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Nieuwsbrief - Week 31

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Quiz van de week:
Welke minion vind jij het mooist?
Welke minion vind jij nou het mooist?
nu doen

Topic van de week:
Teletubbies kunnen zich blijkbaar voortplanten

Story van de week:
Fading Fire

— In love, there will always be good times and bad times, but the most important thing is to get past everything with the one you believe in the m o s t.

F A D I N G • F I R E

[img]https://68.media.tumblr.com/308c383fa1bdc4974a566e955bbb04c (lees verder)

Poll van de week:
Hoe lang ben jij al lid van Quizlet?
- Minder dan 1 jaar
- 1 tot 2 jaar
- 2 tot 3
- 3 tot 4
- 4 tot 5
- 5 tot 6
- 6 tot 7
- 7 tot 8
- 8 tot 9
- 10 + jaar

Foto van de week:

Gedicht van de week:
No fear
An ocean blue for every tear I shed
A ravine, a minefield for every regret

A black hole, a gaping emptiness for every fear
We wouldn't be alive anymore, my dear

There's to much to wonder, to much to think, to much to say
Return to the dirt, to ashes, to nothing. Our path is a dead end anyway

Consumed by fear, too afraid for strife,
To still have courage, to live a life.

RPG van de week:
[RPG » 300] Behind The Curtain —— Rollentopic.

Lijstje van de week:
Fictional crushes

Dit is mijn signature...

Mijn story.(blush)
you're such a motherfucker

:D:)Mijn gedicht!
If life gives you lemons, you gotta pay for them sooner or later

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