• Take my hand,
    I'll take yours.
    You'll guide me,
    And I'll guide you.

    Take my hand,
    Look at me.
    I'll show you how,
    To find your way.

    Step your feet,
    On the ground.
    Next to mine,
    Walking our journey.

    Turn around,
    Say goodbye.
    You'll forget me,
    When you're back.

    I'll look up,
    To the sky.
    I'll whisper to the stars,
    "Just take my hand."

    Als jullie nog opmerkingen of tips over de spelling/zinsopbouw/whatever hebben, zeg het alsjeblieft!

    so if you care to find me, look to the western sky, as someone told me lately: everyone deserves a chance to fly

    Nee is prima zo, mooi!

    nothing is true, everything is permitted.