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Cassie, Zarroc, Alohomora, Cliffhanger, Cunning, Preservation, Determination, Resourcefulness, CIeverness, Fraternity, Ambitions, CanceIed, SaIazar, Dungeon, ParseItongue, BasiIisk, Solarchild, SiIver, Toothpick, RuthIess, Glacial, Moriendum, Illunis, Negligence, Hotshot, Deviance, Swindler, Carnivore, Obticeo, Malachite, Sauhuta, Ophiomormous, Lychnis, Eumoiriety

            There’d been a distinct moment in time where she’d noticed the switch getting flipped in him and after that, he never went back to his old ways.
            Restrained. Calculating. At arm's length.
            For all the distance that had parted them---even when he was right there in the room with her---his eyes had always told her he’d wanted to bridge every inch of it.
            Those brown depths telling her and him actually doing it were two completely different things though, and so whatever had simmered between them had kept doing so for the longest---never boiling over.
            Right until she’d decided to turn up the heat and make it spill over the edges. Said distance had stopped existing all at once when she’d told him ’I have grown quite fond of you’.
            If she’d known that was all it would take, she’d have told him months ago.
            There was no end to his desire to touch, near greedy with it at times---like he’d been starved from it far longer than she could fathom and was now catching up. He would refuse to let go, would have her late to war-meetings because he kept her tangled up until she needed to peel herself away with force.
            He would always find ways to reach for her; adjusting her armor, wiping dirt that wasn’t there, braiding her hair with deft fingers.
            Her wings he never touched without permission, but when he had it, he would caress them until she shivered and caved into giving him more time than she could actually spare.
            It was within a stolen moment like that she’d asked him to join her legions for the umpteenth time and in response he had been quiet for so long she’d believed to have known his answer.

            Maybe she’d still be alive if it had been no.



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  • iluvquizlet

    jij schrijft echt zo geweldig!! ik vind al je verhalen zo mooi!:)xx(flower)

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    jammer. Je was/bent een geweldige schrijfster! Hopelijk ga je ooit nog verder. Veel liefs van een grote fan, Fabi(flower)

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  • benign

    zo kort zo speciaal(flower)

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