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Someday in London


24th of June


‘Why do we fall in love with people we can’t have?’


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I look for you, everywhere I go. Hoping that I’ll bump into you.
And the weird thing is, I always find you.
Like, there is a piece of you, that’s here with me.
It’s everywhere I go.
It’s everything I see.

I see you in the crowds of my city.
In peoples eyes. In the smiles of passengers by.
I find you in the lyrics of my favorite song.
I see you in the sky. In the happiest of days.

Even in the big city, I can feel you walking next to me.
Side by side. And, I need you.

You remind me everything.
And everything reminders me of you.
But then you go and disappear and you’re not there.
You’ll never be there.

And I love you. Because I see the world in your eyes.
And I see your eyes everywhere in the world.

And it feels like you’re so close.
But you are so far way.

I hope we meet somewhere out there.
When the times is right, and God wants us to meet.
When I’m ready.
When I’m not afraid of meeting you.
Afraid that I won’t be good enough.
Afraid of falling even more.

I look for you everywhere.
And you are the person I’ll never stop looking for.
Because; what if you are in front of me.
The day that I might stop looking for you.

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Is breathing for this

It hurts because it mattered † - John Green

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  • Niallerslove

    I love youuuu- but I think you knew that already

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    A freaking year already.

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    Please, come back.

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