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❝This murderer probably has a strange kind of humor.❞

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      ❝Rain was splashing on my red umbrella and dripped down to the ground as I stood in front of my fathers grave. I didn't know why it was always raining when people did go to a funeral, or something with the dead, but now it was. To me it felt like the skies cried, and I actually thought it was kind of making drama out of nothing. It was not their father laying six feet under the ground, it was not their hope crumbling right before their eyes. But the skies had never understood what losing someone meant, they had never had anybody.❞
– Magnifying Glass, Chapter 01

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Good people die. Wrong people don't.❞

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"There's nothing you can do that I've not already done to myself." [Harlekijn - Abbunny]

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  • ChiIdhood

    In mijn onderbroek en joggingbroek staat dat ik S heb
    Ja ik kom hierop terug want Idk, in dacht er ineens aan want die maten zijn vreemd Whaha

    1 jaar geleden
  • ChiIdhood

    Yey hahah

    1 jaar geleden
  • ChiIdhood

    Ik kom njet slapen en ging jaar beneden voor drinken ejnfood en toen hoorde ik enge geluiden

    1 jaar geleden
  • ChiIdhood

    I'm a scared little nothing that will overthink everything on this time
    Im a scared little nothing that hears sounds at this time
    Im a scared little nothing that cries because of fear at this time
    Im a scared little nothing that will leave a cup of milk in a microwave until the cup melts at this time
    I'm a scared little nothing that thinks that she's a scared little nothing all the time
    Help me

    Wow yeah, Okey cool geschreven al zeg ik het zelf whaha. Maar Okey, yeah, i mean, its True in bad english. Im fucking scared haha

    1 jaar geleden
  • ChiIdhood

    I'm a scared little nothing that will overthink everything on this time

    1 jaar geleden

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