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    Guns for hands is talking about-
    I want to tell you that I know you have the ability to hurt yourself, you do, you have that ability.
    I feel like a lot of the older generation when they hear about someone struggling with it their first reaction is “No you’re not, you’re not struggling with that- think about something else. You’re just trying to get attention”.
    But this song was really trying to say “listen I know that you have the ability to hurt yourself, I recognise that, but let’s take that energy and let’s point it at something else, let’s divert that, lets kinda shift momentum and look at something like art or something like this music specifically, or even point it at me, you know- just point it anywhere. just don’t point it at yourself.
    - Tyler Joseph

    Keep moving forward, we can do it together. There’s a lot in life that’s tough or difficult but I think it’s important to know that we’re all going through it, and to keep pushing forward and I’m gonna push forward with you.
    -Josh Dun

    Skeleton Clique

    - Blurryface ~ Aimée
    - VaIerie ~ Nynke
    - Trees ~ Lieke
    - Se7enteenblack ~ Lisa
    - Belmont ~ Britt
    - Kittel ~ Gabriëla // Gabs
    - Novoseliv ~ Lotta
    - Eluzai ~ Evi
    - Migraine ~ Nina
    - Constellation ~ Aria
    - XxIrinaxX ~ Irina
    - FabulousKilljoy ~ Maureen
    - brodiewindun ~ Kayleigh // Kay
    - Gunnulfsen ~ Dore
    - Rosencrantz ~ Margot
    - Fukari ~ Nichelle
    - RlNGO ~ Livia
    - Murphys ~ Noa
    - Spookies
    - Saxon ~ Tamara
    - BadIands ~ Yu
    - Dizcoostin ~ Cherona
    - Killjoy ~ Marjolein
    - Flowey ~ Eva
    - Hoechlins ~ Eva

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