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    High Schools - and teenagers in general - are known for their clichés, stereotypes and drama. Friends are made and lost, enemies lurk around every corner and teachers are the worst. Here at Borealis, it isn't any different. Or is it?

    ☠            ☠

    Eventhough the Hunter Community is really close, it's still a community. And some people tend to not fit in. Orphans, trouble makers and other unwanted children only have one place to go: Borealis. A school in the middle of the icecold nothing. These kids might be special, they might have abilities, they might have a perfect shot, but they're still kids. So be prepared for all the clichés, stereotypes and drama. Because Borealis is not that different at all ...

    Home. Hell. Same difference.


    Boys - 5
    Username ~ Name ~ Age ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ Page
    Sarn ~ Val(entino) Jack Lyne ~ 18 ~ Popular nice guy/psychopath ~ Kian Lawley ~ 1.4
    Webster ~ Fergus Fraser ~ 19 ~ The Artist ~ Herman Tommeraas ~ 1.4
    Kendol ~ Name ~ Age ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ Page
    Webster ~ Archibald Arlington~ 19 ~ The Anti-Hunter~ Florian Neuville ~ 1.4
    Sameer ~ Name ~ Age ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ Page

    Girls - 7 - STOP
    Username ~ Name ~ Age ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ Page
    Cranston ~ Ailsa Nielsen ~ 17 ~ Bubbles ~ Hermione Corfield ~ 1.4
    Ziegler ~ Tansy Elizabeth Jenner ~ 17 ~ Teacher's pet ~ Oliwia Wedzicha ~ 3
    Eternitarian ~ Nicole 'Sully' Sullivan ~ 17 ~ Firecracker ~ Anna Christine Speckhart ~ 3
    Carneliana ~ Name ~ Age ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ Page
    Yellowstone ~ Hannah Sawyer ~ 17 ~ Clumsy Marshmellow ~ Scarlett Leithold ~ 3
    Sameer ~ Alessandra Flores ~ 18 ~ Wallflower ~ Chiara Scelsi ~ 3
    Soco ~ Eve Marilyn Freyz ~ 16 ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ 1.4
    Iratus ~ Lidiya Delov ~ 16 ~ Follower ~ Maria Almenta Poole ~ 3
    (Status = popular, nerd, athletic, goth, marshmellow, whatevs)
    It's my intention to only play the 'students', but if you want something else, just ask and I'll see what we can do.

    Fill in
    Your role can be really simple. It is allowed to keep it short and you do not have to use a layout. Ofcourse, if you want to; go knock yourself out.
    ❖ Name (any)
    ❖ Age (10 -20) You can play a kid, but do realise that it affects your character's relationships and interaction. Do realise that anyone older than 18 has to have a partner who's at least a year younger. It's possible, but also rare at this school.
    ❖ Nationality (any)
    (❖ Specialties) (not obligated)
    ❖ Looks A picture is enough, but you can always describe more.
    ❖ Personality Traits alone are enough for me, but I recommend a little bit of explanation so it's clear for the others.
    ❖ History It's enough to say why your character is staying at Borealis and for how long. So if you just say orphan, 3 years, that's enough. You can put more if you want to.
    ❖ Relationships (any)

    Yo. I've got some stuff to say, before I start this thing.

    ❖ First of all, this RPG is the third one in the same AU. Do you need to know the other two? Nope. Do you have to keep them in mind? Nope, only the stuff I put in here. If you're interested, you can go take a look, though: here and here.
    ❖ My second and last point is for the people who took a look or already know me and/or my RPGs. They're kind of ... extensive. Okay, no, they can be huge, I cannot make an RPG without a lot of explanation. And yes, this one is not any different. BUT. (Thank God, there's a but). You don't have to read everything. Your role doesn't have to be the size of a thesis and the RPG is actually pretty simple. All the information I'm just giving for myself and whenever someone has a question, will be gray. You do not have to read it. You may, ofcourse, but you can perfectly ignore that shit. I'm completely fine with that.
    Your English does not have to be perfect or even good. Just try if you want to join (:


    Location & Map

    ❖ Russian Siberia (East)
    ❖ Average temp: -10°C
    ❖ Isolated, but large city, around 25km south.
    The winter is very long (half september till the end of april) and very cold. Snow only falls in september and october , but stays the entire winter. Summer is short and hot during the day, cool/cold during the night.
    ❖ Because of the isolation, there are a lot of lone vampires and werewolves. If you don't get the logic - which is probably, bc this sounds weird - just ask me, bc I don't wanna explain right now.

    Location & Map
    The school owns a large area of woods, a lake, sportareas and the buildings. There's also a lot underground. It looks old on the outside, but it's actually quite modern. There's a small airport in the north.
    WiFi & phonesignal

    Up - the image is clickable
    2) Reception
    There's a gate inbetween 1 and 2
    3) Dorms (b) and living space (a) students
    4) Dorms (b) and living space (a) personel
    5) Cafeteria
    6) Dorms and livingspace travelers
    7) Classrooms age 6 - 12
    8) Classrooms age 12 - 6
    9) Music room and theatre

    10) Library
    11) Theoretical classes
    12) Infirmary
    13) Shop
    A) Icehockeyfield
    B) Basketballfields
    C) Running track
    D) Rugbyfield
    E) Football field

    1) This is where all the paperwork occurs.
    2) This is where new students and travelers sign up. It's also where you have to go when you're 'sent to the principal'.
    3) This is where the students sleep and live when they're not doing anything else. Every student has a room and a small bathroom on their own. There are four floors. The first and second floor are for the children between the ages of 6 and 12. The third and fourth floor are for the students between the ages of 13 and 20. The girls sleep on the 1st and 3rd floor, while the boys sleep on the 2nd and 4th floor. Showers are mutual and there's 10 of them on every floor. In the livingspace you have a few large rooms with TV's, pooltables, whatever you can think of.
    4) This is where the teachers and other staffmembers live and sleep. It's similar to that of the students, except there are only two floors. The women sleep on the second floor, while the men sleep on the first. There's only one, large living room.
    5) This is where everybody eats. There's room for about 400 people, so it's never full and everybody can sit where they want. There's always bread and breakfast available. If you want to eat something warm, you'll have to be there between 11 AM and 9 PM (21).
    6) These are the bedrooms of the guests. There aren't many of them, but it suffices. They have seperate rooms with their own bathrooms. There's a small, mutual livingroom.

    7) This is where the smaller children have their 'normal' classes. It's comparable to elementary school.
    8) This is where the teenagers have their 'normal' classes. It's something in between middle and highschool.
    9) This building has two rooms: A music room (with all the instruments you can think off) and a large aula, suitable for around 600 people.
    10) This is the library. Students can study and read here. Besides the normal world books, there are also a lot of books about the Hunter world. Most of them are copies of the originals.
    11) This is where the students get their theoretical classes. Half of the building resembles more of a museum, though.
    12) This is where the sick and injured are treated. They are prepared for a lot, but when someone is hurt really bad, there's always a small airplane or helicopter available.
    13) This is where students can shop. From clothes and toothpaste to weapons, alcohol and sigarettes, you can find almost anything here. And if you can't, you're allowed to order it here as well.
    A - E) Only maintained when used a lot

    1) Archives
    2) Lab 1
    3) Lab 2
    4) Shooting range
    5) Great Hall
    6) Small Hall
    7) Hall of knives
    8) Gym
    9) Fitness
    10) Pool


    Down - Image is clickable
    1) This is where the school keeps all the original books and all the records of every person who has walked through the gates.
    2) This is the research labaratory of the school. It's full of weird stuff and it's very modern, but it lacks WiFi.
    3) This is the weapon development labaratory of the school. It's full of weird stuff and it's very modern, but it lacks WiFi.
    4) This is a large shooting range. It's always kept in top condition.
    5) It resembles a gym, but it has a simulationprogram and all kinds of weaponry.
    6) This resembles a dojo. It's where the close combat classes take place. There are matts and mirrors.
    7) This is the place where you can train with all the non-shooting weapons.
    8) This is just a regular gym. You can play all kinds of sports here.

    ❖ Alcohol is forbidden under the age of 17
    ❖ Cigarettes are forbidden under the age of 15
    ❖ All drugs are forbidden
    ❖ Guns and other shooting weapons aren't allowed outside the shooting range, unless you have permission
    ❖ Students are not allowed to enter the Archives
    ❖ Students are not allowed to leave the terrain without permission
    ❖ Students from the ages 6 to 12 have to be in their building between 8:30 PM and 7 AM
    ❖ Students from the ages 6 to 12 have to be on their floor between 9:30 PM and 6 AM
    ❖ Students from the ages 6 to 12 have to be in their room between 10 PM and 5:30 AM
    ❖ Students from the ages 13 to 20 have to be in their building between 10:30 PM and 5 AM
    ❖ Students from the ages 13 to 20 have to be on their floor between 11 PM and 5 AM
    ❖ Students from the ages 13 to 20 have to be in their room between 12 PM and 5 AM
    ❖ Students have to pay their respects for every graduated hunter.
    ❖ To avoid misuse of the previous rules, every graduated hunter has to leave the school for at least two years.
    ❖ The rooms will be checked every sunday. Privacy will be kept, but the dorms have to be clean and tidy.
    ❖ No one is allowed to hurt anyone in anyway, unless it's during training.
    ❖ Pets are allowed

    ❖ This isn't a school for every regular hunter. In fact, only three kinds of children end up here:
    - The ones who don't have a Hunter family that is big enough to give them the proper training. They are usually sent by their parents or other family members.
    - Orphans. They are the ones who are discovered and usually don't know anything about Hunters until they arrive at the school.
    - The troublemakers and unwanted. These children are usually so awful their family sent them away to gain some discipline. Most children belong in this group.

    ❖ The school houses children between the age of 6 and 20. That means every child has had the test with the photograph and everyone stays - unless something really serious happened - until their graduation.
    ❖ These children do not excist for the normal world. They don't have valid papers, or those won't be used.
    ❖ At the moment, there are 186 students housed. There are 53 teachers and 16 other staffmembers.

    Although this is a hard environment and there isn't much space for mental issues and care, they are not entirely unreasonable. The children can leave the school.
    ❖ They spend the coldest period of the year (half december - half februari) in a different country. Usually somewhere in Europe or North-America. The school will be divided in groups of maximum 50 and be stationed at a Quarter. This is not a break and the lessons (usually exams) will continue.
    ❖ The schoolyear ends on the 16th of June. It starts again on the 23rd of July.
    ❖ They get to go on a vacation in juli. It's three weeks long and they can choose their own destination (one that's on the list (15)). After these three weeks, school starts again.
    ❖ They often get a few days of during the year.
    ❖ Last winter, they went to Dubhaile, Scotland.
    ❖ Although it's not allowed, there are often parties for the students aged 15 or older. They take place in some of the old, not used buildings further north on the terrain.

    ❖ 6 years old: The children are shown a picture of a vampire. If they cannot see them, they are hunters. This is the age they are allowed at the school.
    Start of theoretic lessons.
    ❖ 8 - 10 years old: The children get their partner - with a maximum age difference of two years, although they try to keep the difference as small as possible - and a small brand of a moon on their right wrist. They start as soon as the youngest of the two turns 8.
    Start of practical lessons.

    ❖ 11 - 13 years old: They get to go on their first hunt, but are not allowed to kill anything - unless it cannot be avoided. They are guided by at least one more experienced hunter couple, who do most of the job.
    Choice of specialisations.*
    Theoretic lessons stop.
    ❖ 14 - 16 years old: They get to go on their first, unguided hunt. This is - after graduation - the highlight of their study. This is the moment their first kill happens. After this day, they go on a hunt every two weeks. They get a larger, but simple tattoo. Whenever they reach a certain amount of kills, the tattoo gets more detailed. (1ste kill, 10de kill, 25ste kill, 50ste kill, 80ste kill 100ste kill, 145ste kill, 200ste kill. After this one, a new tatto will be started.)
    ❖ 18 - 20 years old: They graduate. There's a ceremony each year, but I'm too lazy to think off that. They get another brand of a sun on their left wrist. Afterwards, they get a week to pack their stuff and leave. They are not allowed to come back for at least 2 years. However, they are allowed to keep their contacts and see their friends, just not at school.
    ❖ Ofcourse, not every student arrives at the school at the age of 6. The ones who are older get an adapted cousre. It's usually more intense and a lot more difficult as they get the same amount of time. Students who arrive really late, usually never become true Hunters and will become Teachers or researchers.


    They get a normal education, although it's a bit easier than usual. It's a lot of selfstudy and it's only the basic classes. The older you get, the more you have to do on your own.
    ❖ Math
    ❖ English
    ❖ Russian
    ❖ Science (Chemistry, Physics & Biology)
    ❖ (Human) History
    ❖ Geography


    Every student gets basic training lessons. These are the things the students want to train extra. Another basic lesson is survivaling.
    ❖ History & Research of monsters (H&RM): You'll learn everything there is to know about monsters, which isn't that much. This is a course that is looked down upon and not many students take it. The History part is quite extensive, but there isn't much budget and interest for the research.
    ❖ Firearms; History (FH): This is a course that cannot be taken alone. Students who follow weapondevelopment have to take it, while it's an option for the students who follow the course Firearms; Practice.
    ❖ Handarms; History (HH): This is a course that cannot be taken alone. Students who follow weapondevelopment have to take it, while it's an option for the students who follow the course Handarms; Practice.
    ❖ History & Research of Hunters (H&RH): You'll learn everything there is to know about Hunters, which isn't that much. This is a course that is looked down upon and not many students take it. The History part is quite extensive, but there isn't much budget and interest for the research.
    ❖ Kill & Conquer; Vampires (KCV): This is the course where you'll learn every detail about killing vampires.
    ❖ Kill & Conquer; Werewolves (KCW): This is the course where you'll learn every detail about killing werewolves.
    ❖ Firearms; Practice (FP): You'll learn about guns and everything that shoots. You also learn how to use most of them, and choose a few to specialise in.
    ❖ Handarms; Practice (HP): You'll learn about knives, swords and every weapon that doesn't require munition. You also learn how to use most of them, and choose a few to specialise in.
    ❖ Close Combat (CC): Here you'll learn how to fight when you don't have a weapon.
    ❖ Weapon Development (WD): Here you'll learn how to change, improve or invent weapons of all kinds and other aids for hunting. Students who take this course also have to follow the History of both kinds of weapons.
    ❖ Medicine: This is where you'll learn advanced first aid and everything else you need to know about healing and stuff. The students can choose how many years they'll take this course and when to start, as it's based at level and not at age.
    ❖ Foreign Cooperation (FC): This is already very specific. The students who take this course will be Travelers, which are some kind of ambassadors/negotiators. This course includes at least 2 more languages (choosing from Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish & French), communication and culture & customs. They also take two more short trips to other countries, in octobre and march.


    ❖ They have regular tests
    ❖ There are midterm exams in january and final exams in the last and first two weeks of june.

    ❖ To keep it easy, we'll just use the euro. I don't have a clue what the normal prices are in Russia (1 euro = almost 60 ruble, but idk how much a bottle of water costs, ya know.)
    ❖ Every student gets some pocket money. When they're younger than 12, they get 20 the month. When they're older, they get 40.
    ❖ Kids who still have a family, often get more money sent to them.
    ❖ The students can earn some money when they do chores.

    ❖ There are only teams when the interest is big enough. They play a lot of sports during training, but outside of that it depends. I'll go further on with this if people are interested.




    ❖ At least one of the parents has to be a Hunter as well. That's the only requirement.
    ❖ Hunters cannot turn into a monster.
    ❖ Hunters can recognize monsters, they're more fit physically and they are more resistant to pain and illness.
    ❖ At the proper age, they have to take a test. The results of this test determine the partner. Hunters almost never hunt without their partner and they learn to train together. They can, however, take different courses. Every combination (male x male, male x female, female x female, ...) is possible and there are no restrictions on the relationship between them.
    ❖ There are a few rules every hunter has to keep:
          - Humans have to be kept out at all costs. This means physically, but also by knowledge.
          - Werewolves may not be harmed when they are in human form, unless it's self-defence.
          - One bullet is better than two.
          - Never make a vampire go into a Tantrum on purpose
          - Never hurt a non-feeding member of the Colonies.


    If you've got the time and motivation; you can read everything about vampires and werewolves here. If you don't; just keep this shit in mind:
    ❖ Hunters recognize them because they do not have a reflection or show on images and film. This is uniquely for Hunters.
    ❖ They can die when you cut of their head, damage their heart enough or put them on fire.
    ❖ Their biggest weakness is sunlight for young vampires, and elektricity for them all. And fire, but that's kind of everybody's weakness.
    ❖ Hunters recognize them because their irises are completely black (not their entire eyes, just the colourpart). Only Hunters can see this.
    ❖ They can die whenever you hurt them enough.
    ❖ Only changed werewolves are a target. It's forbidden to kill a werewolf in humanform, unless it's self-defense.
    ❖ Their biggest weakness is silver.


    ❖ Only Tamatoa is allowed to open new topics, unles I ask differently
    Whenever there is an issue, send me and/or the person involved a pb or gb. Don't put it in the topic. This is not to silence anything, but I've seen (and have been on both sides, I'll admit that) it happen when someone points something out, a lot of people react to it. There is nothing wrong with that, but it can feel like an attack and I want to avoid that. Long story short; I'm sick of the drama, whether watching it, or being part of it. This does not apply to questions. (Don't spam me)
    ❖ Maximum three characters, with at least two different sexes
    ❖ OOC clearly indicated or do it in the Talktopic
    ❖ Mentioned in your post: Who, where and with whom. A special lay-out is not obligated.
    ❖ Your post only has to be at least 50 words. That's almost nothing, so I hope there will be more posts, as they are less time consuming.
    ❖ Posts and roles have to be in English. Everything else doesn't really matter. You can choose
    ❖ If you need more information about RPG'ing, go check this out


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    Sombre schreef:
    Ohh, hmm dan pas ik hem even aan in een hunter. Moet alleen ff beetje research doen dan om er een mooi verhaal van te maken. Ik zal vast mijn profiel posten want die had ik al wel, maar dan haal ik het vampieren gedoe even weg.

    Het profiel post ik zodat de mensen een idee hebben van zijn karakter etc.

    Is het erg als ik een hunter maak die een beetje een zachtgekookt ei is? Die eigenlijk niet echt een hunter wilt zijn omdat hij niet graag mensen/wezens pijn doet?

    Er zitten er wel zo al tussen, dus als je ook inspiratie hebt voor iets anders, dan heb ik dat liever (: lees anders eerst alles in de beginpost en de rollen van de anderen even op je grmak door (:


    Hmm okey, ik denk dat ik dan even een andere rol maak met gewoon een koelbloedige bitch. :') kan natuurlijk ook.
    Wel een andere faceclaim dan.

    edit: Faceclaim > Bill Skarsgård
    status: the asshole/the dickhead

    over de status, als dat taalgebruik niet gewaardeerd wordt dan begrijp ik dat .-.

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    - thank you for existing -

    Sombre schreef:
    Hmm okey, ik denk dat ik dan even een andere rol maak met gewoon een koelbloedige bitch. :') kan natuurlijk ook.
    Wel een andere faceclaim dan.

    edit: Faceclaim > Bill Skarsgård
    status: the asshole/the dickhead

    over de status, als dat taalgebruik niet gewaardeerd wordt dan begrijp ik dat .-.

    Geen probleem
    En even, love de faceclaim, ik moet IT echt dringend gaan uitlezen omg fangirlmodus staat aan.


    Sarn schreef:

    Geen probleem
    En even, love de faceclaim, ik moet IT echt dringend gaan uitlezen omg fangirlmodus staat aan.

    Hahaha, ik fangirl op hem vanwege Hemlock Grove:D

    - thank you for existing -

    Als ik het goed begrijp, jagen de hunters dus op wezens? en niet op dieren?

    Edit: whoops, nevermind! heb de hele page even goed doorgelezen, ik snap het al.

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    - thank you for existing -

    Cole      Royse      Lockwood
    'The dickhead'
    Cole means 'from the dark city'
    Royse means 'royalty'
    Lockwood means 'from the closed woods'

    Cole is nineteen years old
    He was born on March 17th
    That makes his zodiac sign Pisces


    Kill & Conquer; Vampires (KCV) ━ Kill & Conquer; Werewolves (KCW) ━
    Close Combat (CC) ━ Handarms; Practice (HP)

    Cole is specialized in bow and arrow, he has a steady hand and a sharp eye. He has a special crossbow with a laser and a flashlight. The bow has metal arrows. His arrows are sharp enough to go through bones. He also has a compound bow with special arrows, these arrows open when they hit a target. Cole has special arrows for either vampire's and werewolves. The arrows contain a fluid that can hurt the monsters in their own specific way. For the vampires, Vervein. For the werewolves, Wolfsbane.

    "the recollection of an injury is... a rusty arrow and poison for the soul. "

    Cole's history
    Cole was born in Fort McMurray, Canada. He lived there his whole life. The house where he lived was made for the Lockwood family, it's located in the middle of the woods of Fort McMurray. Cole and his family practiced hunting in those woods. Even the animals around the woods were quit anxious and alert, because the Lockwoods have been hunting there for centuries now. The Lockwoods train on their hunting skills on the animals and tree's, mostly with arrows. Wolves sometimes come near the home of the Lockwoods, and if they do, they are going to wish they never did. There are a lot of sensors around the house, the sensors have both heat as movement measurements. As soon as one of the sensors are triggered, an alarm in the house goes of. Because of the heavy training the Lockwoods can aim arrows within twenty seconds, even if they are asleep.

    length ━ 1,87
    body ━ small Y form
    build ━ fit and healthy
    weight ━ 87 kilograms
    aiming arm ━ right
    sharp eye ━ left
    hair ━ full
    hair color ━ darkblonde
    face shape ━ inverted triangle
    eyebrows ━ full
    eyebrow color ━ dark blonde
    eyes ━ protruding eyes
    eye color ━ green
    nose ━ normal
    lips ━ full
    lip color ━ natural rose
    clothes ━ preppy, sometimes casual
    favorite outfit ━ grey blouse with a vest
    voice ━ intimidating and raw
    accent ━ Canadian

    "Nous chassons ceux qui nous chassent."

    "We hunt those who hunt us."

    hunter ━ Cole is a hunter, both his parents are hunters as wel. He grew up with everything he needed to know about hunting and the monsters that he would one day hunt.
    rude ━ Cole doesn't really has manners, he's rude in a lot of ways. He's only respectful to his parents, sometimes. His parents kicked him out of the house because he was rude to them too many times, he also was aggressive towards his parents and siblings.
    arrogant ━ Cole can be really arrogant, he just thinks of himself as this amazing, perfect hawk eye hunter. In his eyes he is better than the other hunters, he won't brag though.
    silent ━ Cole won't approach other students without an invitation. He's a introvert and he just doesn't really like to open up.
    flirt ━ Even though Cole is really quiet and kind of a dick sometimes, he really likes to flirt with girls. He isn't really a person for a relationship though, at least, not yet.
    sarcastic ━ Pretty much everything Cole says is sarcastic, that's just the way he is. He can't really help it.

    Rosetta Hayley Lockwood ━ 42 y/o ━ hunter
    ━ Cole and his mother were very close until he turned 16, he became stubborn and started fights. Now he and his mom barely talk to each other.
    Andrew Roden Lockwood ━ 46 y/o ━ hunter
    ━ Cole and his father have a very strange bond, his father never really talked to him about personal things, he was, just as Cole, an introvert. When Cole started fights with his parents, his father completely freaked out. Andrew hit Cole a few times, but Cole hates talking about it.
    Jazzy Piper Lockwood ━ 16 y/o ━ younger sister ━ hunter
    ━ Cole and Jazzy always were very close, but unfortunately, because of the fights, they started to grow apart. Jazzy is the perfect daughter, Cole became quit jealous and shut her out.


    ━ Cole is addicted to smoking, he smokes a lot and he really can't live without it. ━ Cole is in to drugs, mostly weed and hasj, but he has done Coke as wel. ━ Cole bites his lip all the freaking time, it's just something he does. He doesn't do it on purpose. ━ Cole must check his bows every night, he counts the arrows and checks if everything about his bows is perfect.
    Cole owns
    ━ A drivers licence, he got it at age seventeen. ━ A car, it's a matte black Nissan GT-R. ━ A matte black iPhone 6plus
    Cole hates
    ━ Mosquitos ━ Bad music, too loud music ━ Carrots ━ Rain ━ Romantic movies ━ Bad humor

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    - thank you for existing -

    Hij is nog niet helemaal af, maar vast een beginnetje.

    - thank you for existing -

    Xara Elody Mae
    'the partyanimal'

    ✦ Xara means shining
    ✦ Elody means melody
    ✦ Mae means bitter
    ✦ Xara loves her name, she thinks it's perfect.
    Her last name really shows who she is, a bitter person, but only sometimes. Most of the time she just shines, like her first name.

    ✦ Xara is eighteen years old
    ✦ She's born in august 25th
    ✦ Her sign is 'Virgo'

    ✦ Xara was born in Spain, that makes her Spanish.

    ✦ Kill & Conquer; Vampires (KCV)
    ✦ Kill & Conquer; Werewolves (KCW)
    ✦ Firearms; Practice (FP)
    ✦ Close Combat (CC)
    ✦ Xara is a girl you do not want to fight, her parents were both hunters and they both served the army as soldiers. As a child she learned to use guns. Her father wanted Xara to be able to protect herself, so he made her go on karate. Xara has the black belt in Karate and knows how to knock someone out. Her father always said that a girl this pretty, had to be able to kill someone.

    ✦ Outgoing ✦ Xara is very outgoing, she loves to party and to hang out with friends. She's bad at being alone and doing nothing.
    ✦ Combative ✦ Xara loves to seek out danger, she just wants to fight, she loves the adrenaline that she gets. If you are going to fight her, be prepared for a long fight, because she has a great stamina.
    ✦ Tough ✦ Xara is very tough, she can take a lot of pain. She will always keep going until the job is done.
    ✦ Flirt ✦ Xara is a flirt, she really likes to flirt with boys. She's also known as the girl that get's every guy she wants.
    ✦ Stubborn ✦ Xara is very stubborn, she always wants to get things done her way, if you are trying to change her mind, just stop, it won't work.
    ✦ Loyal ✦ Xara is very loyal to friends and family, if Xara trusts you, you better not mess it up.
    ✦ Intelligent ✦ Xara is very smart, she doesn't only know a lot of theorie from books, but she also has a lot of knowledge if it comes to people.
    ✦ Brave ✦ Xara is one of the bravest girls ever, at least, that's what people say. She never steps away from a fight or a challenge.
    ✦ Dominating ✦ Xara is kinda dominating, she likes to take charge, and not only if it comes to hunting.

    ✦ Xara is a party animal, she likes to go out, have a lot a few drinks and dance the whole night. She likes to be extra in almost everything she does. Even when it comes to take over a man's heart. She will dress up as nice and sexy as she can, and she will get you. She's not really the type that take's "no" for an answer. Never think that Xara is "easy", because she will break your nose if you try something that she doesn't wan't. Guys can come to her, but just don't expect too much. If she's really, really bored, you're lucky.
    When it comes to friends, Xara is very loyal. The friends she hunt with are her absolute closest friends. Her classmates at school are "nice", she thinks, about most of them. For the rest of it, Xara is just someone you could love to have by your side, or hate, if you're the exact opposite.

    ✦ Body ✦
    Xara is 1,79
    She has a X bodyshape
    Xara weighs 61 kg
    Her body is muscular/fit, she likes to work out a lot.
    Her skin is sun tanned, she hates being pale, so she tannes a lot.
    ✦ Face ✦
    Her face is oval shaped
    She has a pointy chin, not too much, just a little bit.
    Xara has bright blue eyes
    She has full normal lips, rose
    Xara has straight, white teeth
    ✦ Hair ✦
    Her hair is full, curly and brown
    She has dark eyebrows
    She also has very long lashes, black
    ✦ Clothes ✦
    She likes to dress casual but classy.
    Xara really loves dresses, especially the sexy ones.
    ✦ Accessoires ✦
    Xara loves her earrings and multiple jewelry. Xara loves dark red lipstick. She's known for wearing her dark red lipstick.

    ✦ Xara was born on august 25th, it was a hot summer night and her mom had some trouble with the heat. Luckily everything went well, and she was a healthy baby. As a child her parents learned her how to use weapons and how to protect herself. They were never pushy about the fact that she had to be a hunter, they wanted it to be her own choice, and she chose to become a hunter. Since both her parents were hunters. They loved her very much, so they really wanted her to make the choice for herself. When Xara turned 16, her parents died in a fight with a full pack of werewolves, they were with the two of them and the wolves were with a full pack. So on her 16th birthday, she lost her parents and she was send to Borealis. She has been on this school for two years now, but she still misses home. Xara doesn't like to open up and show her feelings, so she just goes to party's and drinks the shit out of herself, to forget everything. She became a little bit rebellion because of it, but she doesn't think it's a bad thing.

    ✦ Joselynn Xara Mae ✦ mother ✦ died at age 38 ✦ hunter
    Joselynn and Xara were very close, Xara got her first name of her mother, who got the name of her grandmother. The name goes through the family for centuries now. Joselynn was a great mom, she always wanted Xara to be happy and did everything for her daughter.
    ✦ Xavier Jo Mae ✦ father ✦ died at age 40 ✦ hunter
    Xavier and Xara had a special bond, because Xara always did all the training with her father. She was daddy's little princes, and everyone knew that. Her father made her go on karate, which Xara really loved to do, she had the black belt. Her father was always very proud of her.
    ✦ Dave Raden Menning ✦ cousin ✦ 17 years old ✦ normal
    Dave is Xara's cousin, she loves him very much, but since the death of her parents, she doesn't really talk to him anymore. They text, so now and then. She really misses him, but there's nothing she can do. He thinks she's in some kind of special school where he can't visit. Xara thinks it's for the best.

    Likes and Dislikes
    ✦ Likes: boys, fun, dancing, alcohol, softdrugs, animals, hunting, cuddles, laughing, party's, friends, pizza, food, donuts, ice cream, chocolate, music, martin garrix, jordi rivera, house, singing, cocktails, accessoires, coffee, cats, dogs, tortoises, movies, star wars, marvel, dc comics, batman, thor, action.
    ✦ Dislikes: angry people, fish, books, tea, weird noises, annoying people, arrogant people, the color orange, romantic movies, romantic novels, kiwi, onion, olives, softies, crybabies, mosquito's, spiders, bright lights, bad acting, opera.

    ✦ Xara owns a drivers licence, she got it at age 16.
    ✦ Xara is addicted to pizza and wine, the combo.
    ✦ Xara get's a kick of flirting with guys, she enjoys it.
    ✦ Xara really likes to wear red lipstick, she feels naked without it.
    ✦ Xara likes to walk around her dorm in her underwear, she sometimes goes outside with just a rope and her underwear.
    ✦ Xara loves attention, but not too much.
    ✦ Xara can be very aggressive when she's drunk.

    - thank you for existing -


    ❖      NAME      ❖

    His friends call him No or Nono as well, but Noah doesn't really like that. His name isn't very long, so it shouldn't be unbearale to pronounce it correctly.

    He is related to the (in)famous family, especially the American branch. He got the last name of his father, right before the old man left. Noah has thought about changing it, but his mum talked him out of it.

    ❖      AGE      ❖

    He turned 17 three months ago, on the 28th of december.

    Today, I will be as usefull as the "G" in Lasagna.

    ❖      NATIONALITY      ❖

    Noah's a proud aussie, who's home is/was close to Darwin. And with close, I mean a ten hour ride.

    ❖      STATUS      ❖

    The New Kid
    Noah has been at Borealis only for a few days. Since he's already 17, they don't really know what to do with him - eventhough he's really good at sports and not a bad fighter, has quite the aim and isn't a bad fighter either - he's been locked up in the guest house so far. He knows vampires exist, has heard werewolves do too and that's about it. He's never held a gun before. Long story short, he's a complete newb, but not incapable of becoming a good hunter.

    Life is short,

    ❖      LOOKS      ❖

    [FC. Froy Gutierrez]
    Noah is quite the normal teenager, although he might be a tad taller and muscled, as he is an energetic boy with Huntergenes. He's about 1.85 cm tall and loves sport, so he isn't skinny either. As he only got into the Hunter community a few days ago, he doesn't have any tattoos or signs. HE has a large scar on his right upper leg, from a shark attack a few years ago. He's used to wearing surfershirts and shorts, and isn't used to snow at all (to be honest, he's only seen the white stuff on the telly) and doesn't like the cold one bit. Hence the dozen pullovers and other ridiculous, but warm clothes.

    Smile while you still have teeth

    ❖      PERSONALITY      ❖

    Noah is quite the regular guy. He's nice, not too ugly and he knows how to laugh, yet he isn't confident nor smooth enough to be really popular. He knows how to talk to girls, but he's gotten into many awkward conversations as well. He'll always be friendly, but lacks the talent to keep every conversation going.
          He's lighthearted and not very materialistic. He doesn't expect too much from life and is happy with the little, safe life he had. On the other hand, he can be a tad rebellious, as he likes to go on adventures as well. He won't go against orders on purpose, though, but he doesn't follow every rule either. Whenever he really wants to, he'll try and follow his forbidden rules.
          He's not very good at judging people or calculating his risks. He'll dislike and like the wrong people, although he's open-minded enough to change his opinion after a while. He also has a talent to get himself in dangerous situations, or you know, highschools for killing machines.

    The first five days after the weekend are always the hardest.

    ❖      HISTORY      ❖

    Early childhood

    Noah lived with his mum in a remote, little town, with no monsters or hunters whatsoever. During the schoolyear he went to a boarding school in another, slightly larger town a few hours away, with also little to no vampires or werewolves. Therefore he never noticed anything strange about himself.
          His dad was a Traveler from the American Ackerman family, who left his mum and him a few days after he was born. Noah knows his name and nationality,
    but has never seen him again. He doesn't hate him, or even dislike him, because his dad had left a note with an explanation, sends him postcards every christmas and for their birthdays and has paid almost his entire education. Noah never read the note, but his mum knows exactly why the father left, but can't tell him about the recent developments since he never gave her an adress.
          Noah grew up not very rich, but happy. He became a great surfer, a great friend and a great son, who got good grades and a weekendjob at the beach. He caused a little bit of trouble the times he sneaked out with his friends or that time he broke the nose of the most popular guy at school.

    Last year 'til now

    About a year and a half ago, Noah and his mum got a new neighbour. Noah noticed after a few weeks he couldn't see the guy on film or in mirrors, eventhough his friends could. About a year later, a small woman got murdered, her throat slashed into a bloody pulp. After the second murder, his best friend, a total geek (because who doesn't love this cliche (okay this is the plot of fright night, idgaf)) made a stupid joke about a vampire on the loose. Since Noah actually paid attention to all of the geeky bullshit, he remembered vampires don't have a reflection. So he went to investigate, found absolutely nothing because the vampire was pretty old and all the bookstuff like garlic and crosses didn't work, and Noah's the only one who didn't see the reflection.
          He dropped the issue and life goes on. That is, until another murder occured. Noah wasn't allowed outside after the dark, which iwa pretty stupid because he's seventeen and nightsurfing is litterally the only cool thing he ever did. Ofcourse the dipshit disobeyed and ran into the fourth murder occuring. Noah escapesdbecause his hunterinstincts kicked in, but mostly becaus hunter blood tastes like shit and the vampire recognised it, so he got his shit out of there.
          The next morning, the neighbour fleed and Noah got all pumped up because of the night before. He's curious about his dad as well and using that as an excuse (and because he was planning to travel anyways) he's allowed to go after the vampire with his best friend. They followed the bloodsucker all the way to Sydney, while Noah discovered some people with weird eyes as well, and when he's about to run into the vamp again, the dude was killed by an actual hunter. They go all 'whoa' and Noah found out parts of his identity. Since the Aussie hunter community is very strict and brutal, they didn't feel like training a complete newby and Noah got shipped off to Borealis, while his best friend had to go back home.
          He arrived three days ago and has been 'locked up' in the guest courters, which he isn't allowed to leave. Ofcourse, he's getting bored and decides to disobey again...

    I think my guardian angel drinks.

    ❖      CLASSES      ❖

    Since he isn't really going to the school yet, he doesn't follow any special classes. He did, however, get some basic training, which consisted most out of defence moves.

    ❖      EXTRA      ❖

    Sunlight / The ocean / Surfing / Water / Sports / People / Girls / Icecream / Peanuts / Ketchup

    The cold / Not knowing anything / Snow / Cigarettes / Mustard / Jellyfish / Sharks

    He's afraid of heights, unless he's on a wave. He isn't very fond of sharks either.

    Surfing / Surprise attacks / The guitar (& singing)

    He has a driver's license and is an expert in the human life, since he has lived it for seventeen years.

    Being a dick won't make yours bigger.


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    To the stars who listen — and the dreams that are answered

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    kindness is never a burden.