• yeeh, kben er goed bezig met al mn topics vandaag :')

    Nailpin - This Coma

    tokio hotel 1000 meere

    We're all dancing to the same sad song.

    So Emotional by Christina Aguileria

    Doubt your doubts before you doubt your beliefs.

    cinema bizarre I don't believe (maar k vind hem niet zo leukxD)

    Even though it feels like your dying, Hope ain't gone.

    C is for Cookie (bill version) en hierna 7 things van miley cruyes.

    Fishy Does Rawrrr... Tiger Does Blub <3

    N.E.R.D. - everyone nose!

    again; Nailpin - this coma

    Tokio Hotel- Beichte

    i won't stand alone van johnny pacar

    everything you imagined, and more...

    "Slaying The Dreamer" van Nightwish; zaaaaaaalig lied:D

    xX Elien

    " I'm not your boyfriend, baby. "

    MGMT - time to pretend.

    Mijn zusje gilt een of ander lied, ik versta d'r geen reet vanxD

    They say The aky is The limit. Why are there footsteps on The moon?

    don't gimme that - Aloha From Hell

    Tokio Hotel - Hilf mir fliegen(H)

    HMH - everyday (voor me susje op gezet op den com ik kan dat kind ook wurgen(6))

    Eyes Set To Kill- Liar In The Glass