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Jonghyun's pants.





If my joy can be your happiness,
then thank you.

- Kim Jonghyun. <3

hii ~~


Femke | Korean name: Lee Min Yeon | Nickname: Fay/FayFay/Min
1995 | Gemini | Bisexual | Bro ~

SHINee | Black Veil Brides | Jonghyun | Kibum | Andy <3


this man. is. my. life.

Kim Jonghyun.

That is the name of the person I had my eyes drawn to on a random day in February, 2011. I discovered SHINee. I didn’t realize it then, but on that day I was saved.

Up to today, SHINee has always been there for me. Whenever I was sad they made me dry my tears and smile again. Whenever I felt annoyed, I went to watch some SHINee videos and at the end I would just forget about the fact that I was angry. Whenever I was happy, I also watched them and mostly they made me smile even more, til my cheeks began to hurt.

That day in February I got into their music. But that’s the thing about K-pop artists.. They are beyond music. So, I searched SHINee in like every search box I could find. I watched variety shows, googled loads and loads of pictures, just to save them on my computer. I learned all their names, birthdays, heights and other stuff by heart and I even got into reading fanfictions.

But you know.. Almost every K-pop fan has biases when we’re talking about groups. And for SHINee, mine wasn’t so hard to decide on.

Jonghyun - who I first referred to as ‘the blonde one’ due to RDD, caught my eye immediately when I watched the music video. I don’t even know why and I didn’t really gave that any thought either. All I knew was that he was pretty much amazing at everything he did. He was handsome, his voice made me melt, and his killer smile even made me gasp the first time. After that one music video, I wanted to know everything about him. Everything. So I went to do that, obviously. He had become my drug. Even in school I was thinking about SHINee and Jonghyun, when I actually had to focus on my history report.

Besides the fact that he was incredibly interesting to me, he also became my savior.

I have had some really tough times and before I had SHINee, nothing really got me out of my depressions. I remember that rock music sometimes helped me, but that was it. Jonghyun changed that. His voice, his prettiness, his humor, his smile, his passion.. I really came to love him. In a whole other way that I loved previous idols of mine.

There was this one time that I really felt like giving up. On everything. Guess who made me stay? Jonghyun. I really owe him my life.

Writing this little piece.. I made myself cry. Not because I’m sad, no. Because I’m so unbelievably grateful to him. You can’t even imagine.

He won’t ever read it, but the final thing I wanted to say is:

Dear Kim Jonghyun, I love you.



Hope's a bitch. But still I cling to it.

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