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Hello everyone

My name is Kira

I'm 18 years old, but I'm older in my heart

The world has always been dark, ever since I was a little girl

So I thought I had turned bitter

I love animals more than people

I love my cat and I'm a vegan

I don't like people talking

But I like to hear them sing, for in songs they speak only truth

I'm a lonesome girl, I sing when I'm alone

I think I fall in love with girls, for they breathe out protection

I need a guardian angel to shine a light upon my world

I found my personal angel five years ago

We will never be apart

I've left the dark, but I'm still in the hallway

I brought peace in my heart

I didn't turn bitter, it's just who I am

I've accepted that I'm different

I've accepted no one will ever understand

I've accepted people will think of me as crazy

I've accepted I won't be taken seriously

But I am who I am

I crave the blood of my significant other

The only human I'm able to truly love

I crave the pain she's given me

But above all I live to see her smile

She's the reason I'm still alive

And ready to live on

As different as I want to be

Did you know it, L, that shinigami only eat apples?

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  • Eritreana

    Are You still alive?

    6 jaar geleden
  • Lucem

    ja.... ik hoop echt zo erg dat de band ooit nog bijeen kom, hoewel dat een kans van 1% is

    6 jaar geleden
  • Lucem

    Goedzo! Altijd muziek van cinema bizarre blijven luisteren!

    6 jaar geleden
  • Pale

    'God gives the hardest battles to his stongest soldiers.'

    Stay strong and never lose hope.
    Hold On, Pain Ends.

    6 jaar geleden
  • Nozarashi

    echt? awesome!
    ook een hobbit en lotr fan?

    6 jaar geleden

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