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"The fear of love."

"I often fear I am unloveable, for I have no clue how to love. I have never felt any butterflies in my stomach, my head never started spinning for that special someone. I have always had a hard time watching the people that did find love, maybe it was because I was jealous, maybe because I never have known that feeling, maybe because minutes with their lover, were minutes stolen away from me. I often fear I am unloveable, for I am selling out my body to maybe feel something, but never do. I wished to the stars for someone to come a long, for someone to steal my heart away and at the same time I fear to let it go. For I rather won't take the fall and keep whole my heart, than fall and leave my heart in pieces. I am torn between what I want, what my heart wants and what my head tells me to. I am torn and trying so hard not to be broken that maybe I am. Not broken in the way shivers are found on the ground, broken in a way it's still whole, but doesn't really work anymore."

"The stars replaced the emptiness of my heart."

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