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    A Feast for Crows (2005) / Een Feestmaal voor Kraaien
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    The Hedge Knight (1998) / De Hagenridder
    The Sworn Sword (2003) / De Eed van Trouw
    The Mystery Knight (2010) / De Onbekende Ridder
    A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (2015), bovenstaande novelles gecombineerd in één boek

    The Princess and the Queen, or, The Blacks and the Greens (2013), gepubliceerd in Dangerous Women
    The Rogue Prince, or, A King's Brother (2014), gepubliceerd in Rogues

    (The Ice Dragon) (1980), een kinderboek waar discussie over bestaat of het verhaal wel of niet plaatsvindt in dezelfde wereld als ASOIAF
    The Art of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire (2005), verschillende auteurs
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    The Winds of Winter (ASOIAF vol. 6), hopelijk 2015
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    Game of Thrones S6, verwacht lente 2016
    Game of Thrones S7, verwacht 2017
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    [ bericht aangepast door Ashara op 18 nov 2015 - 14:30 ]

    "She was fury, she was wrath, she was vengeance."

    Hoppa, nummer 2. Als iemand nog suggesties of plaatjes heeft voor de beginpost, laat maar weten. ^^ Afwisseling is ok.

    "She was fury, she was wrath, she was vengeance."

    Deze is van mij.

    "I shut my eyes in order to see.'


    To the stars who listen — and the dreams that are answered

    Edd schreef:
    Hoppa, nummer 2. Als iemand nog suggesties of plaatjes heeft voor de beginpost, laat maar weten. ^^ Afwisseling is ok.
    Ik zal straks eens kijken:Y)

    We are not your kind

    Random persoon op AFOIAF: The True tale of Stan the Man

    Ser Creighton, on 08 Jul 2014 - 01:32 AM, said:
    Didn't Stannis get his ass kicked at the battle of the Blackwater? While he was fighting Tyrion and company he got hit with a surprise attack? Lost most of his men and ships?

    Then he thought hey these surprise attack things seem to work maybe I should try it. So he attacked the almighty Wildlings using Heavy Cav. You know what I hear Stannis is good at? Dieting, he should have his own informercial. Tired of looking healthy and strong? Try not eating, anything? If someone gives you food, cut off their fingers to remind them you are fasting, then as a joke nickname him your hand. Funny how Theon and Davos are inverse parallels of one another, must of pissed Stannis off to end when he saw those missing fingers. " Hey that's my gig." "That's it, nobody steals my trade mark." Reek and the Onion.

    Don't worry, people will leave Stannis alone, we really don't have a choice, Martin is a slow writer. Poor Stannis he is always getting his hopes crushed, he was probably back at Harrenhal when his heart was first broken. There he saw him Ned Stark, the stoic middle son, the younger of the loud, and obnoxious Brandon Stark whom everyone loved. Oh simpatico at long last a friend for his very own. "I shall name him proud wolf and we shall go everywhere together and have adventures and be the bestest pals that were ever pals and we can talk about Robert and Brandon behind their backs all the time and man is that his sister, she sure is pretty and single oh man finally, a life of my very own."

    "People let me tell you âbout my best friend
    He's a cool-hearted Stark who'll love me to the end
    People let me tell you âbout my best friend
    He's a one boy cuddly toy my up my down my pride and joy

    People let me tell you now he's so much fun
    Whether we're talking man to man
    Or whether we're talking second son to son
    Cause he's my best friend now"

    Stannis: Oh and long last someone who will understand me, yippie doodles,
    Stannis; Ok he is just hanging by the bad with that short little frog dude, alright it's time for this guy to shine. Who is going to have a new best friend? This guy. What do I say what do I say? You must be exausted, cause you been running through my mind all day. No, damn it Stan don't be cheesy. This guy is cool, you got to be cool, be frosty. I got it "What's my brother from another Other, hows things kickin up north." No damn it to, Fresh Prince. Lets see... Hey I saw you arguing with my brother, you should never argue with an idiot Ned, can I call you Ned that's a great name? Never argue with an idiot Ned. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience. That's Gold Stannis, gold. Time to mov...

    Robert: Ned you dumb SOB what are you doing by the bar? I just talked Brandon into hooking you up with Ashara Dayne and he pulled it off, what the hell are you waiting for brah.

    Ned: You better not be yanking my chain again Bobby B, thee Ashara Dayne? Oh man you and Brandon are the best bro's ever, I love you guys.

    Bobby B; Happy birthday you SOB, now get in there before she sobers up.

    Ned: It's not my Birthday?

    Bobby B: Well don't tell her that BWAAAAAAAAA HAHAHAHA

    Ned: I love you guys best wing men ever.

    Bobby B: Wingman? Oh man don't say that, reminds me of my brothers bird, tragic how that ended, poor bird. Hey remind me to tell you how I used to stick his hand in warm water while he slept. Numb nuts thought he was a bed wetter till he was 14. BWAAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHA.

    Ned turns around

    Stannis: I, I, I, I, bird, piss, Other mother...

    runs off crying

    Ned: Holy shit Robert I always thought you were joking about your brother.

    Ser Creighton, on 08 Jul 2014 - 04:19 AM, said:
    The True story of Stannis continues.

    Down by the lake of Harrenhal Stannis sits crying.

    Stannis: "Sniffle" Stupid Robert me and Ned were about to become super best friends and now everyone is calling me Ser Tinkles "Sniffles" I hate him!

    Lyanna: Hey big guy you ok?

    Stannis: Leave me along I'm fi... OOOOOOOOO Lyanna Stark the she-wolf of Winterfell.

    Stannis thinks to himself: Ok be cool Stannis, be cool.

    Lyanna: I saw what your brother did, he's such a dick.

    Stannis: "Sniffle" He is a dick

    Lyanna: I can't stand your brother, he is such a lush.

    Stannis eyes filled with Stars: I can't stand him either, he's always picking on me.

    Lyanna: Yeah that Ser Puddles thing was really mean.

    Stannis: It was Ser Tinkles actually, but yeah it was mean and everyone heard and is going to call me Ser Tinkles.

    Lyanna: Oh I don't think anyone heard.

    Jaime Lannister: Hey look Ser Puddles is talking to a girl

    Stannis: It's Ser Tinkles!

    Jaime: Whatever loser

    Lyanna: Well never mind them. So where are all your friends?

    Stannis: (In a voice bordering on tears) I don't have any. I thought I was going be friends with your brother Ned cause he is really cool and a second son like me, and I was really excited and then Robert happened. I did have a bird once.

    Lyanna: Oh my.

    Stannis: You're so pretty.

    Lyanna: Well I think you have really pretty eyes, blue is my favorite color.

    Stannis: Gurgle.

    Lyanna: Stannis? Earth to Stannis?

    Stannis: Who is it?

    Lyanna; Say I have an idea

    Stannis: What?

    Lyanna: How about I introduce you to one of Neds good friends, he's really cool.

    Stannis: I don't know, how cool is he does he have a great name like Ned? Ned is awesome the name just says "hi I'm your pal forever." Does this guy like bugs, I like to collect bugs.

    Lyanna: His name is Howland Reed, and he lives in a swamp and they have lots of bugs. I thought I could introduce you to him and he could introduce you to Ned and then you would have three friends.

    Stannis: Howland Reed! That's an awesome name Lyanna... Wait you said three friends, Howland, Ned and, sniffle are you saying what I think your saying?

    Lyanna: Yes I am friend.

    Stannis: My star has finally begun to shine.

    Lyanna: You know what else?

    Stannis: What could be better than all this?

    Lyanna: Howland has nunchucks.

    Stannis: Gulp! Did yousay nunchucks?

    Lyanna: Yep

    Stannis Nunchucks are like the coolest things ever. I had nunchucks once but my parents took them away because I kept hitting myself in the head. Is he any good, please say he is good.

    Lyanna: He is so good he can double chuck.

    Stannis: Meats and cheeses what are we waiting for? Lets go. We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of bogs, we hear he is a wiz of chucker, if ever a chucker there wa...

    Rhaegar: Excuse me Lyanna Stark (oh cruel fate)

    Lyanna: Hm what? (omg be cool Lyanna, be cool)

    Rhaegar: Hey I Prince Rhaegar, I heard what you did to those squires and just wanted tell you how cool I thought that was

    Lyanna: Thanks eye candy, umm I mean your grace. (holy shit, he's tall, he's beautiful, he's 90's emo, a rebel and a famous musician)

    Rhaegar: I was just wondering if you're not to busy with Ser Puddles if you wanted to go hang out?

    Stannis: It's actually Ser Tinkles, Ser Puddles is another guy, and yes she is busy, WEEEE, are going to go watch Howland Reed perform with his double ch....

    Lyanna: "Shove"

    Stannis: "Splash" (they were by a lake folks)

    Jaime: Hey look everyone Ser Puddles fell in the lake, dude just can't stay dry.

    Robert: Har! Good one Lyanna

    Lyanna: Fuck off Robert

    Robert: Har! She can't get enough of me.

    Ned: Your not worried about her going off with Rhaegar?

    Robert: Nah, I hear he's gay.

    Ned: Oh, you sure about that? He is married with kids.

    Robert: Ned you worry to much, he hangs out with Jon Con he has to be gay.

    Lyanna: So what did you want to do?

    Rhaegar: I don't know it's kind of late, I think Waffle House is open.

    Lyanna: Oh ok.

    Rhaegar: You don't sound thrilled.

    Lyanna: No Waffles are ok, I just prefer French toast.

    Rhaegar: Me Too! Hey you ever wonder why there is no French Toast house?

    Lyanna: I was just thinking that.

    Rhaegar: I know there is IHop and Waffle House, you know there is even a Crape House. But no French toast house, and I am not sure what Denny's is for.

    Lyanna: It's discrimination that's what it is, and Denny''s is for stoners and diarrhea.

    Rhaegar: Ha, good one, you're funny.

    About an hour later.

    Stannis: Well now that I have dried off I guess it is off to Denny's for another night alone.

    Selyse: Hey Stannis, you going to Denny's again? I've always wanted to go to Denny's with someone.

    Stannis: As if Selyse, "ha she thinks she has a shot at Stan the Man, maybe I could letter come though, she does have that cool mustache.' Ok come on Selyse.

    Jaime: Were you just talking to yourself?

    Stannis: Shit! No.

    Jaime: I think you were, I think you called yourself Stan the Man.

    Stannis: Noooooooo!

    Jaime: Don't worry Tinkles, I think you had enough for one day.

    Stannis: Thanks Jaime, say you want to go to Denny's with me Selyse?

    Jaime: Nah I'm just fucking around this is to good to pass up, hey everyone Ser Tinkles talks to himself and calls himself Stan the Man, and he's in love with Selyse the man stash Florent.

    Robert: Get the fuck out of my way, Roberts not missing out on this one. Hey Jaime did you say Stan the man or Stan dates a man?

    Stannis: I hate all of you and one day I will be King and you will all have to bend the knee. Come on Selyse.

    Next up, the true story of Stannis and proud wing. "Bend the wing bird, bend the wing"

    Topic. Vond het wel geinig.

    "She was fury, she was wrath, she was vengeance."

    Nieuwe acteurs bekend Game of Thrones

    High Sparrow: Jonathan Pryce
    Myrcella Baratheon: Nell Tiger Free
    Yezzen: Enzo Cilenti

    Doran Martell: Alexander Siddig
    Nymeria Sand: Jessica Henwick
    Tyene Sand: Rosabell Laurenti Sellers
    Obara Sand: Keisha Castle Hughes
    Areo Hotah: DeObia Oparei


    GRRM heeft overigens gezegd dat hij geen episode gaat schrijven voor Got S5, omdat hij zich wil concentreren op TWOW. Yay! Ik heb nog steeds goede hoop dat het boek in 2015 uitkomt.
    Ook heeft hij een personage onthult dat voorkomt in de prologue van TWOW, note dat dit personage niet per se de pov hoeft te zijn, voordat je in paniek raakt.

    "She was fury, she was wrath, she was vengeance."

    Vind Doran Martell qua uiterlijk wel goed gekozen, eigenlijk. De 'Sand' gezusters iets minder, vooral Nym.

    "I shut my eyes in order to see.'

    Sean Bean Spills Beans (onderaan). Waarschijnlijk spoiler, ondanks dat het linkt aan de meest prominente theorie die aanwezig is, en als waarheid wordt aangenomen. Jon Snow ouders gedoe:

    Rhaegar + Lyanna = Jon Snow. En omdat Targs weleens aan polygamie doen, wordt ook aangenomen dat ze zijn getrouwd en Jon Snow dus helemaal geen bastaard is. Aangenomen dat ze zijn getrouwd is vanwege de scène bij de Tower of Joy in A Game of Thrones.

    [ bericht aangepast door Ashara op 1 aug 2014 - 0:21 ]

    "She was fury, she was wrath, she was vengeance."

    mijn topics:Y)

    My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellatio

    Ik ben echt verliefd geworden op de War of the Roses en de Muur van Hadrianus. Dat is waarop heel Game of Thrones geïnspireerd is.
    De War of the Roses is trouwens een burgeroorlog in Engeland en de Muur van Hadrianus is een muur in het noorden van Groot-Brittanië om de grens van het Romeinse Rijk aan de geven. Maar hij is niet groter dan anderhalf tot twee meter xd
    In GoT is dat dus enorm vergroot. En het verhaal is dus gebaseerd op de oorlog ^-^
    *Geschiedenis nerd*(nerd)

    "I'm in the mood for chaos." - Cheryl Blossom [Weggooiwashand --> Katalante]

    ^ In dat geval vind je dit hier een feestje. Maar, zoals altijd, waarschuwing voor spoilers.

    "She was fury, she was wrath, she was vengeance."

    Yea I tried this shit. Wat krijg ik? Stembanden die eruit worden gerukt en een kerel die z'n zus verkracht in bijzijn van z'n overleden zoon. Never. Fucking. Mind. Die serie is zieker dan dat ik ben x_x

    I will beat your ass like a Cherokee drum

    Ik heb een stuk obsidiaan gekocht. *.* Ben in krater van slapende vulkaan geweest.

    "I shut my eyes in order to see.'

    Hashirama schreef:
    Yea I tried this shit. Wat krijg ik? Stembanden die eruit worden gerukt en een kerel die z'n zus verkracht in bijzijn van z'n overleden zoon. Never. Fucking. Mind. Die serie is zieker dan dat ik ben x_x

    ... Maar het verhaal is goed? :'D

    "She was fury, she was wrath, she was vengeance."

    Omdat ik er wel nieuwsgierig naar was: Wie krijgt volgens jou de Iron Throne?

    “You’re a storyteller. Dream up something wild and improbable. Something beautiful and full of monsters."