• Film: Moana
    Serie: Homeland

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    "A weed is simply a flower that somebody has decided is in the wrong place." Sister Monica Joan, Call the Midwife

    Rubin schreef:
    Haha, dat kijk ik ook wel eens. Vind zulke programma’s wel interessant. :p

    Oke. Ik kijk vaker dat soort programma's. Het is interessant (om er wat van te leren) en hoe de handelingen van de mens in elkaar zit.

    Don't walk. Run, you sheep, run.

    Serie: American Horror Story: Cult.

    The way you touched my soul was so damn evil. — VUKOVI > Sultana — Vertrouwenspersoon.

    Film: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

    "Nice is different than good." Hargrove > NikIaus

    Izunia schreef:
    Serie: American Horror Story: Cult.

    Baby driver

    Nobody Say It was easy

    Serie: Frasier.

    you said I had a beautiful mind, but that's because you're all I think about

    Serie: homeland

    There are poems inside of you that paper can't handle

    Film: Homefront
    Serie: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    16 - 09 - '17

    Film: Kingsman: The Golden Circle Finally.
    Serie: The Orville

    "If you're gonna say that you've always been secretly gay for me, everyone always just kind of assumed it."

    Film: Divergent
    Serie: Gossip Girl

    We are like Glass. We Break and eventually we shatter.

    Serie: American Horror Story: Hotel

    "Nice is different than good." Hargrove > NikIaus

    Serie: Call the midwife

    If you don't understand my silence, you will never understand my words.

    Serie: Stranger Things.

    “She was another broken doll dreaming of a boy with glue.” - Atticus

    Tchalla schreef:
    Serie: Stranger Things.


    Ik kijk bijna geen films wel veel series. Volgensmij is de laatste serie the vampire diaries of the originals

    Keep your friends close and your fries closer ;)