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Music, Reading, Writing, Skateboard/Longboard/Pennyboard/Snowboard, Photographics, Youtube


And this people is the blonde version of me ;D

Luke Hemmings is one of the persons I look up to
The way he makes music, makes me wanna become as good as him <3


• Meet Luke Hemmings and Josh Devine
• Meet 5 Seconds Of Summer
• Meet The Janoskians
• Meet Cody Longo
• Meet Jack and Finn
• Meet One Direction
• Meet Ed Sheeran
• Go to a concert 24June2014 1D, 3Nov2014 Ed Sheeran
• Go to London Winter '13
• Go to New York
• Go to Los Angeles
• Go to Australia
• Go to Paris Summer '09
• Design my own bedroom
• Meet my online besties Kim: 4jan2015
• Graduate
• Go to college
• Live in a different country
• Do something for charity
• Send a message in a bottle
• Shop at Forever 21 Winter '13
• Shop at Jack Wills Got Harry sweater
• Travel the world
• Enter any kind of a competition
• Have a cute puppy
• Have my dream body
• Overcome my fears
• Dye my hair in a weird color Done so many times
• Use a fake name at Starbucks All the times I went there
• Use my real name at Starbucks
• Go to Nando’s Winter '13 GOT A CLUB CARD
• Prank call someone
• Win a bet
• Have a paint fight
• Get a sun tattoo
• Buy a ticket to some random place and fly to it
• Go snowboarding with friends
• Go surfing with friends
• Kiss in the rain
• Get a real tattoo
• Get a lip piercing had to take it out...
• Make a video account with my best friend(s) With Kim, own and shared
• Have a 11:11 dream come true
• Be in a band
• Have a guitar
• Have the drums
• Have a keyboard
• Have a piano
• Have a bass guitar
• Have a cow bell (cause they are fucking awesome)
• Go on vacation with friends Summer '12
• Get a Horan Hug
• Spend a weekend with my best friend(s)
• Move in with friends
• Get matching tattoos with someone
• Buy all the cd’s I ever wanted
• Buy all the dvd’s I want
• Go on a road trip with friends
• Have a summer job
• Finish my Bucket List

I'd like you to look at my username
Harry is basically grinding me


Thank you for looking at my profile
Good bye!


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    Let's party! (banana)

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    Je bent al een tijdje niet online geweest. Kan ik je ergens mee helpen?

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    Hey!! What's Up! Hoe staat het ermee?

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    Hoi, zin om te praten?

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