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Hey, did you hear? It's the Mini Ladd.
People have no fear, It's the Mini Ladd.
Let's get one thing clear, It's the Mini Ladd.
So, hooray and cheer for the Mini Ladd


I can smell fear...

      It smells like crayons!

Keep 'er goin'!

You really want a cyborg for a friend?

Yeah, ever since I was six.


Vanoss: From now on, we’ll be using code names. You will address me as “Eagle 1”.

Code name: “Been There, Done That”.

Delirious is
“Currently Doing That”.

Miniladd is
“It Happened Once In A Dream”.

Code name: “If I Had To Pick A Dude”.

Nogla is…
“Eagle 2”.

Nogla: Oh thank God.

Do-do-do-do banana bus.


Do you want da puncake?

Courage is the mindset of not surrendering even if you lack the strength!

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  1. Izunia
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    this gif without the context is so weird to see.

  2. Aune
    Aune Aune is offline 1 week geleden

    Want iedereen heeft weleens een knuffel nodig en je het vast verdient, ook al ken ik je niet. <3

  3. Scandal
    Scandal Scandal is online 1 maand geleden

    Ik zag deze username opeens in de moderatorlijst staan en dacht: wie is dat nu weer? Heb ik per ongeluk iemand aangesteld? Ö

  4. FireKeeper
    FireKeeper FireKeeper is offline 2 maanden geleden

    Hoi, ik kom even zeggen dat ik je username echt geweldig vind <3

  5. Kappa
    Kappa Kappa is offline 2 maanden geleden

    Stars, like our Sun, are much brighter and bigger than the Earth. But only a handfull have, even with our best technology, been resolved as anything larger than just than just a single point.
    From 1/1000th of a lightyear away, our own Sun would look like every other star in the sky, a single point to the naked eye. Only about as the largest star, not our sun, in our night sky.
    From 91 lightyears away, the 'point' of our Sun would dim to a level, undetectable by the naked eye, it would dissapear.
    Which means, that if there is life out there, systems, around the stars we have gazed at in the night sky, and written stories about them since humanity began, chances are, we are not part of their constellations or stories. We're a dark patch in the sky to them, an ignorable emptiness framing other stars, the ones they gaze at. While not knowing that, we're here, or that there is anything here. It's like we never existed.



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