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    Too long we've been denying
    now we're both tired of trying
    We hit a wall and we can't get over it
    nothing to relive
    It's water under the bridge
    you said it, i get it
    I guess it is what it is

    I was only trying to bury the pain
    but i made you cry and i can't stop the crying
    Was only trying to save me
    but i lost you again
    Now there's only lying
    wish i could say it's only me

    Naar idee van dit filmpje.
    Ook naar idee van de tattoage It Is What It Is van Louis Tomlinson.
    Ook naar idee van het nummer It Is What It Is van Lifehouse.

    Verhaallijn verder zelf bedacht en zelf geschreven.

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    Ivar Oosterloo.