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Niall his bed.


one direction, voetbal


One Direction, Niall Horan and Justin Bieber. That's all.

5 october the day that i met One Direction, the best day of my life <3

Hi babe,
I'm just here to say that I love you. You are the best friend I ever had. I know I can trust you. And you've to know that you can trust me. You're so amazing, just the way you are. Whenever I'm sad, you cheer me up. You can always make me smile when I want to cry.
Babe I'm so glad that I got to know you. And know.. I never wanna loose you. I love you so much babe.

from a lovely bear.

If you spread your wings, you can fly away with me.

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  • irwin

    You're the sweetest girl on this planet

    I love you

    8 jaar geleden
  • irwin

    Babe I came here to tell you that you're the best friend I've ever had. I can't live without you anymore. And you mean the world to me!

    I Love You<33

    8 jaar geleden
  • HelloRadio

    There are moments in my life i will always remember
    not because they were important but because you were there

    Honey, I love you. No matter what. X

    8 jaar geleden
  • theguardian

    iloveyou girl <3

    8 jaar geleden
  • Pigfarts

    You make me smile, when I want to cry.

    I love you <3

    8 jaar geleden

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