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Soms is het moeilijk om sterk te blijven terwijl je wilt instorten, terwijl je wilt huilen of wilt gillen. Soms is het makkelijker om te doen alsof dan het echt menen. Maar zoek naar de momenten, de momenten waarop je gelukkig kunt zijn. Waar je je zelf kunt zijn en kunt genieten. Waar je een echte glimlach op je gezicht hebt, in plaats van een neppe. Hou vol, want op een dag komt het goed.

To do list :

Colour in my hair
- Kissing in the rain - Getting a boyfriend for the year end - Going to a One Direction concert - Front row at One Direction - Meeting One Direction – Meeting Demi Lovato – Meeting Olly Murs – Meeting Justin Bieber – Meeting Little Mix – Meeting Ed Sheeran - Going to a Demi Lovato concert - Going to a Olly Murs concert - Going to a Miley Cyrus concert - Going to a Justin Bieber concert - Going to a Ed Sheeran concert - Going to a Little Mix concert- Going to a 5 Seconds of Summer concert - Meeting 5 Seconds of Summer - Sharing my story - Writing a book - Going to England for 3 months - Being happy - Getting a tattoo - Putting `I made it.´ on facebook - Flying to a random country - Going on a road trip with a friend - Going one more time to OSL - Saying sorry to the ones I used to hurt - Going to Paris - Walking on the beach with my boyfriend - Staying clean from cutting - Saying thank you to all the ones who made me happy - Seeing my twin again who´s in England right now - Getting a picture with 100 random people - Going to London while it´s Christmas - Getting a follow of any member from One Direction - Getting my MBO diploma - Being a part of cross the line - Having a real smile on my face - Going to Australia - Going to America - Moving to London - Going to a concert with my parents - Going to Wembley with my brother - Being a part of a movie - Sit on the top of the Hollywood sign – Learn how to surf – Buy my parents a new house – Have all my dreams come true – Give people a reason to remember my name – Realize how special I am – Meet my online friends – Travel the world – Ride in a hot air balloon - Overcome depression – live in my dream house – Going to Ireland - Going to a hardstyle party – Meeting Coone – don’t be afraid to be myself - shower under a waterfall - own a beach house - Go to Hawaii - Go to the Zwarte Cross for 3 days. - Meeting Nielson. - Meeting Tyler Ward - Going to Sheffield - Going to Birmingham - Going to Ibiza - Meeting Alex G - Buying tickets for Ajax for my dad - Give Niall a massive hug - Tell Niall he saved my life - Tell Ashton he´s my reason to fight - Tell 5SOS how much they did for me - Tell 1D how much they did for me - Meeting Concept again - Going to London with my mum - Going to Cardiff - Going to a Tokio Hotel concert - Meeting Tokio Hotel - Going to the Harry Potter studio - Being in London with new year - Going to a match from Arsenal - Going to Ajax - Feyenoord with my dad. - meeting Hey Violet. - Hug Ashton - Meet Ashton - niveau 3 opleiding afsluiten.-

Little Mix, One Direction, Demi Lovato and Craig Colton are my everything <3

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  • ProngsPotter

    Hoi, zin om te praten?

    3 jaar geleden
  • Rubin

    Je bent al een tijdje niet online geweest. Kan ik je ergens mee helpen?

    3 jaar geleden
  • Scandal

    Hey!! What's Up! Hoe staat het ermee?

    4 jaar geleden
  • Dysphoria

    Hallo, hoe gaat het vandaag?(nerd)

    4 jaar geleden
  • awsten

    7 jaar geleden

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