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G A S T O N       L E G U M E

"You are the wildest, most gorgeous thing I've ever seen! Nobody deserves you..."
• • • • •
"Look at her, LeFou," Gaston bellowed. "My future wife. Belle is the most beautiful girl in the village. That makes her the best."
"But she's so..." LeFou hesitated, before finding the right word, ''well-read! And you're so... athletically inclined."
"I know. Belle can be as argumentative as she is beautiful."
"Exactly! Who needs her when you've got us?"
"Yes. But ever since the war I've felt like I've been missing something. And she's the only girl that gives me that sense of..."
"Hmm... je ne sais quoi?"
"I don't know what that means."
• • • • •
''Here in town there's only she, who is beautiful as me, so I'm making plans to woo and marry Belle!''

"Good morning, Belle! Well, wonderful book you have there."
"Have you read it?"
"Well, not that one. But, you know books." When Belle frowns, Gaston trails off and looks away. Suddenly remembering the bouquet he brought her, he meets her eyes again and grins. ''Flowers, for your dinner table. Shall I join you this evening?"
"Sorry, not this evening."
• • • • •
"It's the ones who play hard to get that are always the sweetest prey. That's what makes Belle so appealing; she hasn't made a fool of herself just to gain my favor. What would you call that?"
"It's outrageously attractive, isn't it?"
• • • • •
"It's hero time!"

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    Haha ik zie nu oas je bericht!! Beetje druk gehad!! Zou je me trouwens even kunnen helpen??

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    Ik zie nu pas - 11 maanden later - je bericht. Hoi! :')

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    Hoi! Ik zag je gastenboekberichtje van... een maand geleden. Soms kruip ik even in mijn grot voor een winterslaap, vandaar mijn late antwoord. ;p
    Alles ok? x

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    Oh, dat zou kunnen, maar dat geeft niet:PAntwoord maar als je tijd hebt ^^

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