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~My future husband; Harry Edward Styles.:9~

One Direction forever.
Simple but effective.

-Mijn story over Harry Styles.

This always makes me cry, it's so beautiful..
Larry Stylinson, best bromance in the world

True this:
- Don't ask me to stop loving One Direction because it would be like asking me to stop breathing.
-Zayn's tweets inspire me. Liam's tweets give me hope. Louis tweets make me laugh. Harry's tweets confuse me. Niall's tweets make me hungry.
-Every Directioner but me: "I got a hug, autograph, and a picture from the boys." Me: "The boys said a vowel in my name in a video."
-I have one particular talent which is knowing One Direction more than I know myself.
-When I'm 45 and unemployed still sitting on my laptop in my bedroom living with my parents, I'll blame One Direction.
-Romeo and Juliet? Bitch please, Larry is the best romance of all times
-Some Directioners haven't met 1D, been noticed by them or been to their concerts or signings. But did they leave the fandom? Nope.
-That moment when One Direction posters are staring at you while you're getting naked.
-Me: "So Niall, enjoying the dinner?" Niall: "....." Mom: "Take your poster off the table."
-That awkward moment when someone tries to make you angry by One Direction are gay. And I'm like haha, I already knew that.
-*Harry singing Torn* Me: "Harry, feel free to lay naked on my floor at any time."
-Hating on Liam is the equivalent of slapping a puppy.
-Spending my teenage years supporting 5 flawless homosexuals. I REGRET NOTHING.
-Small world? Not small enough for me to meet One Direction obviously.
-Zayn Loves Dogs, Harry Loves Cats, Louis Loves Pigeons, Liam Loves Turtles And Niall Loves... To Eat Chicken.
-Normal people: "Simon Cowell is a bit rude....." Directioner: "OMFG. UNCLE SIMON!!!! YOU MADE MY LIFE COMPLETE. LET ME LOVE YOU!!!!"
-Miley is not a slut. Justin is not a girl. Selena is not fake. Demi is not fat. One Direction is gay.
-Person: I love One Direction , except Niall and Liam. *1 hour later* Police: So she fell down the stairs? Me: Yeah...she did.
-You know who is a great directioner, supporter, who the boys love, and who deserves to meet One Direction? Read the first word again..
-You call yourself a directioner? You don't even get why Katy Perry's so important!
-Dear Santa, this Christmas, i want One Direction. If that's too expensive, you don't need to put clothes on them
-Liam isn't coming on a white horse for me, he's coming on a turtle. That's why he's taking so long.
-You're not a Directioner if you have a favourite." CORRECTION: You're not a Directioner if you have a LEAST favourite, there is always that one member that you fall into actual love with.
-Hi, I'm the sun and i'm jealous of One Direction, cause they're hotter than me.
-Braces didn't make Niall hot. NIALL made braces hot.
-Me: "Mum! i kissed Zayn in the rain!" Mum: "If your poster is wet, i'm not buying you another one.okay?"
-Friend: "All you do is talk about One Direction. Stop." Me: "All you do is breathe. Stop."
-No one is allowed to insult One Direction except Directioners.
-Dear male population, learn about Liam Payne. Study Liam Payne. Be Liam Payne. Girls would probably love you more
-Fair to say One Direction have messed up many teenage girl's sleeping pattern's worldwide.
-Dear One Direction Haters, roses are red, violets are blue, God gave 1D talent, what the fuck did he give you?"
-How One Direction is gay, bt isn't gay, but actually is gay
-Explaining how One Direction are gay.. But not gay gay is like explaining what water tastes like...it's impossible.
-Obama's kids got to meet Justin Bieber, the Jonas Brothers, and got 4th row to a One Direction concert. OBAMA ADOPT ME.
-You wanna hear a joke about Harry's penis? Nevermind it's to long.
-The things I would to do these boys are not legal.
-"Niall is my least favourite member of the band" Well you are now my least favourite member of the world's population.
-The One Direction fandom: The only fandom that wish their idols were gay together
-Harry's penis: loading~ ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ 99% *FAILED* Error. File is too big.
-I want to die before One Direction do, because I couldn't handle the pain of losing them.
-Eleanor: "I'm a model" Danielle: "I'm a dancer" Perrie: "I'm a singer" Me: "I'm a potato" Niall: "I'm dating you!"
-I met a member of One Direction once. I saw him on the street and he got scared and flew away when I screamed "KEVIN?!?!?!
-To you, One Direction is just a boy band. To Directioners, they're 5 homosexual sex gods who came down from heaven to kill their ovaries

- Yeah, I'm a proud Belgian Directioner :Y)

Red like the color of Love

Pink like a raspberry ice cream

Orange like a sunset

Yellow like a canary bird

Green like my allstars

Dark green like a forest

Blue like the summer sky

Dark blue like the deepest ocean

Purple like beautiful flower

Brown like a monkey

Black like the night

Grey like the gray sky


Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. But it's your choice to scream or enjoy the ride.

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  • GroteDoos

    Hiya !
    Een vriendin en ik zijn gisteren begonnen aan 'n fanfiction van Harry Styles.
    Zou je 'm willen lezen ? <33 ;

    9 jaar geleden
  • calumhood


    Mijn buurmeisje en ik zijn net samen aan een story begonnen, maar we hebben nog net erg veel lezers.. Ik zag dat je ook van One Direction houdt, dus misschien zou je even een kijkje willen nemen? En heel erg sorry als je hier een hekel aan hebt.. In ieder geval zou je ons er heel erg blij mee maken.

    [url=]http://www.quizlet.nl/stories/89620/fireflies--niall-james-horan/]Fireflies - Niall James Horan[/url]


    1 decennium geleden

    Hello babe! x1DCoockies en ik hebben twee story's om te lezen!
    Who will survive this? - Ziall Moran en
    A Special Snowflake - Nouis.
    Sorry voor reclame xx

    1 decennium geleden
  • IveG0TStyles

    Ahw, dankjewel!

    1 decennium geleden
  • FebeStyles

    Read & Delete.

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