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Hey! Novathetabbycat hier! Ik hoop dat jullie genieten van alles wat ik maak! Als je met me wilt samenwerken of iets dergelijks, mag je dat zeggen/chatten. Ik maak in mijn vrije tijd ook eigen verhalen, dus als je daar in geïnteresseerd bent, zal ik hem ook wel op mijn profiel zetten! Ik heb ook een extra account genaamd: MissEL, dus check dat ook zeker!

Op dit account schrijf ik meerdere verhalen tegelijk, wat betekent dat er soort van halve verhalen op staan. Als je een leuke manier weet om het te vervolgen, kan je me gerust een pb sturen!

This is the end, this is goodbye
Listen for the children singing one last lullaby
One more dance, one more night
The final chance to make it right
Crawling back from where you came

Set them free and just be gone
The nightmare's lasted far too long
I will end this where it began
According to plan

Set the stage and let the rage consume you
Like a wildfire burning through you
Building a coffin from confetti and confessions
Maybe there will be a lesson in the rubble when it's through
Buried in metal and a million memories
The temperature is rising to a thousand degrees
I never ever learned to let go of the pain
I'll make it all burn 'til nothing remains
Nothing Remains

There's no more need to try to flee
I've got a funny feeling this where you want to be
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
And everything will fade and rust
I'm sorry that you put your trust in me

Baby girl it's time to go
And I will join you
That I know
I will end this where it began
A broken man

Nothing Remains, Andrew Stein

Blurs of bloody red,
Hours of pain and dread.
Given a new life that night, years of strife.
He trapped us.
Please release us.
A voice that fuels our rage.
Cosumes us.

A haunting lullaby,
Awake but not alive.
Five nights of fun despite.
Stolen lives.

They watched us,
Did they mock us?
Dis they come here again,
To join us?

What is this?
The pain s gone,
Our shells of misery stay,
We see day.

They watched us.
They saved us.
Embers burn away what.
Had kept us.

Children's requiem, Trickywi

Follow your dreams, follow your heart, they know the way.

~Mijn pyjama shirt


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