• Leave Now

    Am I not meant
    To bleed out my heart
    While you are listening?
    And when I’m scared
    Confused where to start
    Shouldn’t you listen to me?

    I am not sure
    How much longer I can take
    This anymore.
    Cause I know that if I break
    I will fall apart
    And you won’t pick up the pieces.

    You watched me struggle
    All this time,
    You watched me fight ,
    You watched me die
    And still claimed me.
    Still said you’re mine.

    Just leave now
    I can’t take this anymore.
    And I can’t turn away.

    We dwaalden en verdwaalden en noemden sterren naar onszelf.

    Mooi geschreven!

    Wie durft te verdwalen, zal nieuwe wegen vinden!

    WAUW !!
    krijg spontaan kippe-vel hier !!

    Sebastian Michaelis : I'm simply one Hell of A Butler !!!