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A Queen Who Deserves Her Crown!
She saved me, She helped me when no one else did, she is the best idol you can ever imagine

A Beautiful Boy Who Chased His Dreams And Got On The Top Of The World!
I am never leaving this kid, he has changed my life.

Best band in the history of bands!
plus they are all mexicans!

Don't ever dare to joke about self harm or eating disorders in my face, or you will get a fist into yours.
Caught by depression, and suicidal thoughts
I used to self harm.

the people I love :

Demi Lovato She is my rolemodel <3
Justin Bieber I've been belieber ever since i heard his song 'One Time' on TMF
Beatrice Miller She is an 14 year old perfect human being, ended 9th place on The X Factor USA 2012.(she followed me on twitter and noticed me several times)
Alyson Stoner she is such a inspiration to me.
One Direction Those five crazy guys changed my way of life
Adam G Sevani He is my dance inspiration.
Munro Chambers he is the best actor and a cutie, btw he is canadian which makes him perfect.
Big Time Rush they are just awesome.
Cody Simpson He is an Aussie!! it says enough
Zac Efron he is just a great actor and hottie
Austin North he drums like the best.
TwentyForSeven these idiots are just the funniest guys i've seen on YouTube and they are a great band
The Vampire Diaries Is the first series I have ever really followed, and I am fully convinced it is the best series in the world!

if you aren't agreeing with me too bad i like these people and if you don't i'm sorry, but keep your reaction for yourself.
lots of love.

"Darlin' you'll be okay" ~ Pierce the Veil

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  • Fadedd


    Zou je misschien een kijkje willen nemen bij mijn story?
    Making Stupid Decisions - Justin Bieber & Harry Styles

    Sorry als je reclame haat, maar dit mijn eerste story en zou graag jullie mening willen horen.


    5 jaar geleden
  • Medici


    5 jaar geleden
  • PrimRue

    Bedankt voor het lezen van mijn verhaal! (:
    Fijne feestdagen!! xxx

    5 jaar geleden
  • wckddcrkncss

    Elijah Mikealson,
    bedankt voor je bericht
    katherine pierce

    6 jaar geleden
  • foxacademy

    Dankje voor het lezen van mijn story (:
    Volgende chapter komt eraan.
    Hier een beetje Tony Perry voor jou (dat betekent dat je lief en aardig bent^^)

    6 jaar geleden

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