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DolgaaiFan, Hyacintho, Sharknado, Cello, Cee, Hyacinthus, ivlivs, Patrochilles, Alphys, Skops, Celestaire, Assthetic

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[In ontwikkeling]
Agent Holemen
Once upon a time, a birthday present became something bigger.

Agent Holemen: Accompany
Once upon a time, a companion followed.

Happy Scribbles & Angry Poems
Once upon a time, I was mad.

other wor[l]ds
Once upon a time, I fell into another world.

Liefde & Oliebollen
Once upon a time, there was love at the end of a year.

Annie's Valentijn
Once upon a time, love became a gruesome thing.

[Gepauzeerd & in samenwerking]
The story of three weird girls
Once upon a time, three girls decided to make a story.
It was a brilliant idea.

Magic Bodies
Once upon a time, in the year 2104, a girl and a boy lived in a nightmare.

Hyacintho's 30 days of writing
Once upon a time, a girl wrote every day some words.
The words became sentences and the sentences became stories.
She did that 30 days long.

Hyacintho's 30 days of Writing [2015]
Once upon a time, a challenge was repeated.

Hyacintho's 30 days of Writing [2016]
Once upon a time, something happened again.

Percy Jackson • Heroes of Olympus • The Song of Achilles • Good Omens • Supernatural • Doctor Who • Sherlock

To do:
• Travel around the world
• Learn skateboarding
• Write a book
• Go to New York
• Go to Rome
• Go to Madrid
• Go to London
• Go to Paris
• Go to Egypt
• Go to the Dominican Republic
• Learn to drive
• Design and make an outfit
• Go to a ghost town
• Get my diploma
• Get all the books I want to have
• Ride a gondola in Venice
• See the Northern Lights
• Send a message in a bottle
• Ride a hot air balloon
• Go on a road trip
• Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands
• Add a lock to the love lock bridge in Paris
• Go to every place I wrote about
• Explore a cave
• Do zorbing
• Swim with dolphins
• Go diving
• Attend a Masquerade
• Make a cosplay 26-03-'16
• Get a Camp Half-Blood and a Camp Jupiter shirt
• Eat Japanese candy
• Make a brownie in a mug
• Become a lucid dreamer
• Watch all ten seasons of Supernatural
• Get a mind palace
• Drink Black Water
• Eat a cinnamon roll (that thing that's too good for this world, too pure - well, according to Tumblr)

I've gone by other names, but I do prefer:

DolgaaiFan - Hyacintho - Sharknado - Cello - Cee - Hyacinthus - ivlivs - Patrochilles - Alphys - Skops - Celestaire - Assthetic

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Think of all the horrors that I promised you I'd bring

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    Ik kan je alleen maar extra motiveren :Y)

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  • Derks

    Omg jij leeft ook nog op Quizlet!!!!!!! YES!

    Kom naar het forum, het is er leuk. Zet bijvoorbeeld je schoentje!

    Of kijk wat rond in de andere topics.

    2 maanden geleden
  • Derks


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  • Debbaut

    Let's party! (banana)

    4 jaar geleden
  • Snakey_Crowley

    How about you gonna check Braveheart again? i just posted a new chapter :P

    5 jaar geleden

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