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Bumfuzzle • Adjective
confuse; perplex; fluster

'I was bumfuzzled'

About the Word:
Bumfuzzle may have begun as dumfound, which was then altered first into dumfoozle and then into bumfoozle. Dumfound (or dumbfound) remains a common word today, but bumfuzzle unfortunately is extremely rare.

Punk Niall is my favorite.
Because sexy.

• A nobody • 16 • English • Music • Horsebackriding • Official Larry Shipper • Food • Fanfiction • F*cking weird • One Direction • Fall Out Boy • Panic! At The Disco • All Time Low • Ed Sheeran • Olly Murs • Wake Me Up - Avicii • I Feel Like Dancing - All Time Low • This Is Gospel - Panic! At The Disco • Still Into You - Paramore •

Still tryin' to figure out how 1D has made his way up here...
Still pretending that i'm cool

Random shit that i want to do:
• Hug a random dude • Stay awake the entire sleep over • Go on a vacation with just friends • The 'What did i just eat' challenge, involving those HP Jelly Beans • Chubby bunny challenge • Hot pepper challenge • Cinnamon challenge • Saltine cracker challenge • Own all John Green his books • Salt and ice challenge • Stand in the center of this big city with a 'FREE HUGS' sign • Meet, like, famous people • Win an awesome contest • Be the one i truly am •

If you have SWAG then please leave now.

Peter Mills and Pouch (half pooch, half couch)

My greatest accomplishments:
• Being able to rap Can't Hold Us by Macklemore • Having my (horse) driverslicence • Been to NYC • Been to Indonesia • Seen Olly Murs live in concert • Went to London, alone • Own all John Green his books • Being able to sing 'Koffie, koffie, lekker bakkie koffie! Jongens, ik lust nog een kop!' backwards :3 •

This is gospel for the fallen ones
locked away in permanent slumber
Assembling their philosophies
from pieces of broken memories

If my velocity starts to make you sweat then never let go - My Chemical Romance

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  • Ristridin

    Hey!! What's Up! Hoe staat het ermee?

    2 jaar geleden
  • ProngsPotter

    Je bent al een tijdje niet online geweest. Kan ik je ergens mee helpen?

    3 jaar geleden
  • Ristridin

    Ik kom gewoon even hallo zeggen:)

    3 jaar geleden
  • Frisk

    Hoi, zin om te praten?

    3 jaar geleden
  • Alfama

    Goedemorgen, hoe gaat het vandaag?(nerd)

    3 jaar geleden

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