• Another Cliché

    Only when no one sees,
    She fights life her way.
    Cause she doesn’t want to be
    Just another cliché.
    She couldn’t bear to fail
    In front of people’s eyes.
    Even though her world stands still,
    She pretends that she will rise.

    Every day she puts on her armor,
    Every day before she goes.
    And her shield keeps getting thicker,
    As do all the walls she rose.
    And there is a reason
    Why she acts like she doesn’t care.
    Like life is worth wasting,
    Because it truly is for her.

    She has always been the strong,
    Always the pillar that still stands.
    Still the one where they’d depend on.
    And she could offer them her hand,
    Never the other way around.
    She would never call for help.
    And she’d deny it if they ever found
    A sign of the war she fought with herself.

    We dwaalden en verdwaalden en noemden sterren naar onszelf.

    Dat laatste stukje herken ik mezelf heel erg in, wauw. Ik vind het altijd zo bijzonder als mensen zulke dingen kunnen beschrijven in de vorm van een gedicht :3

    • Friend of Dorothy •