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    Boys - 5
    Username ~ Name ~ Age ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ Page
    Sarn ~ Val(entino) Jack Lyne ~ 18 ~ Popular nice guy/psychopath ~ Kian Lawley ~ 1.4
    Webster ~ Fergus Fraser ~ 19 ~ The Artist ~ Herman Tommeraas ~ 1.4
    Kendol ~ Name ~ Age ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ Page
    Webster ~ Archibald Arlington~ 19 ~ The Anti-Hunter~ Florian Neuville ~ 1.4
    Sameer ~ Name ~ Age ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ Page

    Girls - 7 - STOP
    Username ~ Name ~ Age ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ Page
    Cranston ~ Ailsa Nielsen ~ 17 ~ Bubbles ~ Hermione Corfield ~ 1.4
    Ziegler ~ Tansy Elizabeth Jenner ~ 17 ~ Teacher's pet ~ Oliwia Wedzicha ~ 3
    Eternitarian ~ Nicole 'Sully' Sullivan ~ 17 ~ Firecracker ~ Anna Christine Speckhart ~ 3
    Carneliana ~ Name ~ Age ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ Page
    Yellowstone ~ Hannah Sawyer ~ 17 ~ Clumsy Marshmellow ~ Scarlett Leithold ~ 3
    Sameer ~ Alessandra Flores ~ 18 ~ Wallflower ~ Chiara Scelsi ~ 3
    Soco ~ Eve Marilyn Freyz ~ 16 ~ Status ~ Faceclaim ~ 1.4
    Iratus ~ Lidiya Delov ~ 16 ~ Follower ~ Maria Almenta Poole ~ 3

    Val & Hannah
    Fergus & Sully
    Tansy & Alessandra
    Dude & Ailsa

    The beginning
    It's the 21st of March, a month after their annual move to 'warmer' resorts (this year, our characters all went to Dubhaile, Scotland). everything is sort of back to normal, and they still have more than a month untill their exams. It's a friday afternoon (14:00) and to celebrate the beginning of spring, the students don't have classes for the rest of the day. The oldest (and ofcourse, most popular/richest) students will host the annual springparty later that night, in one of the old, unused hangars in the northern part of the school's domain. Every student older than 15 talks about it, as it is one of those events you look forward to the entire year.

    [center] Borealis

    Location & Map

    ❖ Russian Siberia (East)
    ❖ Average temp: -10°C
    ❖ Isolated, but large city, around 25km south.
    The winter is very long (half september till the end of april) and very cold. Snow only falls in september and october , but stays the entire winter. Summer is short and hot during the day, cool/cold during the night.
    ❖ Because of the isolation, there are a lot of lone vampires and werewolves. If you don't get the logic - which is probably, bc this sounds weird - just ask me, bc I don't wanna explain right now.

    Location & Map
    The school owns a large area of woods, a lake, sportareas and the buildings. There's also a lot underground. It looks old on the outside, but it's actually quite modern. There's a small airport in the north.
    WiFi & phonesignal

    Up - the image is clickable
    2) Reception
    There's a gate inbetween 1 and 2
    3) Dorms (b) and living space (a) students
    4) Dorms (b) and living space (a) personel
    5) Cafeteria
    6) Dorms and livingspace travelers
    7) Classrooms age 6 - 12
    8) Classrooms age 12 - 6
    9) Music room and theatre

    10) Library
    11) Theoretical classes
    12) Infirmary
    13) Shop
    A) Icehockeyfield
    B) Basketballfields
    C) Running track
    D) Rugbyfield
    E) Football field

    1) This is where all the paperwork occurs.
    2) This is where new students and travelers sign up. It's also where you have to go when you're 'sent to the principal'.
    3) This is where the students sleep and live when they're not doing anything else. Every student has a room and a small bathroom on their own. There are four floors. The first and second floor are for the children between the ages of 6 and 12. The third and fourth floor are for the students between the ages of 13 and 20. The girls sleep on the 1st and 3rd floor, while the boys sleep on the 2nd and 4th floor. Showers are mutual and there's 10 of them on every floor. In the livingspace you have a few large rooms with TV's, pooltables, whatever you can think of.
    4) This is where the teachers and other staffmembers live and sleep. It's similar to that of the students, except there are only two floors. The women sleep on the second floor, while the men sleep on the first. There's only one, large living room.
    5) This is where everybody eats. There's room for about 400 people, so it's never full and everybody can sit where they want. There's always bread and breakfast available. If you want to eat something warm, you'll have to be there between 11 AM and 9 PM (21).
    6) These are the bedrooms of the guests. There aren't many of them, but it suffices. They have seperate rooms with their own bathrooms. There's a small, mutual livingroom.

    7) This is where the smaller children have their 'normal' classes. It's comparable to elementary school.
    8) This is where the teenagers have their 'normal' classes. It's something in between middle and highschool.
    9) This building has two rooms: A music room (with all the instruments you can think off) and a large aula, suitable for around 600 people.
    10) This is the library. Students can study and read here. Besides the normal world books, there are also a lot of books about the Hunter world. Most of them are copies of the originals.
    11) This is where the students get their theoretical classes. Half of the building resembles more of a museum, though.
    12) This is where the sick and injured are treated. They are prepared for a lot, but when someone is hurt really bad, there's always a small airplane or helicopter available.
    13) This is where students can shop. From clothes and toothpaste to weapons, alcohol and sigarettes, you can find almost anything here. And if you can't, you're allowed to order it here as well.
    A - E) Only maintained when used a lot

    1) Archives
    2) Lab 1
    3) Lab 2
    4) Shooting range
    5) Great Hall
    6) Small Hall
    7) Hall of knives
    8) Gym
    9) Fitness
    10) Pool


    Down - Image is clickable
    1) This is where the school keeps all the original books and all the records of every person who has walked through the gates.
    2) This is the research labaratory of the school. It's full of weird stuff and it's very modern, but it lacks WiFi.
    3) This is the weapon development labaratory of the school. It's full of weird stuff and it's very modern, but it lacks WiFi.
    4) This is a large shooting range. It's always kept in top condition.
    5) It resembles a gym, but it has a simulationprogram and all kinds of weaponry.
    6) This resembles a dojo. It's where the close combat classes take place. There are matts and mirrors.
    7) This is the place where you can train with all the non-shooting weapons.
    8) This is just a regular gym. You can play all kinds of sports here.

    ❖ Alcohol is forbidden under the age of 17
    ❖ Cigarettes are forbidden under the age of 15
    ❖ All drugs are forbidden
    ❖ Guns and other shooting weapons aren't allowed outside the shooting range, unless you have permission
    ❖ Students are not allowed to enter the Archives
    ❖ Students are not allowed to leave the terrain without permission
    ❖ Students from the ages 6 to 12 have to be in their building between 8:30 PM and 7 AM
    ❖ Students from the ages 6 to 12 have to be on their floor between 9:30 PM and 6 AM
    ❖ Students from the ages 6 to 12 have to be in their room between 10 PM and 5:30 AM
    ❖ Students from the ages 13 to 20 have to be in their building between 10:30 PM and 5 AM
    ❖ Students from the ages 13 to 20 have to be on their floor between 11 PM and 5 AM
    ❖ Students from the ages 13 to 20 have to be in their room between 12 PM and 5 AM
    ❖ Students have to pay their respects for every graduated hunter.
    ❖ To avoid misuse of the previous rules, every graduated hunter has to leave the school for at least two years.
    ❖ The rooms will be checked every sunday. Privacy will be kept, but the dorms have to be clean and tidy.
    ❖ No one is allowed to hurt anyone in anyway, unless it's during training.
    ❖ Pets are allowed

    ❖ This isn't a school for every regular hunter. In fact, only three kinds of children end up here:
    - The ones who don't have a Hunter family that is big enough to give them the proper training. They are usually sent by their parents or other family members.
    - Orphans. They are the ones who are discovered and usually don't know anything about Hunters until they arrive at the school.
    - The troublemakers and unwanted. These children are usually so awful their family sent them away to gain some discipline. Most children belong in this group.

    ❖ The school houses children between the age of 6 and 20. That means every child has had the test with the photograph and everyone stays - unless something really serious happened - until their graduation.
    ❖ These children do not excist for the normal world. They don't have valid papers, or those won't be used.
    ❖ At the moment, there are 186 students housed. There are 53 teachers and 16 other staffmembers.

    Although this is a hard environment and there isn't much space for mental issues and care, they are not entirely unreasonable. The children can leave the school.
    ❖ They spend the coldest period of the year (half december - half februari) in a different country. Usually somewhere in Europe or North-America. The school will be divided in groups of maximum 50 and be stationed at a Quarter. This is not a break and the lessons (usually exams) will continue.
    ❖ The schoolyear ends on the 16th of June. It starts again on the 23rd of July.
    ❖ They get to go on a vacation in juli. It's three weeks long and they can choose their own destination (one that's on the list (15)). After these three weeks, school starts again.
    ❖ They often get a few days of during the year.
    ❖ Last winter, they went to Dubhaile, Scotland.
    ❖ Although it's not allowed, there are often parties for the students aged 15 or older. They take place in some of the old, not used buildings further north on the terrain.

    ❖ 6 years old: The children are shown a picture of a vampire. If they cannot see them, they are hunters. This is the age they are allowed at the school.
    Start of theoretic lessons.
    ❖ 8 - 10 years old: The children get their partner - with a maximum age difference of two years, although they try to keep the difference as small as possible - and a small brand of a moon on their right wrist. They start as soon as the youngest of the two turns 8.
    Start of practical lessons.

    ❖ 11 - 13 years old: They get to go on their first hunt, but are not allowed to kill anything - unless it cannot be avoided. They are guided by at least one more experienced hunter couple, who do most of the job.
    Choice of specialisations.*
    Theoretic lessons stop.
    ❖ 14 - 16 years old: They get to go on their first, unguided hunt. This is - after graduation - the highlight of their study. This is the moment their first kill happens. After this day, they go on a hunt every two weeks. They get a larger, but simple tattoo. Whenever they reach a certain amount of kills, the tattoo gets more detailed. (1ste kill, 10de kill, 25ste kill, 50ste kill, 80ste kill 100ste kill, 145ste kill, 200ste kill. After this one, a new tatto will be started.)
    ❖ 18 - 20 years old: They graduate. There's a ceremony each year, but I'm too lazy to think off that. They get another brand of a sun on their left wrist. Afterwards, they get a week to pack their stuff and leave. They are not allowed to come back for at least 2 years. However, they are allowed to keep their contacts and see their friends, just not at school.
    ❖ Ofcourse, not every student arrives at the school at the age of 6. The ones who are older get an adapted cousre. It's usually more intense and a lot more difficult as they get the same amount of time. Students who arrive really late, usually never become true Hunters and will become Teachers or researchers.


    They get a normal education, although it's a bit easier than usual. It's a lot of selfstudy and it's only the basic classes. The older you get, the more you have to do on your own.
    ❖ Math
    ❖ English
    ❖ Russian
    ❖ Science (Chemistry, Physics & Biology)
    ❖ (Human) History
    ❖ Geography


    Every student gets basic training lessons. These are the things the students want to train extra. Another basic lesson is survivaling.
    ❖ History & Research of monsters (H&RM): You'll learn everything there is to know about monsters, which isn't that much. This is a course that is looked down upon and not many students take it. The History part is quite extensive, but there isn't much budget and interest for the research.
    ❖ Firearms; History (FH): This is a course that cannot be taken alone. Students who follow weapondevelopment have to take it, while it's an option for the students who follow the course Firearms; Practice.
    ❖ Handarms; History (HH): This is a course that cannot be taken alone. Students who follow weapondevelopment have to take it, while it's an option for the students who follow the course Handarms; Practice.
    ❖ History & Research of Hunters (H&RH): You'll learn everything there is to know about Hunters, which isn't that much. This is a course that is looked down upon and not many students take it. The History part is quite extensive, but there isn't much budget and interest for the research.
    ❖ Kill & Conquer; Vampires (KCV): This is the course where you'll learn every detail about killing vampires.
    ❖ Kill & Conquer; Werewolves (KCW): This is the course where you'll learn every detail about killing werewolves.
    ❖ Firearms; Practice (FP): You'll learn about guns and everything that shoots. You also learn how to use most of them, and choose a few to specialise in.
    ❖ Handarms; Practice (HP): You'll learn about knives, swords and every weapon that doesn't require munition. You also learn how to use most of them, and choose a few to specialise in.
    ❖ Close Combat (CC): Here you'll learn how to fight when you don't have a weapon.
    ❖ Weapon Development (WD): Here you'll learn how to change, improve or invent weapons of all kinds and other aids for hunting. Students who take this course also have to follow the History of both kinds of weapons.
    ❖ Medicine: This is where you'll learn advanced first aid and everything else you need to know about healing and stuff. The students can choose how many years they'll take this course and when to start, as it's based at level and not at age.
    ❖ Foreign Cooperation (FC): This is already very specific. The students who take this course will be Travelers, which are some kind of ambassadors/negotiators. This course includes at least 2 more languages (choosing from Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish & French), communication and culture & customs. They also take two more short trips to other countries, in octobre and march.


    ❖ They have regular tests
    ❖ There are midterm exams in january and final exams in the last and first two weeks of june.

    ❖ To keep it easy, we'll just use the euro. I don't have a clue what the normal prices are in Russia (1 euro = almost 60 ruble, but idk how much a bottle of water costs, ya know.)
    ❖ Every student gets some pocket money. When they're younger than 12, they get 20 the month. When they're older, they get 40.
    ❖ Kids who still have a family, often get more money sent to them.
    ❖ The students can earn some money when they do chores.

    ❖ There are only teams when the interest is big enough. They play a lot of sports during training, but outside of that it depends. I'll go further on with this if people are interested.




    ❖ At least one of the parents has to be a Hunter as well. That's the only requirement.
    ❖ Hunters cannot turn into a monster.
    ❖ Hunters can recognize monsters, they're more fit physically and they are more resistant to pain and illness.
    ❖ At the proper age, they have to take a test. The results of this test determine the partner. Hunters almost never hunt without their partner and they learn to train together. They can, however, take different courses. Every combination (male x male, male x female, female x female, ...) is possible and there are no restrictions on the relationship between them.
    ❖ There are a few rules every hunter has to keep:
          - Humans have to be kept out at all costs. This means physically, but also by knowledge.
          - Werewolves may not be harmed when they are in human form, unless it's self-defence.
          - One bullet is better than two.
          - Never make a vampire go into a Tantrum on purpose
          - Never hurt a non-feeding member of the Colonies.


    If you've got the time and motivation; you can read everything about vampires and werewolves here. If you don't; just keep this shit in mind:
    ❖ Hunters recognize them because they do not have a reflection or show on images and film. This is uniquely for Hunters.
    ❖ They can die when you cut of their head, damage their heart enough or put them on fire.
    ❖ Their biggest weakness is sunlight for young vampires, and elektricity for them all. And fire, but that's kind of everybody's weakness.
    ❖ Hunters recognize them because their irises are completely black (not their entire eyes, just the colourpart). Only Hunters can see this.
    ❖ They can die whenever you hurt them enough.
    ❖ Only changed werewolves are a target. It's forbidden to kill a werewolf in humanform, unless it's self-defense.
    ❖ Their biggest weakness is silver.


    ❖ Only Tamatoa is allowed to open new topics, unles I ask differently
    Whenever there is an issue, send me and/or the person involved a pb or gb. Don't put it in the topic. This is not to silence anything, but I've seen (and have been on both sides, I'll admit that) it happen when someone points something out, a lot of people react to it. There is nothing wrong with that, but it can feel like an attack and I want to avoid that. Long story short; I'm sick of the drama, whether watching it, or being part of it. This does not apply to questions. (Don't spam me)
    ❖ Maximum three characters, with at least two different sexes
    ❖ OOC clearly indicated or do it in the Talktopic
    ❖ Mentioned in your post: Who, where and with whom. A special lay-out is not obligated.
    ❖ Your post only has to be at least 50 words. That's almost nothing, so I hope there will be more posts, as they are less time consuming.
    ❖ Posts and roles have to be in English. Everything else doesn't really matter. You can choose
    ❖ If you need more information about RPG'ing, go check this out


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    Archibald ‘Archie’ Arlington
    Do not throw a ball at me ——— I will break a leg, get the flu and sprain a wrist all at once.

    19 • English • The Anti—Hunter • Living room, Dorms 4th Floor • Val

          ‘Sure, buddy.’
          Archie has no idea if the tone of Val’s words is sincere or not, but from the snickering of the others around them can deduce it’s not the tone Val would use towards his friends.
          ‘You want to go somewhere?’
          “His crycorner.” Archie’s cheeks turn bright red, but he doesn’t look up.
          ‘Hilarious. Let’s go. Love yer socks.’
          Archie looks up in surprise now, while he puts his left foot onto his right if his socks can disappear like that. Without giving notice of the laughing Hunters on the couch, he follows Val towards the hallway — where he stops and looks back towards his bedroom with longing.
          ‘Um, Val? You don’t have to. . . I mean — You don’t have to leave your friend for this project. I can start it on my own if you want? I mean, most of my project partners want that and I’ve already got a few ideas that I can work out because of some books I’ve found in the library and —’
          Archie stops talking, knowing he’s babbling because of the fact that he found interesting books. Val wouldn’t care about those stupid books and he needs to stop acting like a complete fool.
          ‘It’s just that. . . Well, for one of my ideas we need some Vampire venom. Fresh. And I. . . Well you know.’ Archie makes some awkward movements with his hands. ‘I’m not exactly capable of getting some fresh Vampire venom.’ Archie fiddles with a pen in his hand, throwing it from one to another — but missing about ten centimeters. With red cheeks he ducks down and takes the pen of the ground. Can’t even catch a pen, idiot. ‘What do you think?’

    Fergus Fraser
    He was a rainbow ——— in a colorblind world.

    19 • Scottish • The Artist • Cafeteria • Eve • Host

          Fergus is closing the lids on the small container of paint he took with him, when the scraping of a chair makes him look up in surprise. When he sees that it’s no one less than Eve who’s decided to join him, he smiles broadly.
          ‘Hey, you busy?’
          With a big movement, Fergus takes the paint brush out of the pocket of his shirt — splattering paint on top of the table.
          ‘I’m a painter, Eve — painters are always busy. But for a beautiful lady like you I’ll always make some time.’ Fergus looks at Eve’s face with great interest, she’s got a lot of symmetry into it and it would be perfect for a drawing or painting.
          Fergus looks up into the glare of mister Grekov — who’s turning red at the sight of the paint splatters on the table. Quickly, Fergus wipes over it with the sleeve of his shirt — shrugging with a small smile until the teacher walks off again.
          ‘The cafeteria would look so much better if they’d give me a free pass to paint the tables,’ he mumbles when he puts the brush inside his pocket again — his container with paint ends up in the pocket of his pants. ‘You’re coming to the party tonight, Eve? We should dance, you know?’

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    17 • Library • Alessandra & NPC's

          She'd slouched herself down the chair, looking more like a resting cat than anything else, as she'd taken out her phone to write a text message — when she heard footsteps approaching her direction. If she wasn't raised to obtain emotion — she absolutely would have rolled her eyeballs into another dimension.
          ‘Listen. I just want to say that I regret some of the things that were said, but also that you seriously need to learn to control your temper. Your reaction was completely unnecessary.’
    It wasn't like Sully immediately jumped up from her position to go for Alessandra's throat. The words took quite a while to sink down on her, as she severed her eyes from the screen to point them at the girl in front of her. But as their meaning dawned in, and the silence stretched uncomfortable long, her eyes got at least three shades darker.
          ‘You leaving your hole was completely unnecessary.’
    Sully got up, and a far too familiar feeling of anger boiled slowly inside her veins. Her fingers were itching to do something — but she clasped them to fists because she wasn't going to lose it in a damned library.
          ‘Listen up, buttercup. Leave me the fuck alone before you're going to regret one hell of a lot more.’
    She stood face to face with her for a few seconds, her anger vividly radiating off of her, before she turned around sharply and walked right out of the place. Feeling so much rage in such a short period of time drained the soul out of you. She closed her eyes as she marched straight for the dormitories — trying to put out the flame before she'd scold some poor child that looked at her the wrong way. Some people, like Alessandra, had a talent to get on her nerves by just saying the simplest of things. And that wasn't good.

    Corylus; the hazel—tree

    Alessandra Flores
    19 — Wallflower — Library/Cafeteria — With Sully & NPC/Alone

    The words spoken by Sully didn't do much damage. She'd heard them before, through other people who didn't think highly of Alessandra either. She had no idea what she was doing wrong, but clearly it was something. Alessandra's eyes watched carefully as Sully got up from her seat. She didn't think the other girl looked very threatening, while that was probably what Sully was aiming for. There was something in her eyes, though, that took Alessandra a bit by surprise.
          'Listen up, buttercup. Leave me the fuck alone before you're going to regret one hell of a lot more.' Quite the temper. Just like Val, Alessandra noted. But just like Val, there was a lot more to Sully than she let on. Alessandra was sure of it.
          Sully left the library abruptly, leaving Alessandra confused. She was angry; she felt the blood heating up in her veins. But she also felt sorry for the girl. It was a strange feeling to describe.
          She did however decide that this wasn't the end of their discussion. She wasn't going to just drop it as Sully wanted. Interfering with other people's personal business wasn't something she did very often, but she knew that sometimes she had to keep going to reach her goal. She was stubborn that way. And it had worked before with Archie, so why wouldn't it with this clearly troubled girl? Just like Sully, Alessandra had been a very angry kid. That's what got her stuck in this place in the first place.
          She sighed and as a way to distract herself, she put her hair up in a quick ponytail. And when she made up her mind about what to do next, she got up fast and walked out of the library. Only, she was stopped by Regina.
          'I found your books,' the other girl announced. The books, right. Alessandra had forgotten about them. 'Where did Sully go?'
          Alessandra smiled and took the books from Regina. 'She left. I think she went to the dormitories.' Regina shot Alessandra one last annoyed look, straightened her back and left the library to look for her new best friend.
          Alessandra found her way to the cafeteria and sat down somewhere in the back with a cup of coffee, her books and her paper.

    “ the kindest words my father said to me
    women like you drown oceans ”

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    kindness is never a burden.


    16 • The photographer • French • Cafeteria • with Fergus.

    Her hand reached out to her bag on the ground next to her and she takes out a water bottle, Eve takes a few nips out of it and replaces the vial cap, making sure the test strip vial is closed tightly before she puts it back in her bag. Her eyes met his when he started to answer. ‘I’m a painter, Eve — painters are always busy. But for a beautiful lady like you, I’ll always make some time.’ Her eyebrow raised a bit but then she shook her head, rather than disagreeing. "Of course, I should have known" Rays of sunshine fell through the window on her face. This made her mouth curl into a smile. Eve closed her eyes for second and opened them again to faces the sun and the face of mister Grekov. Even though the sun was shining she didn't feel warm, she was rather freezing. Goosebumps appeared on her arm by the expression on his face and the loud tone he used. She puts her hand in front of her mouth to hide a grin while her eyes are focused on mister Grekov his face. "Oh dear," Eve mumbles under her breath. "A splatter of paint on this lovely table." After the teacher walked off, she sees Fergus also mumbling but she couldn't hear what he said.‘You’re coming to the party tonight, Eve? We should dance, you know?’ Fergus says after a moment of silence. Eve laughs a bit too loud and then sighs. "Yes, of course, I'm coming and we should definitely dance tonight, that will be fun," Eve says and smiles his way. Hopefully, her head will feel better tonight, otherwise, her head will be blown by the loud music and all those students. "I hope I can get rid of this headache before the party, otherwise I'll die."

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    Some people in your life come as blessings, others come in your life as lessons.

    Living room older boys (4th floor dorms) / With NPC's / Relaxed & happy / Is one of the hosts

    I don't know what to say, so I don't say anything. Or no, I know exactly what to day, but I have a feeling - folks, this might be an unicum - Archibald is used to the laughter and my noble, but empty words won't change a single thing. And I also don't give a fuck. Shit, I don't even have fucks to give.
          "’t have to leave your friend for this project. I can start it on my own if you want? I mean, most of my project partners want that and I’ve already got a few ideas that I can work out because of some books I’ve found in the library and..." I turn around a bit surprised. I was planning on letting him make almost the entire thing, but damn, this just takes the fun out of it.
          "Wohow, slow down. It's a teamthing, remember? I know you're not one of the teamplayers, but.." I slam my teeth down as I remember one of my mental notes I took as a kid: 'Calling people loners in any way will be taken as cruel, mean, and are to be avoided.' Oops.
          "Sorry, that came out wrong," I mutter. "What I mean is, you should'nt do everything on your own. Don't worry, I'm smarter than a B," I grin. "And I don't know if I can get vampire venom in a week, I'm not assigned for a hunt anywhere soon."


    Archibald ‘Archie’ Arlington
    Do not throw a ball at me ——— I will break a leg, get the flu and sprain a wrist all at once.

    19 • English • The Anti—Hunter • Hallway, Dorms 4th Floor • Val

          ‘Woho, slow down. It’s a teamthing, remember? I know you’re not one of the teamplayers, but. . . Sorry, that came out wrong. What I mean is, you shouldn’t do everything on your own. Don’t worry, I’m smarter than a b. and I don’t know if I can get Vampire venom in a week, I’m not assigned for a hunt anywhere soon.’
          Archie stands still, looking at Val with surprise in his gaze. What just happened? Val offered his apologies for calling him a loner? Archie fumbles with the pen in his hands again, until it falls down on the ground once more. Archie doesn’t pick it up, because he’s too much in awe of the things that Val just said to him.
          ‘I — I never thought you’re less smart than a B. And we can do something else than the Vampire thing, I’ve got so much books with ideas. I can make a list if you want?’
          Archie finally picks up the fallen pen, sticking it behind his left ear. He’s doubting about his next question, so he fiddles with his hands and places his left onto his right foot again.
          ‘Uh, Val? I heard about the party tonight and uh — uh — can I come? I mean, do I need to get an invitation? Or won’t you have enough drinks and snacks for one more? I understand that! I mean, I wouldn’t like it either if someone just asked me a couple of hours before the party and. . .’ Archie takes a deep breath and forces himself to keep quiet. ‘What I meant: can I come?’

    Fergus Fraser
    He was a rainbow ——— in a colorblind world.

    19 • Scottish • The Artist • Cafeteria > Dormitories, Girls • Eve > Sully • Host

          ‘Yes, of course I’m coming and we should dance tonight — that’ll be fun. I hope I can get rid of this headache before the party, otherwise I’ll die.’
          Fergus sees Alessandra walking into the cafeteria, but decides not to join her because he’s wondering where Sully is — he hasn’t seen her since this morning and it didn’t feel right to miss her. When he looks at Eve again, he smiles and takes his paint brush out of his pocket for the last time. With a soft strike, he paints the tip of her nose a dark blue.
          ‘Go see the school nurse, she’s a miracle with headaches. I’mma search for Sully, okay? I’ll see you at the party tonight. Keep the paint on, it looks cute on you.’
          With a last wink, Fergus gets up from his seat and walks towards the exit. Halfway, he turns around and puts his hands around his mouth.
          ‘Hey, motor mouse, I’ll see you tonight as well! Leave your toolbox at home!’ Fergus waves at Alessandra, before running off towards the girl dormitories.


          After Fergus walks into the girl’s dormitories, he sees a small commotion in one of the bedrooms — girls are asking a male Hunter to leave because he isn’t allowed in here. Fergus stops and looks to the other present girls in the living area, who are looking at him with a mixture of anger and irritation. Fergus holds up his hands and points towards Sullly’s room. ‘This is serious partner business, girls. You understand, right? All those beautiful, bright girls in here? Oh — don’t forget the party tonight, I’m expecting you all to come.’ Due to his words, some of the girls burst into giggles, while others just move on with the activities they’re doing before.
          ’Hey Sul, I was wondering—’
          Fergus walks into his partners room, stopping in his tracks when he sees her changing into her training gear. Fergus sighs, looking at the painting on his forearm — knowing it’d come off during a training session because of the sweat.
          ‘Stop. Stop what you’re doing.’ Fergus steps forward and holds up both of his hands. ‘Give me one second and then we go training, okay?’ Fergus sees Sully’s movements slow down, so he knows she’s somewhat listening to him. Carefully, he wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her close to his chest, smudging the paint on his arm. ‘You come to me the next time, okay? Immediately. Now let’s go training, I’ll even let you kick the shit out of me.’
    It felt good to have Sully in his arms, but he feels the anger radiating of off her. Fergus smiles falters, he didn’t want her to feel like this, but he gets it. ‘Come on, Sul.’ He bends forward and presses his lips on the partner sign on her neck. It’s a familiar gesture that makes him feel calm again.

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    17 • Dormitories > Trainingroom • Fergus & NPC's

          After she arrived in her bedroom, she immediately started gathering her training gear. The only thing that would help to calm down, was to let the rage out.
          ‘Hey Sul, I was wondering—’
    Sully'd just thrown on a top when she heard him come in. The sentence hung mid—air, as she continued to put on her boots. She already knew that he was catching up on her mood.
          ‘Stop. Stop what you’re doing. Give me one second and then we go training, okay?’
    Her eyes focused on the fresh painting he'd made on his lower forearm. They looked better now than they had when he used fingerpaint, a lifetime ago. She blinked slowly, holding her jacket swiftly in one of her hands, not putting it on yet because she could see him approach.
          Sully didn't push him away when his arms slipped around her middle, thereby pulling her from her own island towards himself. The paint smudged on her grey top, she could feel it.
          ‘You come to me the next time, okay? Immediately. Now let’s go training, I’ll even let you kick the shit out of me.’
    She cracked a smile, though she didn't want to. He'd always come to rush to her aid whenever she was blinded by her emotions. It had saved a lot of people, but mostly it'd saved her.
          ‘Come on, Sul.’
    Sully sighed heavily, feeling the warmth of his lips against the tender skin, reminding her of the sign that's been located right there. You couldn't be mad at Fergus. Not if her life dependent on it.
          ‘I'm glad you weren't there.’
    He didn't want to see her like this, and she didn't want him to take the responsibility. They were almost adults now. She should be able to do it alone.
          ‘I won't touch your pretty face. We wouldn't want to put off the ladies tonight.’
    She hugged him, even though it was an angry hug, and as soon as she let go the smile died on her face. It was painful how she had to keep reminding herself to stray away from that night. It was impossible, though, to be that close at one point and then separated in a way. She couldn't let it happen again.
          ‘Don't even think about going easy on me.’
    She warned him, grabbing her hair together in a ponytail, before she set sail for her favorite training room. There'd be no one there, they'd all be getting ready for the party.
          ‘Sully? Are you wearing gear to the party?’
    Regina muttered confused, almost bumping into her. She had to breathe very slowly not to react with a snark.
          ‘No. But I'll see you there, OK? I need to do something first.’
    If Regina was wondering what the heck was going on, she was probably too scared to ask. So she just agreed to it and let Sully be on her way.

    Corylus; the hazel—tree

    Fergus Fraser
    He was a rainbow ——— in a colorblind world.

    19 • Scottish • The Artist • Training room • Sully • Host

          Fergus shakes his head, knowing he was glad he wasn’t there when his partner lost her temper — she’s kind of intimidating like that. Besides, it reminds Fergus from all the things Sully has been through in her life, and he doesn’t like thinking about that. Sully deserved to be happy, more than however else at Borealis — or the world, for that matter.
          ‘I won’t touch your pretty face — we wouldn’t want to put off the ladies tonight.’
          Fergus gives her a small smile, but he knows she’s thinking about the same night as he at this moment. After that night, Fergus hadn’t kissed another girl — he’d just think about Sully and that’s it. For him it’s weird that the two of them hadn’t talked about what happened, was it that bad? Fergus never had sex before, but he thought it’s amazing — Hell, it’s marvelous. But Sully seemed more closed off after that and Fergus didn’t know what to do.
          ‘Don’t even think about going easy on me.’
          Fergus rolled his eyes in their sockets, knowing he couldn’t go easy on Sully because otherwise he’d end up in the hospital — he’d to defend himself for her. That’s what he liked about her, she’s fierce and independent.
    When Sully starts talking to a quiet girl Fergus recognizes from a couple of classes, he looks down at the painting on his arm. Most of the paint is on Sully’s top now, so he sighs and reminds himself to do it again before the party later on.
          ‘She’s not this scary normally,’ Fergus says with a wink to the girl, who giggles softly and lets them go their way.
          Fergus throws his paint and paint brush to the side in the training area — he isn’t dress for a training, but it didn’t matter, most of his clothes are dispensable and old. Sucking in a breath, he positions himself into the defending stand — winking at Sully.
          ‘Well come on, partner. Let it out, I’m ready for you. And perhaps you can give me one black eye? Most of the girls dig that. Maybe not you. Definitely not you.’

    17 | bubbles | girls' dormitories | with filiks


    Quietly I sat at my desk, working on my geography project, while Filiks, my huntingpartner, lay on my bed with the beautiful Hogwarts sheets. Every few seconds Filiks' basketbal hit the ceiling, and than his hands. The sound was distracting and I had already throw five pens at him, but he didn't stop. I couldn't throw sixth one, as it was the last one I had.
          "I still have to sneak the alcohol in the hangars and it's already 2pm. And I'm hungry."
          I rolled my eyes. "You are always hungry," I mumbled softly, but hey, it was the truth. I always joked that he had like 24 stomaches, one for every hour of the day. Before he could give one of his sarcastic remarks, the door swung open and banged against the wall, giving my a mini-heartattack. A pack of girls entered, led by Amarante, my least favorite ex of Feliks.
          I sighed and ignored the conversation that started, once again focussing on my project. And once again, I was distracted a few minutes later by Amarante, who hopped onto my desk.
          "So, Val and you really broke-up, hmm?"
          I nodded slowly. I broke up with about three weeks ago, a bit awkwardly while Filiks was standing next to us. It was not that I really wanted to do it that way, but I had tried it a few times before and Val always managed to make me doubt, resulting in not breaking up with him in the end, while I actually wanted to. So, when Filiks was standing with Val and me, it kind of just happened. I had seen him since that, but hadn't spoken with him.
          "Okay, that's all I wanted to know really." She jumped of my desk again, and raised her eyebrows when she saw the Pukwudgie stuffed animal and worn teddybear on my bed. Amaranta didn't even have to say anything for me to know what she was thinking. I was just happy when she left.
          I closed my notebook and grabbed my Hufflepuff scraf, which I wrapped around my neck, and stepped outside my room, only to see Filiks waiting there, with a big grin on his face.
          "Please tell me they were talking about how hot I'd look naked and how much they love me."
          "Actually, your ex-girlfriend asked about Val, so I hope you weren't planning on getting back with her." At least I certainly hoped he wasn't planning that. "But you were saying you are hungry. So, let's go get some food." I smiled at him and jumped on his back because I was too lazy to walk to the kitchens. "If you have hunger like horse*, you can carry me around like you're a horse," I told him enthusiastically.

    *I know this is only a dutch saying but sssh.

    To the stars who listen — and the dreams that are answered

    17 • Trainingroom • Fergus

          Sully heard him talking to Regina. She also heard the latter one giggle. If the rage inside had cooled of — it had come back in tenfold now.
          With her back facing him, she unzipped her jacket and threw it to the side on forehand. It was already too hot to begin with. He didn't have to be here, but he was — so she decided that she wouldn't hold back. Maybe she liked being angry. Maybe.
          ‘Well come on, partner. Let it out, I’m ready for you. And perhaps you can give me one black eye? Most of the girls dig that. Maybe not you. Definitely not you.’
    Sully stretched out her body like a cat, whilst rolling her eyes into that other dimension, as she overthought those words.
          ‘Of course I don't like that. I dig you being whole.’ She stated, doubting whether or not she'd grab a few knives. She loved the way they felt in her violent hands. Then she looked over at Fergus, though, and decided he didn't deserve to suffer under her tonight. ‘You're going to bite your tongue on telling me you were ready.’
          Without any kind of warning she shot forward — jumping mid air to go straight for his core. She wasn't going to punch him, or kick for that matter. She just needed to blow off some steam. Working him against the ground would do.
          ‘Stop fumbling around. If I'd been a vampire you'd be dead. Because she wouldn't be as charmed by your worm act.’
    She just couldn't stay mad when he was around — so having him pinned down with his goofy but oh so lovely face just a few inches away. . .
          ‘You can do better.’
    Sully raised to her feet, knocking the dirt from her pants, as she looked down on him.

    Corylus; the hazel—tree

    Feliks Ilya Konstantin Vasilyev
    19 — Slut/Russian Prince — Cafeteria — With Ailsa — A host

    Feliks pushed himself casually off of the wall he was leaning against when Ailsa appeared, Hufflepuff scarf and all. He like the fact that she was such a Hogwarts geek. She was the one who introduced him to the books and the first place and he was glad he did. She got him a matching Gryffindor scarf for his sixteenth birthday. He didn't know if it actually was his House, but girls — and even some boys — seemed to dig it.
          'Actually, your ex-girlfriend asked about Val, so I hope you weren't planning on getting back with her,' Ailsa answered. Feliks couldn't help but be disappoint. He needed some new romantic interest. It had been way to long since he'd gotten some and it was starting to annoy him.
          'Not at all,' he said, thinking of Archie. 'I've dealt enough with her crazy to last me a lifetime. Quite the jealous type. Not something I normally go for.' He smiled at her, though it was not as sincere as it could be.
          Feliks easily caught her when she jumped on his back and when he laughed that time, it was of happiness. As long as he had Ailsa, he was alright.
          'Oh so that's how you roll. Use people as your servants, do you?' His Russian accent slipped through a little in the last part of his sentence. He hated when that happened, so he cleared his throat loudly. 'I hope there's pizza.'

    When they arrived at the cafeteria, he quickly learned there, in fact, wasn't pizza. There was, however, beef stroganoff on the menu, which as just as fine for Feliks as pizza would've been. Hungry as he was, he took two loaded plates of the stuff and glanced at Ailsa, gauging if she wanted any. She opted for green apple and a grilled cheese sandwich.
          As they sat down at one of the tables, Feliks was already shoving large pieces of his lunch in his mouth.
          'So how are you and Val?' He asked in between chews and bites. When he'd first heard that his best friend and his partner were dating, he was overjoyed. Two of his favorite people, becoming each others favorite people. Always a good thing, he reckoned. Of course he would never admit they were his favorite people in the first place. That would be so un-cool.

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    kindness is never a burden.

    Fergus Fraser
    He was a rainbow ——— in a colorblind world.

    19 • Scottish • The Artist • Trainingroom • Sully • Host

          Fergus makes a ‘talk on’ gesture with his hand, because he knows his partner should get on with it to release her anger — instead of making threats at him for not for bragging. But then, all of the sudden — Fergus feels all the air being pushed out of his lungs as he falls on his back on the training floor. Groaning, he looks up to his partner — who’s sitting on his chest with a proud look on her face. Fergus takes a deep breath and starts wriggling his body up and down, making a face.
          ‘Stop fumbling around. If I’d been a Vampire — You’d be dead. Because she wouldn’t be as charmed with the worm act. You can do better.’
          Fergus grins, jumping to his feet with a finesse that he learnt at the thousands of training lessons at Borealis. He backs up a few steps, bending forward to think over the situation. This kind of training isn’t going to help Sully releasing her anger, because she won’t go full blown on him — the downside of training with a partner. Fergus needs to come up with a plan that makes her release all of the anger, so that she’d feel better afterwards. Then, from one moment to another, Fergus knows what to do — memories from the first time he’d met his partner shoot through his head.

          When little — eleven year old — Fergus gets his partner assignment, he looks at the document for one single second to see who he’s matched to. Later that evening, he’d have a look at the other information — but right now, he’s just too excited to meet her: Nicole Sullivan. With a quick look, he discovers her room number and runs off towards the girls dormitories, the document flapping in his hand due to his speed. After he knocks hard on the door of his nine year old partner, she opens it with a suspicious look in her gaze.
          ‘Nicole — We’re partners! I can’t believe it! I’m Ferg—’
          Before he even realizes what’s happening, his new partner has his left arm turned around his back so hard that his shoulder dislocates. Fergus cries out, more of shock than pain — while the fragile, small girl pushes him against the wall opposite of her door.
          ‘First lesson: my name — is Sully.’

          Fergus sighs, knowing that what’s going to come — would hurt like a motherfucker. But he knows that it’s the best for Sully, releasing her anger all at once. It’d be the second time he’d call her that, and she wouldn’t like it for a single bit. Hell, she’d break down, collapse and crumble underneath her name. But after that she’d feel the anger more than ever and that’s the goal of it all. Afterwards Fergus would be there to pick up the million pieces of her and glue them all back together — with his smiles, words and their love and partnership.
          ‘I can do better? No. You can do better. . .’
          Fergus takes a shallow breath, moving himself into the defending position. He looks Sully right in the eye, when he speaks the one word that would put it all on fire.
          ‘. . . Nicole.’

    17 • Trainingroom • Fergus

          That word. That one word. Nicole. It held grace and power, the name of a beautiful French mademoiselle who had died before her time.
          The triumph died on her face — just as the color disappeared from it. Sully stared at her partner without a single expression marked on her face. Even her eyes were empty. For a moment she didn't feel anything. It was almost like she'd heard him wrong. She wanted to believe that were the case. He wouldn't do that?
          Her eyes darkened, shade after shade, when she realized — he did.
    It was gut wrenching. It wasn't just rage, or sadness, or hurt. It was all of it at the same time: crashing down on her like waves. Demanding her to do something. Her muscles were already shaking — her jaw clenched tightly, her fingernails pressed into her palms.
          She would have murdered him. If it weren't for the sign on her neck — she would have.
    Her breaths came so slow she felt her lungs already burning. Sully looked at him long and hard — before she turned around and got a hold of set of practice knives.She held them so tense her knuckles turned white. She didn't turn around, because if she would she would have pierced him with one them, so instead she went for the walls. For the few targets that still hung around the room. She didn't need an exact spot — she just needed to feel them flying from her grip: hearing how they perforated their goals. And it wasn't enough to even calm her the slightest.
          So she moved on to the single dummy that were there — probably left out by some junior — and she used her bare hands to destroy the crap out of it. Sully didn't even feel the pain of the hits, or the blows when she used her knees or feet. All she could see was red.
          Panting, she eventually took a step back. Sweat pearled on her forehead — and though she was always angry, she wasn't blinded by it anymore. It left her with one feeling, however. Disappointment.
          Sully bent over to pick up her jacket, holding on to it when she walked up to Fergus. She studied his face for a moment, but then shook her head and passed him.
          ‘You shouldn't have done that.’
    He knew. He was the only person that knew. And he shunned her trust over something stupid.

    Corylus; the hazel—tree

    Fergus Fraser
    He was a rainbow ——— in a colorblind world.

    19 • Scottish • The Artist • Trainingroom • Sully • Host

          Fergus braces himself when he sees that the forbidden name is settling in, he wants her to throw her rage out on him. But when she turns around, Fergus is baffled. When she starts throwing knives, Fergus is sure that she needs to get her edge off first — so he waits with patience. Until she moves on to demolishing one of the dummies. Fergus knows he’s crossed a line and feels like he just pulled his own heart out.
          Fergus tries to think of a solution, but there’s just one thing that speeding through his thoughts a thousand times: what was he thinking? When he feels a sharp pain in his hands, he realizes that he’s got his hands folded into fists too tight. But he can’t release them, he needs to feel this pain — even though it’s nothing compared to the pain Sully’s feeling right now.
          When there’s nothing left of her target, Fergus swallows his tears when she walks up towards him. Fergus feels like a little child that’s being scolded, but he knows that he’s torn something inside of Sully that wasn’t supposed to happen.
          ‘You shouldn’t have done that.’ Fergus takes a shallow breath and turns around after Sully walks past him. ‘Wait.’ Fergus thrusts himself forward, taking Sully’s arm — making her stop in her step. Fergus doesn’t know what to tell her, because he knows he fucked up big time. But he can’t do nothing, he needs her to know what he’s feeling.
          ‘Sul — that wasn’t the intention, I wanted to help. . . You’re so mad the first time I said that name and I thought. . . You’d take all the anger and reflect it on me. I was wrong, Sul. Please, forgive me. Come on. You know I didn’t meant it like that. Come here. Please. Come here.’
          Fergus wraps his arms around Sully again from behind, not backing down — perhaps he’s the one who needs her right now. Fergus isn’t good at emotions and feelings, not if someone’s mad at him. Sully in particular.
          ‘I wanted to help,’ he speaks up in a small voice, pressing his face in her hair. ‘I’ll fix it. Give me the chance, okay? You want to pierce a bodypart with a knife? I promise I won’t even wiggle,’ he sniffs.

    17 • Trainingroom • Fergus

          Her first, immediate response to him grabbing her arm was pulling it loose. So that's what she did — even though a small part of her regretted it the moment she heard his soft whimper.
          ‘Sul — that wasn’t the intention, I wanted to help. . . You’re so mad the first time I said that name and I thought. . . You’d take all the anger and reflect it on me. I was wrong, Sul. Please, forgive me. Come on. You know I didn’t meant it like that. Come here. Please. Come here.’
    Fergus knew a lot about her — almost all of it after all those years they spent together. But she never talked about Nicole — or why she forbade anyone to call her that. And she had good reasons not to.
          Sully could feel the tightness in his hug, he wouldn't let her walk off. Of course he wouldn't.
          ‘I wanted to help. I'll fix it. Give me the chance, okay? You want to pierce a bodypart with a knife? I promise I won't even wiggle.’
    He didn't get it, did he? She was amazed, sometimes, by the things that could come out of his mind. Sully wondered if he really thought that was what she was after — hurting him.
          ‘You think I'd let my rage out on you?’
    She turned herself around like he weren't holding her — like a ballerina on one spot. She wanted to look him in the eyes, even if hers didn't show any strand of emotion. Others still did. His did.
          ‘What kind of partner would I be if I enjoyed hurting you?’
    Sully took a long breath. She didn't even know what she was feeling anymore. Anger? Disbelief? Sadness? Hurt?
          ‘Don't ever call me that again.’
    She made sure he knew she meant it by a glare, before she finally pinched the bridge of her nose and stomped out the rest of the flames that were still flickering inside. Sully'd be able to control those until she could get out to hunt.
          ‘I need to get changed for that stupid party. I'll see you there, OK?’
    Nicole. It burned like acid on her thoughts. It was worse to hear it in his voice. She forgave him, because he was sorry. And she wouldn't bring it up or mention it ever again.

    Corylus; the hazel—tree