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    Druk op CTRL+V en kijk wat je het laatst gekopieerd heb

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    "Nice is different than good." Hargrove > NikIaus

    Het verhaal van de grondwet; Zoeken naar wij

    I'm Ellie's & Mitshy's little secret. Rawr.


    "Nice is different than good." Hargrove > NikIaus

    occipital condyles


    My performance this evening was rather simple in itself. I showered the large tent in a sea of flowers and with one snap off my fingers I changing the stage of seasons in the air. They went crazy when snow began to fall when winter came around. Blossom for springtime. There was even an elderly woman who fainted, she couldn’t comprehend even the slightest form of magic. In the beginning I felt horrible whenever I saw something like that happen, but now I learned to live with it. On the outside of my tent and in every advertisement, I surely stated my shows aren’t for the faint of heart. Literally and figurally. Now, for situations like that, I have my show aides who had themselves stationed at the two main entrances. One of them rushed over to the woman and checked if everything was right and I just carried on.

    Credendo Vides


    We are not your kind

    Peter Addington 22 Male British A close friend of Christopher, is a soft cinnamon boy and idolizes Sogna Magica

    Credendo Vides

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    Change is for weirdos ~ Niall Horan


    Guardian of the Eastern Gate


    Something in you, lit up heaven in me.

    Vegetation and climate in the Early- and
    Pleni-Weichselian in northern central Europe


    Last but not least: al sinds decennia wil volgens peilingen zo’n 70 tot 80 procent van de bevolking de invoering van het referendum. In een democratie zou dat reeds voldoende argument zijn.

    Dammit Bard, you're going to set the cat on fire!


    "Nice is different than good." Hargrove > NikIaus


    Change is for weirdos ~ Niall Horan

    Niet spannend en de personen waar ik mee sprak hebben ongeveer hetzelfde niveau (1x)

    "Nice is different than good." Hargrove > NikIaus

    Cimorelli - Believe In You

    How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.