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Don't worry, my friend
If this be the end, then so shall it be
Until we say so, nothing will move

The mountains are waiting
The full moon has come
I got lost on the highway
But don't ask me where I've been
Or what I've done
Oh lord send me transmissions
Forgive me for what I've become
The sun has come to save me
Put a little love into my
Lonely soul


In these demon days
It's so cold inside,
So hard for a good soul to survive,
You can't even trust the air you breathe,
'Cuz Mother Earth wants us all to leave,
When lies become reality,
You numb yourself with drugs and TV,
Lift yourself up, it's a brand new day,
So turn yourself round,
Don't burn yourself, turn yourself,
Turn yourself around to the sun.

[Demon Days]

Kid, hang over here
What you learning in school?
Is the rise of an Eastern sun
Gonna be good for everyone?

The radio station disappears
Music turning to thin air
The DJ was the last to leave
She had well conditioned hair,
was beautiful, but nothing really was there

[Hong Kong]

2015-11-02            2016-04-08

Claim back the boy you left behind.

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Je favoriete Marauder is? 37 stemmen 5 jaar geleden
Zoete of zoute popcorn? 30 stemmen 5 jaar geleden
Veel abo's of veel reacties? 23 stemmen 5 jaar geleden
Val jij liever van je fiets of van de trap? 19 stemmen 5 jaar geleden
Welke Doctor (vanaf 2005!) is jouw favoriet? 8 stemmen 4 jaar geleden
Fave Twenty One Pilots bandlid? 6 stemmen 1 jaar geleden
Katten of honden? 6 stemmen 2 jaar geleden
Favoriete Hobbit? 5 stemmen 3 jaar geleden
Favoriete elf? 5 stemmen 3 jaar geleden

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Gastenboek van Gorillaz

  1. NoodIe
    NoodIe NoodIe is offline 1 week geleden

    dom vindt hem de grootste aap van allemaal <3

  2. ZeIda
    ZeIda ZeIda is offline 1 week geleden

    Oei yes die zijn echt nice maar D-sides is ook wel echt zwaar underrated haha wat vind jij van Dirty Harry? Die is ook wel nice en DARE?!:Y)

  3. NoodIe
    NoodIe NoodIe is offline 1 week geleden

    penny vindt ze met z'n drieën ook wel thuishoren in de dierentuin
    alleen dan met davy als verzorger want hij moet wel nog thuiskomen

  4. NoodIe
    NoodIe NoodIe is offline 1 week geleden

    dom en davy

  5. ZeIda
    ZeIda ZeIda is offline 1 week geleden

    Jaaaaa halleluja maar ik moet ook zeggen hoe cliché het ook is, die bekendere liedjes van hun zijn ook wel echt ijzig goed altijd haha en i like ur profile so much



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