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Don't let people live your life. Don't let people tell you what to do.
It's your life and you should make your own decisions.

Live the life you love.

(\ _ /)
( ' x ' )

~ Femke ~ Yasmine ~ Lindsey ~ Eelien ~
~ Ava ~ Lente ~ Shania ~

Never take the small things for granted like sunshine, your health, family, and friends.
That's what makes you rich because money can't buy it but it gives you the greatest feeling.

Much to Keaton's relieve, we get to the Grisdale pack safe and sound. Talking to the alpha didn't take long and I showed him the Deadpool. Even though he thinks that he can protect them all, he did talk to the few Gifted and they wanted to go on the road as well to get to other Gifted. To spread the word.

Now we're traveling again.This time after some rest, a good meal and a shower. Which Keaton is very thankful for. We even got the chance to get a bed but I reclined. Better to keep moving to stay out of the hands from the hunters.

While traveling for a few hours, even as a wolf to cover more ground, we're in Gifford Pinchot National Forest. The sun went down already and being in the dark gives me some tranquility. Between big trees, I can see the moon. Almost a full moon. The smell of the forest seems to have changed. Abit of mist came rolling in half an hour ago. Giving it a mysterious edge. However, my ears catch a sound ahead of me. Heartbeats. I stop Keaton with my arm to listen. 'You hear that?'

'Heartbeats.' He nods. 'How many?'

This time to listen with my eyes closed to concentrate on the situation. 'Five or six.' I can hear another heartbeat. Only this one is slower than the others. Even low and shallow breathing gets to me. 'Hunters and they have a prisoner.' I open my eyes again. 'Possibly one of us.' I click my backpack lose on my collarbone and take it off. 'You think you can take them on?' I soften my voice.

For a second Keaton is quiet but his heartbeat betrayed him.

I will be doing this myself. 'I know you're teaching me the rules for a Gifted but I'm gonna train you to fight and to survive. There's a cave right over there.' I point out to my right. It's a good thing I know this forest already. 'Stay there.'

'Be careful.' Keaton walks in the direction I pointed out with my bag.

Almost on my tiptoes, I walk further. Not making a single sound. To get closer so I can see the situation first before I go running and save the man. That's never a good idea.

'Here you go, mutt.'

'Why? The boss only wants him alive but he never mentioned that we need to give him water and food. That will cost us.'

Hiding behind a big tree I can see seven men. With another one tied up with his hands behind his back and legs together with chains. My teeth elongated to canines because of it. Soundless snarling at the hunters. Recognizable by their black clothes, weapons, and combat boots.

All the sudden an owl makes a sound. Making one of the hunters raising a large gun at it.

'Will you relax?' Someone pushes the gun down. 'We kill werewolves, not animals.'

'A werewolf is an animal,'says the one with the gun.

Jumpy one. This will be easy. I use my wolfs eyes to search the area around them.

A third man shakes his head. 'No, they're not animals but monsters. Monsters who are out to kill.'

Knowing enough, I silently make my way closer. 'Are you capable of walking?' I ask quietly to the one chained up.

'Yes.' He whispers back.

All I need to know. Then I start to attack. But not straight for all of them. Using my speed I grab one of them, dragging him with me that he loses his gun. Safe behind a tree I snap his neck. Motionless he falls to the ground with his eyes shocked and wide open.


'Where is he? He just not walked away to pee or something.' The man curses between his teeth.

Silent as a cat and smooth like an assassin, I take out the next one in the same way.

'What the hell? Andy, where are you?'

'This forest is giving me the creeps and goosebumps. I don't like it.'

You're next. Agile I run to the man superfast, grabbing him and take him down between the trees.

At the same time, more mist comes rolling in. Turning the place foggy. I smile because I can use it to my advantage. Going for the fourth one and when I grab him, I lay my hand over his mouth. Making sure he can't alert the others.

'Can't we just leave?'


I guess he has the lead on this team. Well, what's left of it. I continue my assault on them. Taking them down one by one.

'Cyprus? Todd?' He holds a gun this time. 'Preston? Where are you?'

Dead, I answer with thoughts when I kill another one. Which is number six. Just that guy left as for last. With the scent of the wolf nearby it's easy to keep them separated. My trained eyes go to the guy with the gun ready to shoot. His finger on the trigger.

The next moment a hard and short sound is hearable. Making the owl, from before, fly up and to a safe place. Some other birds fly and scattered through the sky. Just like his scent is getting to me. He's scared and anxious. And he doesn't even know that his whole team is gone. By a single snap of my hand. Just like that.

~ Henry Russels uit "Gifted with a curse - 2e deel van de serie Roaming Rogue"

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~ ik schrijf mijn verhalen alleen op Quizlet ~ alles is fictief ~ nooit wil ik mensen aanzetten voor automutilatie of andere dingen ~ elke karakter in mijn verhaal is niet op de waarheid gebaseerd ~ mocht er een overeenkomsten zijn met een ander verhaal is dit toeval ~ mijn karakters hebben een geheel eigen mening en is niet per definitie mijn mening ~


~ Listen to your heart and follow your dreams ~

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    Ahzo, daarmee dat ik het niet vond! Ik heb beide lijstjes al eens gelezen, ik dacht alleen dat je een ander lijstje bedoelde oepssss

    Dankjewel! Ik ben volop bezig! Ik heb heel veel gelezen, een beetje voor school gewerkt en uiteraard goed carnaval gevierd.
    Vier jij carnaval?

    Oh, wauw! Proficiat! Ik ben trots op je! (:
    Valt het werk een beetje mee?

    Hoe gaat het met jou?
    Nog iets interessants meegemaakt?


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    I'll read it - I'll answer it & I will delete it

    Stelchs 77% van de msenen kan dit leezn:

    Vlgones een oznrdeeok op een Eglnese uvinrietsiet mkaat
    het neit uit in wlkee vloogdre de ltteers in een wrood saatn,
    het einge wat blegnaijrk is
    is dat de eretse en de ltaatse ltteer op de jiutse patals saatn. De rset van de ltteers mgoen wllikueirg gpletaast
    wdoren en je knut vrelvogens gwoeon lzeen wat er saatt. Dit kmot
    odmat we neit ekle ltteer op zcih lzeen maar het wrood als gheeel.

    Als je het kan lzeen zet het in je pfeirol.



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