
    Sex: Female
    Sexuality: This isn't known, since Lenore hardly knows what the word means. What she does know, is that she feels a bit more attracted to men than to women.
    Ethnicity: Her mum is of Icelandic origin and her dad is Greek - this might change -
    Gift: Fire
    Language: She speaks Greek and Icelandic. In prison she learned to speak English, but she still doesn't understand all the words. However, she rarely dares to ask someone to explain those words.
    Religion: None
    Mother: Freyja Snæbrá
    Father: Mateo Callas
    Siblings: She has one older sister, Aria, and an older brother, Jace.
    Height: 5.3
    Weight: 124.5 lbs

    Lenore has long, thick, blonde hair that falls just below her breast. Her hair has pink and blue locks in it. When she still lived with her family, her mom or sister used to braid her hair. If she was allowed to have rubber bands in prison, she'd braid her hair herself.
    She has a very sophisticated, angelic face with full lips. But more striking are her eyes. You could compare her eyes with the night sky. They are very dark blue, midnight blue, and they have little golden and silver spots in it. Her parents chose for that because they met under the night sky. Her eyes are framed by long, dark eyelashes. Her skin is almost spotless - she has some freckles and her arms - and she often has a blush on her cheeks.
    Her body is slim with feminine curves. She isn't one of the taller Gifted, and next to some of them she can feel a bit insecure, since it makes her feel small.
    She has a sweet and innocent charisma.
    Likes: Mythology, fantasize about how her life'd be if she'd be a normal teenage girl, reading, sweet music - her parents often let her listen to it over the phone, it's her favourite moment of the day - and "normal" humans.
    Dislikes: Her gift, the gauntlets, loud noises
    Characteristics: Three words to describe Lenore are sweet, caring and insecure. She would never hurt anyone physically nor mentally, not on purpose at least. Besides that she gets quickly worried about other people. She likes it to see that people are happy,and she also likes it to make people feel happy, for example by complimenting them. She always sees the good in people, which makes her a bit naïve. The fact that she's very willing to help other people makes it very easy to take advantage of her. If she wouldn't be in prison, she would probably be a nurse or a female volunteerworker. She also doesn't understand why some people would hurt other people on purpose. As said, Nore is also quite insecure and she doesn't like it to stand in the spotlights. Besides that it makes her indecisive. She's hurt quite easily, since she takes many things personally.
    Other things about Lenore are that she's very clumsy, she stumbles a lot, and it is easy to scare her. She has a big fantasy and can spent whole days imagining about other worlds. She also can spent whole days trying to remember how which colour looks. Her big fantasy causes that she believes some stories very fast and makes her a bit superstitious.
    If you have a problem and need to talk about it, then Nore is a very good option to go to. She might not give an advice, but she is a very good listener.
    History/Family life: Freyja and Mateo decided to “buy” a gifted child after they had a car accident. They came out alive, but Freyja wouldn't be able to get more children, which they were quite sad about, since they always had wanted three children. They could easily afford it, with Mateo being a lawyer for the “higher class people” and Freyja being a psychiatrist.
    Lenore had a pretty good life, living with the Callas' family. They love her as much as they love Aria and Jace, even after they discovered her Gift.
    A few months later, on Lenore's seventh birthday, her dad was reading out a fairytale for her. It was already late, but she couldn't sleep since she had a nightmare. Short after her dad had finished the story, soldiers stormed into the room. Her dad wanted to protect her, but the soldiers violently forced him away from her. Lenore was still a little bit shaky 'cause of her nightmare and didn't understand was going on. Then her mom came into the room and she begged the soldiers to not take their little girl away from them. Of course they didn't listened to that and while a few of the soldiers held Lenore's parents, the others got Lenore out of her house to bring her to the island.
    The first few weeks there the only thing Lenore could do was cry. She didn't know any English word yet and didn't understand what the people there were saying to her, and they didn't understand her, since she only spoke in Icelandic and Greek. Almost none of the other gifted couldn't speak those languages too and because of that, she barely said anything the first year in prison. She felt alone and in an attempt to feel a little bit less alone, she took her teddy bear everywhere. She started leaving her teddy bear in her room when she was nine, because of the fact the she could communicate a little with the others, since she had Enlish courses.
    What she doesn't know is that her parents are trying to get Lenore out of prison, but she doesn't know that since they are afraid to disappoint her if it wouldn't succeed.
    Personal belongings: - An old, Greek storybook, with not only the common fairytales (Like Rapunzel, Little Red Cap etc) in it, but it also contains stories about the Greek Mythology. She has already read it a hunderd times, but she's still enjoying it. In her head she often alters the ending of the story. The book is very important to her, since she has a picture of her family glued in it.
    - A teddy bear. The reason that Lenore hasn't traited her stuffed toy for something else yet, is that that was the first thing she got from her parents. They already gave it to her when they met her for the first time.

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    To the stars who listen — and the dreams that are answered

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    Welcome to Night Vale. All Hail the Glow Cloud. All Hail Perfect, Beautiful Carlos.

    Full Name: Laron Caldre Barrineau, both his first name and his surname are strangely representative of him. Laron meaning ‘cunning thief’ and Barrineau meaning ‘unexplained’.
    Nickname: Little bugger, by the guards. (Little) Rascal, by his parents when he was little.
    Age: 18
    Date of birth: 05/05/2157
    Sex: Male
    Sexuality: He wouldn’t know. Probably pansexual.
    Ethnicity: French.
    Gift: Control over ice.
    Language: English and French. Both without accents. He was raised bilingual.
    Religion: Catholic, but he despises religion and all that is affiliated with it. He doesn’t believe in God. If God would be so high and mighty, he would not have given mankind the ability to create life from nothing. Not forgetting to mention his parents seem to think god is able to ‘cure’ him. And he knows he doesn’t need a goddamn cure, because there’s nothing wrong with him. Therefore, believing there is no god is the easiest solution.
    Mother: Gabrielle Ludivinne Barrineau
    Father: Claude Barrineau
    Siblings: Adelaide Aime Barrineau, 12 year-old sister.
    Family life: The relationship between Laron and his parents is very strained. They try to pretend they still care about him, as if he’s their baby, but he’s very distant towards them and there are no warm feelings to be found. It was different when he was little, before he got his Gift, but it all changed. His little sister was born and he lost his ability to taste, smell and see colours. His parents started to see him as an abomination and, now that they had their own child, could only hope that god would cure their supposedly perfect thing. And yes, they actually did/do refer to him as ‘thing’.
          So Laron doesn’t hold any love for his ‘parents’. He endures the weekly phone calls and the visits every six months, but he doesn’t even try to pretend he loves them. They still pretend they love him, though, but it’s hard for Laron to believe them after the shit they pulled.
    Height: 5.1 ft
    Weight: 106 lbs

    The first thing people usually notice about Laron, are his eyes. They are very unique and really eyecatching. Some people would even call them unnerving. He has extremely black pupils and around them, his iris is white. This white slowly turns into an icy blue, which turns into some kind of electric blue. His eyes are usually quite well guarded, but there’s always a sparkle in there. Some would call it a mischievous glint, others just a spark of life. His lashes are long and blue, the same colour as his hair.
          Which is the second thing people notice about Laron. His blue hair. It’s a rather light blue, but still very bright. His parents were quite fond of the colour blue, the colour of a baby boy. His hair is really silky and smooth, but it does tend to stick out sometimes. It’s cut into layers, at the front, the first one ends at his nose, the second one at his chin. In the back, his hair ends about the nape of his neck. It’s often quite messy, but he doesn’t mind.
          he has a very cute and ‘never ages’ kind of face. His parents specifically wanted this cute little boy. He has very delicate features and a skintone which can be described as cream. His lips are rather full and a pale pink. He has a cute little nose and hamstercheeks. He doesn’t like his cheeks though, thinks they’re too big and he feels like he looks like a little kid all over. He doesn’t even grow facial hair.
          He’s very small for a boy his age and he hasn’t grown since he was 15. He would love to be taller, but there’s nothing he can do about it. He’s got a healthy posture, albeit a bit skinny. He’s not strong and doesn’t own a lot of muscle. The boy is very lenient and bendy though, and quick as a snake. He has quite the stamina also, but that’s because he has been working on building that up since he’s been a little boy.
    Likes: Winter, hugs, white fluffy bunnies, cookies.
    Dislikes: Summer, confined spaces (which sucks when you’re stuck in a cell all day), tuxedo’s.
    Characteristics: Laron is a charming little fellow. He’s very upbeat and curious as hell, most of the times. Not curious about knowledge, but mostly about people. He loves studying them, mostly from a distance, and seeing what they are like, before he comes over and talks to them. He has this particular interest in Zero, seeing how he seems to be so different from the rest of them. He’s intrigued by that and often wonders about the boy. Especially since he seems so secluded. He’s an observer and after that, he’s a friendly boy who wants to try and pry his way into your life without you realising he’s doing it. He knows a lot about everything and everyone inside the prison and he has a habit of giving everybody nicknames.
          He is quite the little thief though. He’s quick about his wits and is very quick to adept in unexpected situations. Over the years, he has taught himself how to be a thief and how to slip his hands in other people’s pockets without them noticing. Even with his gauntlets on he manages to do so. And he does so often. When he wants something he can’t get by asking (like, well, keys) he plans ahead and when the time is right, shall snatch whatever it is he wants from right under their noses. He is also highly capable of making himself ‘invisible’, aka, not be noticed. At least, when he doesn’t want to be seen. He’s good at blending in, as far blending in is possible with his eyes and hair.
          Laron is a stubborn boy though. Once he sets his mind on things, he shall try to do everything in his might to make this happen. Just like, when he knows he’s right, he shall do everything to make other see he’s right too. Laron has a rebellious streak and has a large history of escape attempts. He just wants to be out in the world and be free. He doesn’t necessarily hate ‘normal’ humans, he just thinks it’s weird they would want to create a perfect child. He doesn’t exactly hold a grudge towards the scientists, but he doesn’t particularly like them either. He pretty much always has mischief on his mind and gets in a lot of trouble. If not because of things like trying to escape, then for small things like being caught sneaking around in the kitchens. How he manages to do that, nobody knows.
          Laron is also a master at manipulating others into doing what he wants them to do. He’s not a manipulative asshole, but just good at poking at people’s weak spots in a way they will grant him what he wants. It’s a good thing his power isn’t controlling ones mind. He’s especially good at getting small privileges by using his amazing puppy-dog eyes and being cute as hell. He’s also good at sticking his nose in other people’s business. He likes knowing when something’s wrong, what’s wrong, how to solve it or just use that knowledge to his advantage. He often sneaks up to the guards and listens to their conversation, or the scientists, for that matter. But he's often considered to be really annoying by others because of this. Which.. He is, by the way. He can get really annoying with all the questions. he doesn't know when to stop and he certainly doesn't know the meaning of the word 'boundaries'. Nor 'personal space'. Which is a bad thing in this case. He'll push your buttons big time and it had a tendency of driving people crazy.
          Laron can get really grumpy, really fast and is a master at throwing tantrums. Especially when he's tired, he doesn't deal with sleep deprivation well. But when he doesn't get what he wants or when others are mean or say stuff he considers to be rude or annoying, his temper can flare up really easy. And really fast. And his anger can last for quite a while. He kind of holds grudges like a dwarf and can use the right words to hit you where it hurts most. Him knowing so much about the others, really doesn't help in this aspect. When he's mad, really mad, he's not above using your smallest doubts, fears and painful things against you. He will use it all if he deems it to be neccesary. He's also not scared to use violence. He's not a violent person by nature, but if you push his buttons long enough, he will resort to it. Just be glad he can't turn you into an icecube. He doesn't usually feel a lot of remorse when it comes to his tantrums and can be quite casual about them. Behaving as if nothing ever happened. He doesn't care to beat himself up about it too much, but will apologise if he seems fit.
          Overall, he’s a cutie though. He’s a generally nice guy, who loves hugs and attention, but never really had either of those. So he longs for a true friendship and most of all: freedom. He wants to be free to do whatever he wants, go wherever he pleases and have fún. Make snow, build an icefort, play and goof around and be as normal as he can be. Normal for him, that is. He just longs to be loved and free.
    History: Laron was born into a seemingly loving family. His mother was unable to conceive children and the couple was desperate to have a child. His mother just wanted someone to smother with love and his father wanted an heir to their business corporation. This is why they decided on a baby boy.
          And it was all good, for a while. Laron was quick to grasp speaking and reading and his father educated in economics from a very early age. He was raised to be the heir to a big-ass corporation and he always got pets on the back when he did something right. Or cookies. He loves cookies. He was always dragged along to parties, fundraisers and high teas, just so his parents could show him off. Especially his mother used to fret over him and she absolutely adored her perfect, outstanding little boy. Even more so, she loved the jealous look the other women gave her. Laron was pretty much always dressed in a tuxedo, which he found to be suffocating and horrible. He didn’t like the people at the parties, he didn’t like economics and he didn’t like de family business either. He just wanted to be a kid and play. But he only got to play with the stuck up kids at the parties.
          So, when being shipped to Zero’s party, he was quite pleased. He liked that party, all the kids were like him in a way. When Zero started telling the prophecies, he was one of the children listening intently. Of course, he didn’t know what Zero meant, but he found it interesting. Just as he found the little boy telling the riddles interesting. He wanted to play with Zero some more, but his parents wouldn’t allow him and after the prophecies, they almost instantly left the party, freaking out about the possibility of their child also doing stuff like that.
          And, in the end, their worries were right. When Laron turned six, they threw him a huge party. Kids of all the major companies his father worked and all the rich people France and several other countries had, were present. And that is when Laron got his power. One of the kids was a bully, and Laron was not cool with that. He had pushed him and was trying to steal hís toys and cookies. So, Laron did what every kid would do. He froze the bully from the waist down. After that, he decided it was way too hot that day and turned his party into a winter wonderland.
          His parents weren’t too happy. His mother, who was pregnant at the time (against all odds), freaked out completely. Saying that she couldn’t handle all the stress which came with caring for that ‘thing’. His parents called him a thing, an abomination and always told him that god might cure him. Telling him he should pray. Their love for Laron vanished into thin air the moment his Gift started manifesting and, to prevent him from whipping up snowstorms or doing something stupid, they locked him in his room. He was only allowed to go out under heavy guard or when his parents needed to drag him to a party, to uphold their fake appearance of being perfect. He hated it, more so because he hates confines spaces. This only made it worse. His bedroom resembled an iglo somewhat. He was curious about his powers and had major fun with them. He loved making snow angels, snowmen and he just generally loved creating snow. It was beautiful for him. But he did know about the way his parents felt and, over time, his love for his parents started to disappear. At first, he was confused, not understanding what he’d done to make his parents mad at him. After that, he became sad. When his mother came to see him, which wasn’t often, he’d cry and try to hug her, but she would never let him. Over time, he started to notice the disgust in her eyes and he just became insecure. There wasn’t anything wrong with him, right? It took him about 4 months to realise that his parents didn’t love him because he was different. And he also knew he was different because of them. So his feelings started to mimic those of his parents. Especially after his little sister was born. Laron wasn’t allowed near her and she has never seen her brother before. His parents were afraid he’d turn her into a popsicle, for reasons unknown. About 6 weeks after his sister was born, Laron was shipped off to the prison, where his growing resentment of his parents only became worse.
          When he first came to the prison, he was like a lost little sheep. He had a hard time adjusting, even though it wasn’t that different from being stuck in his room. He hated not being able to use his gift though. At first he was calm and quiet, but that soon changed. He hated being locked up, hated the gauntlets and wanted freedom. So he started to work on abilities to help him get out.
          He learned the secrets of stealth, he learned how to slip his hands into pockets without anybody noticing and he learned how to use his looks in his favour. Puppydog-eyes, hamstercheeks and a slightly trembling lip often do the trick. He became known to be rebellious, not always doing what the guards wanted him to. And not forgetting to mention the insane number of attempted outbreaks. Over the years he has tried to escape over 36 times. His plans have always failed to work, even though he puts a lot of thought and planning in them. His first escape attempt was when he was 7. He was caught quite early. He has nearly succeeded in escaping about 10 times, 3 of which he managed to get his gauntlets off. But, well, snowstorms in the middle of summer tend to draw attention. One time, he had actually set foot outside the prison, but then his magic ran out and he was caught anyway.
    Personal belongings: A bright blue sweater, which is about 4 sizes too big on him. Also, a silver cross on a chain, which his parents gave him. You will never see that one, because he has it hidden somewhere in the depths of his room. Every time he tries to throw it out, it magically returns to him. Guess people think he does it on accident.

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    Welcome to Night Vale. All Hail the Glow Cloud. All Hail Perfect, Beautiful Carlos.

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    Welcome to Night Vale. All Hail the Glow Cloud. All Hail Perfect, Beautiful Carlos.

    Full Name: Eduard Novak
    Nickname: Ed
    Age: 37 years
    Date of birth: 25 may
    Sex: Male
    Sexuality: Hetero
    Ethnicity: Russian
    Trained in the following fighting styles: Aikido, Kickboxing, Karate
    Language: English, Russian
    Religion: Christian
    Mother: Elizabeth McCadden [died]
    Father: Dymtri Henry Novak
    Siblings: none
    Family life: The only family he has left, are his uncle and aunt from mother’s side.
    Height: 5.74ft
    Weight: 11 stone

    Eduard has messy, black hair that’s never really in shape. It's always like he just gets out of bed, but that’s not difficult if you only go through it with your hand. He has bright blue eyes where you can read the kindness in. If you look in his eyes, you can look right in his soul and if he’s lying or not. They always said that eyes are the doors of the soul, something what’s true in his case. Like every man he has a few stubbles on his cheeks, what mostly grow out to a beard when he don’t have the change to shave. Previously he usually wore clothes that were, along with a brown raincoat. His father gave him before he went abroad an nothing more was heard from him. Eduard wore that coat every day and now it hangs on a chair because he had to change it for the uniform. He wanted to throw it away on the moment his father disappeared because he left him alone. The man was actually really angry, but yet he kept the coat. It is the only thing that he has from his father and now he would rather die than throw it away. For the rest he has an entire collection of old watches and books. He likes things that come from the time when the world was still a little normal and people still had to work to get certain things.
    Likes: Shakespeare, the color purple, old watches, his coat.
    Dislikes: Small rooms, his asthma
    Characteristics: It’s not really difficult to describe Eduard in a few words. He’s kind, has a good sense of humor and tries to help people where he can. Of course he had a few vices, like everyone. He isn’t very patience and can become irritated if people are slow of understanding and he has to explain things like twenty times. Lying is something that you shouldn’t do around him. You can try, but if he find it out, he wouldn’t talk to you for weeks. He isn’t really that kind of person that yells at people or hurt them. He’s only very disappointment when people hurt him one way or another and he would show that. Eduard is compassionate, mind that the children never had a real life and that they probably would never get. He tries to be like a father to them, tries to teach them the things he knows because he sees them as normal people with special abilities who have the right to know all the things other children learn too. Of course he has to do his job and would never let them free without permission from the chief. Eduard don’t want to lose his job, not only because he wants to make his father proud, but also because he saw the children grow up and lives almost as long as the children in the prison.

    History: Elizabeth was on a holiday in Russia when she met Dymtri and it was love on the first sight. She stayed a few years and one thing led to another. She became pregnant and nine months later she gave birth to a boy. Eduards youth was pretty messed up. It was like his father never wanted to have a child and would rather kill himself than see how he would grow up. Elizabeth was the one take care of the boy once they moved to America. Dymtri always said that he was weak, a failure because Eduard had asthma and send the boy to different schools of martial arts to prove that he was right. Yet the boy brought everything to a good end, got the black belt in aikido and karate and was very good at kickboxing when he was 18, but he had to stop but he had to stop because his asthma was getting worse and worse. His father left two years later after he bought a raincoat for his son and his mother died on cancer. Eduard got a job by a local prison and was transferred to the prison where they were put the gifted at the age of twenty-six. After eleven years, he still walks around and tries to leave his past behind as well as possible.

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