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"I'm fine"

That's what you want to hear me say. Right?

I know that I'm not gonna be like all the others.
I don't want to be like them. Sometimes, I just wish I was normal.
The thoughts in my head are to much for me.
I'm always thinking the worst.
I feel like am always on the edge. I don't relax. Just thinking and thinking over and over again.
Doom thoughts cross my mind constantly.
People tell me to stop them saying to them cause they become tired from hearing it.
But they don't understand that when
I'm saying them is only a really small piece of what I'm thinking constantly.
I'm also fucking tired to hear my thoughts but I can't say to them to shut up.
Cause they never listen to me..
Femke S.

I like to disappear in this world.

I want to find my own Stiles.

Soldier on!

Waar mijn naam achterstaan zijn zelfgemaakte teksten als je deze wilt gebruiken gelieve me dat even te melden en mijn naam erbij te vermelden.

Every time I see an aeroplane I wonder where it's going

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  1. IrishNialler
    IrishNialler IrishNialler is offline 1 week geleden


    Kijk je wordt hier in vernoemd!

  2. IrishNialler
    IrishNialler IrishNialler is offline 2 weken geleden

    succes met je eindproject. kga ff liggen en kom pas online weer als mn mobiel overgezet is. hij was al ver klaar

  3. IrishNialler
    IrishNialler IrishNialler is offline 3 weken geleden

    Lieve Fem

    Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag en dat je nog vaak je verjaardag mag vieren.

    Bedankt dat je je vrije tijd met mij deelt en voor alle gezellige momenten.

    Ga lekker genieten en ontspannen in de Ardennen want dat verdien je

    Dikke kus van mij

  4. IrishNialler
    IrishNialler IrishNialler is offline 2 maanden geleden

    nahw super lief

  5. Chasing1D
    Chasing1D Chasing1D is offline 2 maanden geleden

    i hope one day you can. i hope you will be able to appreciate everything that makes you you. i hope you'll be able to laugh and smile, without feeling self-conscious. i hope you'll be able to see what other people see. femke, femke, the most adorable person. someone who goes out of her own way to do good for everyone, and forgets herself. and caring about others is good, but little did you know, i hope you wouldn't forget yourself.
    you're that kind of person who is filled with love, extraordinary love, yet doesn't give any of that to herself. and i hope you will. but you're on your way, you know. you're further than you think. you're in this place, where you want to feel okay and somehow feel like you can't. you're so much more closer than you realize.
    i cant promise things and situations any of us can control. but i promise you that im here. that im here whenever you need me. whenever you need to talk. whenever you want to send me every thoughts thats going on in that great mind of yours.
    i can assure you, that you're such a beautiful person. you care about not only making people happy with big things, but also the little ones. you have big dreams, great potential, an outstanding mind.
    you shine out brightness, honesty, reality. you're not fooled like anyone else. you know what's the deal on this big world. and that, my friend, is gonna bring you in amazing places.
    i can promise you that you achieve such great things, and you already have. you're someone special in this world, actually. even though, you dont feel that way. you have an incredible influence on others.
    your soul is filled with love, kindness. thats rare in this world, something you dont find that often. yet, you own that. you own things others will never be able to be and get.
    even though you're very realistic and understand the world, to the corners of the room, you still have hope. you might not feel that way, but.. you do. because you keep on going. you have felt like you wanna stop. but girl, love, please dont. in all of these years you've been going, going, going.
    yes, what you've been through and are going through, those are things. don't forget you're allowed to not feel okay always either. let the emotions in, own them. and when you feel ready, truly ready, let them go. but not before you're ready, you know? feel them, feel them, feel them until you're done feeling them.
    i know your mind has been in an ungoing war for quite a long time already. and a war exists out of battles. and this is another battle. but you're going to win the war. i believe in that. you've conquered so many battles already, you dont even realize. so look back, look back to all the battles you've won already and please forget for a second what's yet to come. because you've conquered quite some. and those matter.
    you matter. you belong here. you're existence is so important.

    and i hope, that one day.. you'll see that too.



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