• wat is u naam andersom?
    Inez = zeni

    ilja = ajli


    To live would be an awfully big adventure

    annick = kcinna

    Life is hard and then we die

    Isabel = Lebasi

    jennifer word refinnej


    eleni -->> inele!:Dcoowll ^^

    You're kicking the legs right out from under my dreams

    Amanda = Adnama

    If I were a boy, I swear I'd be a better man.

    majrim x']

    i can't pretend you're nothing special

    eknein x'D

    Remember the nights we drove around crazy, in love.

    Valentine -> Enitnelav

    But love's a malady without cure


    nou da klinkt ook nie lekker

    Anouk = Kuona
    Klinkt hawaiaans ofzo:P

    Tears are crashing out of my eyes


    It's heavy but you are not the only one

    Jolien;; Neiloj

    Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today <3

    Diane Word enaid Yeahh right x]

    Vampire Heart.

    anouk = kuona

    cry me a river..build a bridge.. &nd get 0vr it..