• yeeh, kben er goed bezig met al mn topics vandaag :')

    Nailpin - This Coma

    Millionaires- I move It.

    Sparta - False Start

    It's all for you, my butterfly.

    Kelly Clarkson - You thought wrong.
    dude, that song is addicting.

    If I die young, send me away with the words of a lovesong.

    slipknot - left behind


    & hierna

    you me at six - save it for the bedroom

    & daarna

    tokio hotel mit Vergessene kinder
    & daarna Tokio hotel mit Ich brech aus of freunde bleiben.

    @ is plant het altijd

    I can't see the future with tears in my eyes

    My Chemical Romance - welcome to the black parade <3 n_n

    Paramore - Franklin [<3]

    Busta Rhymes FT Linkin Park We made it


    Marilyn Manson - This is the new shit

    Don’t waste your feelings and your hopes on love

    Demi Lovato - This is real, This is me (acoustic ofzoiets, in de trage versie zou ik maar zegge =P)

    Remember only God can judge you. Forget the haters because somebody loves you. -

    my chemical romance- mama(baby)vn the black parade is dead! x)


    Smile Empty Soul - Self Inflicted

    blame the bully.

    paramore - broken

    cry me a river..build a bridge.. &nd get 0vr it..

    The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - False Pretense.

    blame the bully.

    Du bist shön - LaFee

    Love,,Peace&&Icecream! ^^ Liefde aan een paar mensen...

    Mozart Season - Groupie without the secks

    Ik lief dat nummer<3