• It was the year 2156 when scientists finally discovered a new way of creating life. By manipulating artificial genes and growing the fetus in a tube, they were able to created 'the perfect Human being'. They were rumoured to have no flaws and to look as beautiful as any child celebrity. Their hair- and eye-colour could, according to the advertisement, range from red to blue and everything in between. Naturally, rich people all around the world put in an order for one of these 'perfect children'. Eventually, 23 orders were accepted. And in May 2157, the first batch of these 'Beauties' was born. The first one on the 2nd of May, the second on the 3rd, etc. And for a while, everything was great. They had loving parents. A home. They were loved. They were happy.
    And then everything took a dark turn.

    On the 25th of May, in the year 2162, one little Beauty developed a 'Gift'. This boy, the first successfully born prototype, is publicly known as Zero. It was his sixth birthday party when the tragedy happened. The other 23 Beauties had been invited for this celebration, because it was not only Zero's birthday, but also the anniversary of the scientific break-through that made the Beauties possible. It was a very nice and relaxed meeting. The parents chatted, the children played... Until Little Zero passed out.
    When he awoke, Zero was not the same. His voice was ancient and loud. He spoke his first prophecy.
    “These Gifts of Beauty,
    They are the work of an empty man.
    To retrieve your soul,
    Follow my words as close as you can.”
    When the little boy made eye contact with one of the other Beauties, he would loose control of his own body and speak a prophecy. Each prophecy leads, according to Little Zero, to their 'soul'. Back then, nobody understood what the little boy meant. They didn't understand why Little Adam, Beauty #21, needed to find "A dame with hair as white as frost, to whom beauty is never lost. Her head is always full of dreams, yet frozen in time is how she seems."
    Then the Beauties grew up. And as each of them hit the age of six, they all developed a Gift. Several kids were suddenly making fire dance on their fingertips, while others could bend the will of their parents or heal small wounds and injuries. The world panicked. The Gifts were strange, weird, and sometimes even dangerous.
    It wasn't until the end of June, one month after the last Beauty had received their gift, that things escalated. Beauty #18 had been brutally attacked on the street by a frightened woman. The six year old boy had been strangled to death, despite his efforts to fight her off.
    People everywhere were demanding the death of these children. It was obvious that they were getting too powerful. Apart from their Gifts, they were also stronger and faster than the average Human. They really did seem perfect.
    Until exactly five months after their birthdays. Because on that day, they became colour blind and they stopped being able to taste and smell things completely. The children had lost a part of themselves. The only explanation the parents had, was Zero's line. “They need to find their soul,” he'd said seriously on his birthday. The scientists said it was complete fantasy and just said it was a fault in their genes. Yet, the world was convinced that, without finding this one 'person' the Gifted would be unable to reach their 'soul' and their full power. And they were happy with that.

    Eventually, it was decided that the children would be imprisoned, away from humanity. A small island in the Indian Ocean was used to build two prison camps. Each camp would hold twelve of the 'Gifted' as they were now labeled. Light-weight metal gauntlets were made for their hands. This special type of metal would prevent the children from using their Gifts.
    Ever since these 24 Gifted children were seven years old, they've been locked up in the prison camps. It is now the year 2175. Most Gifted are now 18 years old. This roleplay follows their story and their struggle.

    This roleplay follows: the twelve oldest Gifted, their four guards and two scientists. The Gifted each have their own cell. The guards and scientists all have their own flat on the premises. The staff is concluded by two ladies who clean and cook the meals.
    Before you do anything, please carefully read the summary in the spoiler above.

    Er zijn nog rollen vrij!

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    - Please read the story carefully before making your character!
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    - This roleplay is not meant to fill it's topics in a day. Take your time with your posts. We can be patient. Quality over speed, please.

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    The prophecies will be send out on tuesday the 9th.

    I would like to thank each and every one of you for your interest in this roleplay. The idea means a lot to me, and to see it's popularity has really given me great joy. You are all amazing people and I'm sure you will all do your best.
    Thank you for your patience, your praise and interest in Soul Shackles.

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    Welcome to Night Vale. All Hail the Glow Cloud. All Hail Perfect, Beautiful Carlos.

    My post isn't that great, really, but I hope this will bring the RPG a bit more to life (: I guess I reached the 10 lines, cuz when I looked it up 10 lines were about 300 words and I have 500, but we'll see. (Yes I did, luckily.)

    Danielle Skye Fairholm
    I had been randomly walking around my room, but was now standing in front of my door, looking out of the small window. "Geez, come and get me already.." I mumbled, hoping to see someone coming. Unfortunately the hallway was empty and stayed that way. Why were they taking so long? All I could see were the doors that lead to the other cells, a very boring view if you asked me. They didn't even try to make it look nice for us, everything was the same, boring color. I sighed and let my forhead rest against the cold glass and stayed like this for a few minutes, when I suddenly got an idea. Surely I wasn't the only one awake and I really needed to talk with someone. I raised my head and tried to peer into the other cells. "Mischa," I thought, trying to reach her telepathically. This was one lovely gift we all got, well.. If you ignored the fact that one could keep on talking and you weren't able to make them shut up. At least, I'd never been able to block out anyone, but then again, I didn't want to block them out.
    "Mischa, you're awake, aren't you?" I waited a few seconds before I continued, "You don't think they'll skip breakfast today, do you? Man, I'm so hungry, I'll hope they let me out soon and that we get to eat something nice. At least something that isn't toast." They really weren't going to skip breakfast, were they? The longer I had to wait, the more anxious I grew. I was allowd to leave this stupid, small room only three times a day, if I didn't include the time I was allowed to go outside, and I really enjoyed these moments. I loved talking to the others and even enjoyed talking and being around the guards, except for one that fortunately left a few months ago. "Hey Mischa, I had a nightmare tonight, about Joe. You know, the guard who was here a few months ago? Geez, he always scared the hell out of me, I'm glad he's gone.." It was the truth. I never had done anything to him to make him so angry at me, but somehow he didn't like me and always shot me those looks like he could kill me, just right there, and everytime I tried to talk with him he would say something mean to me and mock me about not being able to go to the real world. What a horrible man he'd been and I naturally couldn't care more when he left. The guards who were working here at the moment were okay and I was glad about that, since they were, apart from the other Gifted, the only people around here.

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    In the end the only person we love is ourselves, that's why we choose to love someone who can please us the most.

    Mischa Remy Aznabaev
    I felt a little buzz on my mind, and shut my eyes while I opened the telepathic link. It was Danielle. She was so chatty and friendly, it was.... Refreshing. I mean, the others were all withdrawn it was like I was wandering around a haunted building most of the time. Well, when I was allowed out of my tiny cell, anyway.
    "Yes, I'm awake." I knew that I didn't need to acknowledge her, that she'd just continue to talk if I spoke back or not. I was the only one, to my knowledge, that actually let her in and spoke to her. We spoke a lot, especially in the dark. "I know you did, I could hear you screaming again. Did you like the rose I sent you?" It was something I was a little famous for with the guards. If they were having a bad day, or were in a bad mood, I'd send them the mental image of a single, shimmering rose in full colour, complete with the scent. If I liked the guard, sometimes I'd sent them a image of their favourite flower. Kevin frequently got images of old books, with the magical old-book smell. I knew how he felt about us, but my parents had taught me to respect my elders and do what I can do keep them happy. If that meant sending soothing images to the man keeping me locked up like a deranged animal, well... Then that's what I did.
    "I had another nightmare about my parents." I told her. It was a common morning practice with us, to swap nightmares. "and one about the guard I killed trying to escape. Cory, I think his name was." I didn't feel bad, but every now and again my brain liked to remind me of what I'd done to the guard on my way out. It was, I knew, just as a reminder that if I hadn't stopped to play, I wouldn't be here now. I'd be with my parents, and we would have moved so I was safe.... I opened my eyes.

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    Danielle Skye Fairholm
    It didn't take long before Mischa reacted and I was glad she did. "You heard me scream?" I felt my cheeks redden and hopd no one else heard me, but I knew they've must had. "Damn, that's so embarassing.. And yes I liked the rose very much, thank you. If I had elemental control over nature I would grow gardens full of roses and other wonderful flowers in colors you can't even imagine!" While talking, -well, it wasn't actual talking-, I walked back to the bathroom. When I stood in front of the mirror I started braiding my hair while I listened to Mischa's talking. "Hmm, don't feel bad about Cory, it wasn't your fault," I said, trying to make her feel better."How do you think it looks?" I looked in the mirror and held the tip of my braid together with my fingers, sending Mischa what I saw. I've always wondered how it worked, communicating telepathically was something wonderful and mysterious I still had no idea about. It was like breathing or moving, I don't know, you just did it without knowing how you exactly pulled that of. "It's a pity I'm not allowed any rubbers, I would love to wear my hair in a braid.. Or something else, I think it would look cute on me," I kept talking while I left the bathroom again. Within a few steps I had reached my bed and laid down, looking at the ceiling. "Hey, about your escape.. Are you ever going to try it again? It must be very exciting. I've dreamt about it once and I could feel the energy rushing through my body for the next few hour." Just when I wanted to something else, a sound reached my ears. A sound that meant alot like me and made me smile. Footsteps in the hallway. I jumped up and walked towards the door. Yes, there he was. "Eduard, finally! You bully, I thought you wouldn't come and get me today!" I always called the guards by their first names, it made me feel more comfortable and relaxed. I'd rather see them as some kind of friends than, well, guards. I ran my hand through my hair, unraveling the last strands of hair from my braid. "What's for breakfast? Not toast again, is it?" Whoever invented toast must have not liked me. It made my mouth feel really dry, or maybe I'd just eaten too much toast in all those years I've stayed here. Man, would it be great to taste again. I always thought I would become very fat, because I wouldn't be able to stop eating all that wonderful food there was. Salty, bitter, crunchy, sweet, melting on your tongue.. It was something I could only dream about and sometimes I felt jealousy towards the guards who still had all their senses. They were able to smell, see color, taste. I bet life was much better with all these things.

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    In the end the only person we love is ourselves, that's why we choose to love someone who can please us the most.

    [no, he isn't good, but I had to post something (a)]

    Eduard Novak|| Guard

    A sight left my throat when I saw the food. Toast, again toast. It was like they couldn’t cook anything else for breakfast. Well, ife is a bitch and you have to deal with that. “I’ll get the kids for breakfast… going to try at least.” The last few words were mumbled while he turned to the door. They weren’t really kids anymore, but they knew so little of the world and had to learn a lot of things. That was the mean reason why I kept calling them kids. whistling I sought my way through the corridors of the prison. I would get the second floor, like I always did. Someone else of the guards would take the second floor. I didn’t really know why, but I liked number two. It was my lucky number and I took more care for the kids on the second floor from the beginning. “Time to go to the cafeteria guys. I hope you slept well?” The cheerful tone in my voice let everyone know that I was quite happy today. A smile formed on my face when I heard Danielle’s voice. “No, I didn’t forget you. Why should I?” Quietly, I made all the cells on the floor open and let every person out. “I’m sorry Danielle. I’m afraid that it is toast and scrambled eggs .. again.” For a brief moment, the smile disappeared from my face and made way a grumpy expression. I didn’t really like eggs, but who was I to complain? The gifted ones couldn’t taste a thing so basically I had a very good life with or without the eggs. I followed every move the kids made with my blue eyes and walked a little bit behind them so I could keep an eye on them. I wouldn’t forgive myself if some of them would escape when I had to watch over them. Only when we arrived in the cafeteria, I left the watchful attitude boating.

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    -Hi, I'm Andy, also freaking out- Andy Gallagher

    Mischa Remy Aznabaev
    I think it looks beautiful.” I tell her honestly, curling back up onto my bed. It was pitifully thin, and should really be uncomfortable, but I couldn't really feel it. I could imagine that I could feel the warmth from where I'd been sleeping, but I couldn't. I never could. It was part of the curse. I twirled my hair around my finger, curling it, as I thought about her question. “It was very exciting.” I told her. When I closed my eyes, I could still feel the wind whipping my long hair, freezing my lungs... It was a brilliant feeling. “I might.” I admitted to her. After all, who would hear me? This was a private channel, so only myself and Danielle would be able to hear this conversation. I knew her well enough to know she kept secrets, so.... I didn't mind telling her. I wasn't in danger if I did. I heard someone walk down the dears, and gently pull away from her. I'd be seeing her soon enough at breakfast. I slowly and fluidly returned to my feet, smiling up at the guard who'd come to collect me. I liked to unnerve the guards, and after killing one of them, they nearly all were. If they knew my dream was to be like them... Able to work, then go home to their families... Being able to see in full colour, being able to taste, smell, feel.... I knew that if I ever got those senses back, I'd be drunk on sensation for a while. No-one better hold me accountable for any actions the first few weeks when I get them back. I knew I would – my parents were in the process of suing the company that had made me. They wanted me returned to them, the way I was before my 'Gift' turned up.

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    Danielle Skye Fairholm
    Yes, my hair in a braid would look awesome, but it wasn't a possibility as long as I was here. Still, there always was something I wanted more. Escaping. Mischa said it was exciting and that she might try to do it again, well, to be honest, I would love to go with her. I didn't the chances of getting out here were pretty big, but I still dreamt of it and there was no one who could take that from me. They could take away my freedom, but they couldn't stop me from daydreaming and fantasizing.
    I was glad that I could step outside my cell, but the happiness faded away quickly when Aduard answered my question: “I’m sorry Danielle. I’m afraid that it is toast and scrambled eggs .. again.” "Are you serious..?" I asked dissapointed. Cold, slimy eggs and some dry toast, yuk. You would think they had plenty of time and could at least try their best to give us something normal to eat. I didn't want to think about it and started chatting with Mischa again. Chatting was something I loved doing and I didn't care what the subject was. Even though we had srambld eggs and toast for breakfast again, I was in a good mood when we entered the cafetaria. "Morning," I smiled at the guards. My eyes fell on Joel who looked like he could use some extra sleep and grinned. "Had a rough night?" I bet they didn't, they at least had comfortable beds to sleep in/on(?). I walked towards my chair, well, it wasn't mine, but I loved to see it as mine. I stood still in front of it and looked at Kevin who was still setting the plates. "Can you ask the cooking lady if she can make something more.. Well, juicy or warm the next time? I like apples, do you think she will give me some tomorrow?" It wasn't for the taste obviously, but apples weren't soft or slimey, they were nice, cold and juicy and that's what I liked. Just when I wanted to sit down someone I didn't know entered the room and immediately had my attention. With big eyes, shining with childlike curioisty I looked at her. She had dark hair and was kinda short, what I remarked as soon as I stood in front of her. "Who are you?" I asked, looking questionable at the other guards for a few seconds before I turned my attention to the stanger again.

    In the end the only person we love is ourselves, that's why we choose to love someone who can please us the most.

    Mischa Remy Aznabaev
    When the guard came to collect me, I turned automatically and placed my hands behind my back to be cuffed. Ever since my escape attempt, I've had to be handcuffed to be taken in and out of my cell. I found the whole thing tiring, but I'm sure that as long as I behaved for a little longer, then they'd relax security around me soon. Then, I'll make another attempt to get out of this hell hole. And this time, I'm not going to get distracted - and I'll even try to get Danielle out. I think she'd do well outside. Well, to be honest, I'm pretty sure we'd all do well outside. I think we'd do better, actually. We were just normal teenagers, after all. Okay, we all had a little special extra, but we weren't hurting anyone. My hands fisted as I remembered how we were all stolen and dumped here, and I felt the touch of the tazer gun. It wasn't on, but it was enough to remind me to behave myself. I forced myself to relax, and I smiled faintly. Not much longer.. Then we'll see who's in charge of who. We will run this place - we were the Gifted ones, right? Then we should run the world, instead of the not-gifted, boring people.
    "So, when can I go to the grave?" I asked cheekily, and my only reply was another prod with the tazer gun, and I was led down the hall to the dining room, where my hands were released. I saw Danielle, and walked straight over, wrapping my arms around her waist in my usual morning greeting, and spun her around gently.
    "Good morning Danielle! Where did the pretty braid go?" I kissed her cheek, releasing her. "Also, what's for breakfast? Cavier?" I thought for a second. "Or maybe it's a full english?"

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    Sakura 'Kaida' Miyamoto
    Rather than seeing the place come alive, she could feel it. It was like there was a new kind of energy in the air, different then the one that hung over the place at night. It could just be her imagination, but on the other hand, she had been training for years to rely on her instinct in some situation rather then on her mind, so it could well be that she picked up some signals that things around her changed. As she walked through the corridors to the cantine, the smell of food drifted through the air. Faint and not really that pleasend, or so she thought. Eggs with bread where the two things she picked up the quickest and the first, but she had to guess what else could be gotten. Praising herself lucky that she had a quick bite in her room, she turned the last corner, knowing she would not have to eat breakfast here. If there was one thing she could not stomach this early in the morning, it was a breakfast with eggs. And she had always wondered how the English could eat their typical breakfast, without getting sick from it.
    Instinctivly, her eyes scannned the room the moment she entered. She had been here before, but those times, the cantine had been empty. Know, it was alive. She recognised some of the other staffmembers, mainly the guards due to their uniforms, but the most striking were the Gifted themself. It was hard to miss them. All about the same age and wearing those awfull gloves. In her eyes, those things were nothing more then torture-devices or little, extra prisons, designed to keep them in, confined and limited. How happy she would be to see these young humans without those awfull things and in the world, amongs the humans, where they belonged.
    The moment she wanted to sigh about that fact, one of them stood before her, clearly wanting to know who she was. The fact thast she looked back to the guards told her she wasn't shure if it would be allowed to talk to her. "I'm Sakura Miyamoto." For a moment, she hesitated before extending her hand in greeting. "I know, I'm quite new here in the island, but I was hoping I could learn to know you and your friends." On purpose, she left out the part that she was a scientist, since she didn't want to give the young lady the feeling that she saw the Gifted as lab rats or something like that. She was here to help them after all and not to make them hate people or something. "If that's okay with you offcourse." More then anything, she wanted to shout out why she had come, but she had to play it smarter then that. Not many people wanted to see these youngsters in the open world and she didn't even know what the guard would think of it. Most likely, they would put her on the first ship out of here, never to return and taking away all her opportunities to help the Gifted.

    "Nothing is True. Everything is Permitted"

    I'm going to bring this one to live. Yes please._O_

    Danielle Skye Fairholm
    Before I could blink with my eyes I was being spun around by Mischa what made me laugh. "Hey, you know I don't have any rubbers to tie it up. And no, it's the crunch and slime combo once again," I answered her question. I had no idea what caviar was or what it would taste like, but I once heard it was very expensive and chic. Not the thing we would be allowed to eat.
    I turned around to look at the strange woman again who introduced her self as Sakura something. "Wow, that's a difficult name, where are you from?" I asked, trying to remember how to pronounce her last name properly. "Miya..Miti?"
    "I know, I'm quite new here on the island, but I was hoping I could learn to know you and your friends. If that's okay with you offcourse," she explained and I shrugged. "Ofcourse that's okay, but why would you want that? It must be very boring, because it's not like we're allowed to part all day. We just sit in our boring cells and well.. That's basically it," I mumbled the last words and then looked at the guards. "Why didn't you tell us about her?" I asked and walked towards my chair. "Finally a new person! Something new and interesting in this old and dusty place," I said and sat down. "Where were you from again? Can you tell something about it? .. Here, you can have mine eggs." I shove the cold and slimy stuff on Mischa's plate. "Do you have a driver's license.. Oh! Do you think you can take me out once? I'm sure they wouldn't mind, enough other 'Gifted ones' to annoy their butts off," I grinned. I held my toast in my hand and took tiny bites. I'd never been there, but the toast sure was even more dry than the desert. "Hey Laron, I'm going outside after breakfast, wanna join?" I asked and then looked at Kevin. "You're coming too right? Unless we're suddenly allowed to go alone." I wiped the crumbs off my hands when I'd finished my toast. I was still hungry, but I had to sit still until lunch, which was only a few hours away. I could do that, yeah, sure.

    In the end the only person we love is ourselves, that's why we choose to love someone who can please us the most.

    I wrinkled my nose at being told what breakfast was. I could remember having porridge for breakfast, and chocolate cereals.... And now it was always this. I often wondered if my favourite breakfasts would be equally disgusting now I had no taste or smell.
    I'm going to try another escape soon. I told her mentally, playing aimlessly with my food. I had to do some more thinking, especially since I'd probably have to bring her.. Then I sat up and grinned. Who said, we couldn't just all break out? Sure we were on an island... My parents would send a boat - we've been using code in our letters since I was put here, so the guards wouldn't know a thing. I smiled over and Danielle, and could just imagine how happy she'd be on the sea, even with our lack of senses. They'd all be much happier - well, I wasn't sure about Zero. He was a regular sulker. Smiling to myself, I quietly ate my breakfast.

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