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Gellert Grindelwald

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Dark and twisted experiments, searching for the deathly hallows

djevenetie, xxShyxx, MyMisery, BlueHope, Seaver, Unimaginable, Trenzalore, Inermis, Phortion, Philia, Ainigma, Khronos, Vellichor, Magari, Unrequited, Growlithe, BelIona, Granian, Grindywald, Phorthos

We're unrequited by Society
of love and of acceptation,
but we'll rise from the ashes
Of the bridges they burn.

Movies X
-Cabin In the Woods
- Journey 1 (To the centre of the earth)
& 2 (The mysterious Island )
- All the HP movies
- The last legion
- Kingsman
- Cloverfield
- The fog
-the grey
- Butterfly effect
-What woman want
-The Perks of Being a Wallflower
- The woman in black
Actors X
-Josh Hutcherson
- Logan Lerman
-Daniel Radcliff
- Munro Chambers
-Landon Liboiron
-Jaimy Dornan
-Colin O'donoghue
-Dave Franco
-Scarlett Johansson
-Aaron Johnsson
-Robert Downey Junior
-Chris Evans
-Chris Pratt
-Chris Hemsworth
-Mark Ruffalo
-Tom Hiddleston
-Jennifer Lawrence
-Shailene Woodley
- Jeremy Renner
Music X
All Time Low,30 Seconds To Mars,
Artist vs. Poet, Boys like girls,
Mayday Parade, We The Kings ,
Owl City, Bring me the horizon,
Panic! At the Disco , The Fray,
The Script, A Day To Remember,
Pink, Cute is what we aim for
Breaking Benjamin, Simple Plan,
Coldplay, The Friday Night Boys,
3 Doors Down, The Wanted,
The Wombats, Alexisonfire
The click five, Arctic Monkeys,
Fall out boy, 5 Seconds of Summer
The maine, For The Foxes,
Doe maar, Maroon
Books X
-Harry Potter
-percy Jackson
-heroes of Olympus
-shatter me
-a song of fire and ice
-Maze Runner
-house of the night
-the selection.
-Lord of the Rings.
-The Hunger Games
-the mortal instruments
-the test
-infernal devices.
Series X
- Bones
- Terra Nova
- Degressi: The next Generation
- The mentalist
- Criminal Minds
- Lie to me
- Glee
-doctor who
-Teen wolf
-Pretty Little Liars
-Faking it
-How To Get Away With Murder
-House of cards
other people X
- Danny O'donoghue (Singer)
-Josh Devine (Drummer)
-Adam Levine (Singer)
- Jeremy Sumpter (Actor)
- Damian McGinty (Singer, Actor)
-Nathan Sykes (Singer)
-Jordan Maron (youtuber)
- Dan howell (Youtuber)

The • harder • it • gets, • the • faster • we • seem • to • fall • in • love.
The • deeper • we • fall, • the • more • we • lose • control.

Say • you'll • come • find • me •
When • I'm • dancing • in • the • streets •
I don't need money, don't need sleep
Just • need • your • pretty • face, • now •
Say • you'll • come • find • me •
When • I'm • dancing • in • the • streets •
We • don't • need • money • don't • need • sleep •
Just • need • a bottle • and • a • beat •
Just • a • bottle • and • a • beat.

@Credits to Feldgrau who inspired me.

We've lived in the shadows for far too long.

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  • Eilandpiraat

    Hey hey! Ik zag nadat ik had gezegd dat ik een soort wild Child wilde maken van mijn personage dat jij als status al "The wild card" voor je personage wilde, wat bedoel je daar precies mee? c:

    2 jaar geleden
  • Velns

    Hee had jij al ideetjes voor jouw personages en Emily?

    2 jaar geleden
  • Illyrians


    Zondag gaat het speeltopic van A Court of Shadows and Souls, zou het je lukken om je rol voor zondag af te krijgen?


    2 jaar geleden
  • Sombre

    preciesss (:

    2 jaar geleden
  • Sombre

    Yes leuk (:

    dit is haar faceclaim.

    2 jaar geleden

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