• Here is a list of all the Avatars from wan to Korra.

    1 Male Airbender: Nubia
    2 Female Waterbender: Shiya
    3 Male Earthbender: Del
    4 Female Firebender: Yuriko

    5 Male Airbender: Koz
    6 Female Waterbender: Mahina
    7 Male Earthbender: Hiresh
    8 Female Firebender: Umakumuko

    9 Female Airbender: Lio
    10 Male Waterbender: Kuai
    11 Female Earthbender: Aaliyah
    12 Male Firebender: Oshiro

    13 Female Airbender: Sengemo
    14 Male Waterbender: Kami
    15 Female Earthbender: Aria
    16 Male Firebender: Zaru

    17 Male Airbender: Jiao Jie
    18 Female Waterbender: Siara
    19 Male Earthbender: Jinhai
    20 Female Firebender: Atiya

    21 Male Airbender: Dhruv
    22 Female Waterbender: Lana
    23 Male Earthbender: Chaman
    24 Female Firebender: Tesni

    25 Female Airbender: Hariti
    26 Male Waterbender: Tentai
    27 Female Earthbender: Toph
    28 Male Firebender: Xiang

    29 Female Airbender: Mi
    30 Male Waterbender: Hala
    31 Female Earthbender: Jiao Je
    32 Male Firebender: Lee

    33 Male Airbender: Tornar
    34 Female Waterbender: Bing Na Po
    35 Male Earthbender: Guo
    36 Female Firebender: Reki

    37 Male Airbender: Jin
    38 Female Waterbender: Fenri
    39 Male Earthbender: Xolt
    40 Female Firebender: Yumi

    41 Female Airbender: Lia
    42 Male Waterbender: Qua
    43 Female Earthbender: Tayrn
    44 Male Firebender: Koza

    45 Female Airbender: Chen Chi
    46 Male Waterbender: Leke
    47 Female Earthbender: Kashvi
    48 Male Firebender: Kuna

    49 Male Airbender: Jampo
    50 Female Waterbender: Miun
    51 Male Earthbender: Bei Wen
    52 Female Firebender: Atsuko

    53 Male Airbender: Varijia
    54 Female Waterbender: Ululu
    55 Male Earthbender: Feng
    56 Female Firebender: Zai Anna

    57 Female Airbender: Nima
    58 Male Waterbender: Arrluk
    59 Female Earthbender: Renna
    60 Male Firebender: Liu Dan

    61 Female Airbender: Sangmu
    62 Male Waterbender: Mako
    63 Female Earthbender: Iru
    64 Male Firebender: Xiong

    65 Male Airbender: Tao
    66 Female Waterbender: Nilak
    67 Male Earthbender: Ilesh
    68 Female Firebender: Azula

    69 Male Airbender: Dawa
    70 Female Waterbender: Saia
    71 Male Earthbender: Xerxes
    72 Female Firebender: Kasai

    73 Female Airbender: Zulana
    74 Male Waterbender: Sokka
    75 Female Earthbender: Lutari
    76 Male Firebender: Sadako

    77 Female Airbender: Lhamu
    78 Male Waterbender: Tian Ta
    79 Female Earthbender: Ajala
    80 Male Firebender: Xin Lai

    81Male Airbender: Anil
    82Female Waterbender: Azome
    83Male Earthbender: Bhuvana
    84Female Firebender: Koa

    85Male Airbender: Yaiba
    86Female Waterbender: Umikei
    87Male Earthbender: Maiko
    88Female Firebender: Sharanya

    89Female Airbender: Ohate
    90Male Waterbender: Naku
    91Female Earthbender: Mi Mun
    92Male Firebender: Afute

    93Female Airbender: Pema
    94Male Waterbender: Kaska
    95Female Earthbender: Harei
    96Male Firebender: Enki

    97Male Airbender: Jian
    98Female Waterbender: Takara
    99Male Earthbender: Nimral
    100Female Firebender: Sorela

    101Male Airbender: Acklet
    102Female Waterbender: Iluai
    103Male Earthbender: Qao-Pian-Zhia-Haocuo
    104Female Firebender: Chike

    105Female Airbender: Sonai
    106Male Waterbender: Yan
    107Female Earthbender: Baichu
    108Male Firebender: Jinsen

    109Female Airbender: Jinorra
    110Male Waterbender: Kenai
    111Female Earthbender: Monna
    112Male Firebender: Daso

    113Male Airbender: Huan
    114Female Waterbender: Momieni
    115Male Earthbender: Hiro
    116Female Firebender: Mayara

    117Male Airbender: Xian
    118Female Waterbender: Morri
    119Male Earthbender: Gopan
    120Female Firebender: Chyou

    121Female Airbender: Bina
    122Male Waterbender: Akena
    123Female Earthbender: Hai Yuri
    124Male Firebender: Kouji

    125Female Airbender: Eun
    126Male Waterbender: Alpa
    127Female Earthbender: Ho Sook
    128Male Firebender: Xie Zhi

    129Male Airbender: Komun
    130Female Waterbender: Abha
    131Male Earthbender: Teiluc
    132Female Firebender: Malu

    133Male Airbender: Nergui
    134Female Waterbender: Erwin
    135Male Earthbender: Enlai
    136Female Firebender: Xia

    137Female Airbender: Fen
    138Male Waterbender: Kavi
    139Female Earthbender: Arya
    140Male Firebender: Raken

    141Female Airbender: Mitsuho
    142Male Waterbender: Harou
    143Female Earthbender: Kyna
    144Male Firebender: Ryuu

    145Male Airbender: Tete
    146Female Waterbender: Yasha
    147Male Earthbender: Sung
    148Female Firebender: Tsuchi

    149Male Airbender: Rinzen
    150Female Waterbender: O'lina
    151Male Earthbender: Yata
    152Female Firebender: Akane

    153Female Airbender: Kiwa
    154Male Waterbender: Peraka
    155Female Earthbender: Shang Tian
    156Male Firebender: Chihin

    157Female Airbender: Ishi
    158Male Waterbender: Xuan Shui
    159Female Earthbender: Akin
    160Male Firebender: Nufuken

    161Male Airbender: Jinsen
    162Female Waterbender: Aiyoku
    163Male Earthbender: Bao Dong
    164Female Firebender: Yumi

    165Male Airbender: Tryon
    166Female Waterbender: Vala
    167Male Earthbender: Atl
    168Female Firebender: Kiara

    169Female Airbender: Yoani
    170Male Waterbender: Kwan
    171Female Earthbender: Occhi
    172Male Firebender: Chen Yuan Wen

    173Female Airbender: Minaura
    174Male Waterbender: Talbak
    175Female Earthbender: Lylid
    176Male Firebender: Seka

    177Male Airbender: Atar
    178Female Waterbender: Nari
    179Male Earthbender: Basco
    180Female Firebender: Shan Tae

    181Male Airbender: Oroos
    182Female Waterbender: Tausha
    183Male Earthbender: Weik
    184Female Firebender: Iyukowa

    185Female Airbender: Dee
    186Male Waterbender: Ker Man Ne
    187Female Earthbender: Iolana
    188Male Firebender: Oni Fi

    189Female Airbender: Ambar
    190Male Waterbender: Kai
    191Female Earthbender: Hanja
    192Male Firebender: Yata

    193Male Airbender: Zachoeje
    194Female Waterbender: Mullan
    195Male Earthbender: Eagen
    196Female Firebender: Lo Mei

    197Male Airbender: Eisen
    198Female Waterbender: Mae
    199Male Earthbender: Dan Di
    200Female Firebender: Sayo

    201Female Airbender: Konie
    202Male Waterbender: Yan
    203Female Earthbender: Chan May
    204Male Firebender: Ehasz

    205Female Airbender: Yangchen
    206Male Waterbender: Kuruk
    207Female Earthbender: Kyoshi
    208Male Firebender: Roku

    209Male Airbender: Aang
    210Female Waterbender: Korra

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