• hebben jullie die ? in het engels het liefst.

    i'm jealous of every girl who held you, 'cause at that moment, she held my entire world

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    So far away..

    Ik kende eerst een site met mooi uitspraken in het engels, maar ben de naam vergeten :x

    You can run but not hide

    The only true love I ever knew.
    Was behind those downcast eyes.
    The only comfort I ever felt.
    Was during those long hours of loneliness.
    When i felt for you.
    I do believe.
    Only innocence can save the world.

    a tear in my eye
    a tear for you
    a tear to say how much I love you

    live isn't easy
    and it wil never be
    but remember you have some friends
    and one of them is me

    i hear it in the soul of the ocean
    we belong togetter

    Hey you, don't tell me there's no hope at all. Together we stand, divided we fall

    Lives are for living
    I live for you
    Dreams are for dreaming
    I dream of you
    Hearts are for beating
    I beat for you
    Angels are for keeping
    can I keep you?

    Because to you it's just a game

    Keep calm and love Zayn Malik =)

    A sea of love
    Don't let it drown us
    We're way too far from shore
    As we go deeper
    As the wind grows stronger
    It tries to tip us over
    But we both learned how to swim
    So let's just go on

    You're a lover of the wild and a joker of the heart, but are you mine?

    You're the kind of guy who could slit my throat, and with my last breath, I'd apologize for getting blood on your shirt.
    If I could hold a star for every time you made me smile, I would have to hold a whole night sky in my hands.
    Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart.
    If you can't get someone out of your head, maybe they're supposed to be there.
    The worst way to miss someone is to have them sitting right next to you and know that you can never have them.
    I want to fall for you but I'm not sure you'll catch me...

    Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.

    Why Cant you see?
    That you are made for me...

    (Niet) orgineel

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    There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can't. What you've got to do is turn around and say, 'watch me'.

    Mijn motto dit jaar 8D

    There are several things that I have been doing wrong.

    A heart is not a plaything,
    and a heart is not a toy.
    But if you want it to be broken,
    just give it to a boy.

    Youíre like heaven to me,
    but I guess Iím just earth to you.

    So many souls in the world,
    but sometimes you just need one.

    I play the same song over and over again,
    Ďcause it reminds me of you.

    A smiling face,
    doesnít always mean a smiling heart.

    I like dreaming,
    Ďcause it keeps me out of reality.

    Stop praying for a miracle,
    be the wonder.

    It takes one smile to cover al million tears.

    Sometimes your heart know things
    that your mind canít explain.

    Everyone wants happiness without any pain,
    but you canít have a rainbow without a little rain.

    You make my heart sing love songs.

    Thereís a boy on my mind and thatís killing me.

    Don't worry about things in the past,
    there's nothing you can do about them now.
    Don't worry about things that are happening now,
    make the best of a bad situation.
    Don't worry about things in the future,
    they may never happen.

    You canít change the past,
    but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future.

    When I stand beside you,
    I feel like a monster.
    ĎCause youíre so fucking perfect.

    Loved you yesterday,
    love you still.
    Always have,
    always will.

    Forbidden to remember,
    terrified to forget,
    it was a hard line to walk.
    Youíre killing me slowly,
    by leaving me in insecurity.

    Real love doesnít have a happy end,
    Ďcause real love never ends.

    I stare because his face - so different, so similar - is devastatgly, inhumanity beautiful.

    When I stand near to you,
    I know weíll never be together.
    ĎCause youíre so fucking perfect,
    compared with me.

    Iím lost,
    lost in my own feelings.

    Sorry for who I am.

    Iím just searching for some happiness.

    Iím scared,
    Ďcause there fall tears,
    and I donít know the reason.

    there are tears,
    just to tell you that I canít live without you.

    I donít know who I disappointed the most,
    you or me.
    We know the hard way to live.

    I canít live without music,
    but know I want silence.

    Shit happens,
    and life is crap.

    Youíre destroying me.

    This feeling is killing me.

    You can say and believe what you want,
    but this isnít fake.

    You donít even know me after all these years.

    Iím afraid of losing you,
    and afraid of having you.

    Itís time to face the truth,
    Iíll never be with you.

    Every second in my head goes to you.

    Every fear is a weakness.

    I donít know what to do,
    Ďcause Iíll never be with you.

    You touched my heart,
    touched my soul.
    You changed my heart,
    and all my goals.

    I love you,
    I swear thatís true.
    I cannot live without you.

    Iím a dreamer,
    and when I wake,
    you canít break my spirit,
    it are my dreams you take.

    I know you well,
    I know your smell,
    Iím addicted to you.

    - Een valse vriend is als een schaduw die je alleen maar volgt zolang de zon schijnt.
    - Verboden te herinneren, doodsbang om te vergeten.
    - Als de wereld zou vergaan, en jij zou blijven bestaan, zou ik ermee kunnen leven. Maar als de wereld bleef bestaan en jij zou verdwijnen, zou de wereld een vreemde voor me worden.

    I rather make mistakes than do nothing. I rather mess up than miss out completely.

    follow your dreams

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    Sometimes The One You Want Is Not The One You Need.

    Het zijn er een paar;

    *"Life's greatest tragedy is not that it will someday end, but that most only live to follow directions and sometimes we end up totally lost."
    *"Don't through yourself at someone for the person
    you think they are...
    throw yourself at someone because you know you're
    both in it for the memories."
    *"Its been said again and again; life is a process,
    we are fleeting moments that come and go,
    and Iím grateful to have my time,
    my aspirations and my mistakes,
    my flaws and my abilities,
    think of me what you will,
    but before you do,
    *There's nothing wrong with being a loser.
    It just depends on how good you are at it.
    *Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.
    *Mijn lijflied <3

    - You can never say never
    - I won't let you fall away from me.
    - Bienvenue from Hell, mon amour(nerd)
    - I'm fragile and you broke my heart in two

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    Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't wanna live there.

    The importenst things, that is frienship and breakfree

    If the compass breaks then follow your heart and I hope it leads you right back into my arms.

    She stares in the mirror,
    she's afraid and confused.
    Suddenly she cries,
    life will never be the same.

    All the sorrow and pain,
    hidden behind a smile.

    Tears are dropping all over my face.

    Pain became a part of my life.

    It's hard to believe that someone so beautiful could be real.
    I'm afraid that he might disappear in a sudden puff of smoke,
    and I would wake up.

    Trying to forget someone you love,
    is like trying to remeber someone you never met.

    I can't say your name without crying.

    My daddy told me:
    if guys don't like you,
    they're gay.

    You're kinda,
    pretty much,
    sort of,
    always on my mind.

    I always try,
    but I'm never good enough,
    and I don't know why.

    I can't allow him to have this level of influence over me.
    It's pathetic,
    more than pathetic,
    it's unhealthy.

    I guess it's time I run far,
    far away,
    find comfort in pain.

    You can chase a butterfly
    all over the field
    and never catch it...

    But if you sit quietly
    in the grass
    it will come
    and sit on your shoulder.


    Sometimes the most difficult wars are not won by fighting.

    Het is niet ongewoon dat mensen hun hele leven wachten met beginnen te leven. - Eckhart Tolle