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`You have to dance like there's nobody watching, love like you'll never get hurt,
sing like there's nobody listening, and live like it's heaven on earth´ !!


I love the boys so much, it's unbearable and it hurts, but in a good way, they don't even know how freaking amazing they are.
Like how can they just simply walk into your life and change it in ways you never would have thought.
Falling in love with them was the best decision I have EVER made, not only have I became a better person,
I have also found out who I really, truly am. This wonderful band has helped me through so much,
the times that I had nobody, and I mean NOBODY, the only people I knew I could turn to was them,
and I have never been happier and a lot of people are saying `oh you're to big´ or `that's for babies´ or `they are stupid.´
They don't ever just want to listen to the reason WHY you love them, they judge and don't know shit.
All I know is, One Direction saved me in ways I can't describe. I couldn't thank them enough for everything they've done.
I love them, I love them more than anything. No matter what, i'm here to stay.


Be a lover. Choose love, give love. Love everyone, always.

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  • Hucci

    Haha is goed, ik schrijf toch graag (; als je wil kan ik natuurlijk ook een vervolg op die one shot maken. maar je kan ook gewoon een nieuwe kiezen (;

    8 jaar geleden
  • Hucci

    Het doet mij echt een groot plezier dat je het mooi vond. Dankje echt waar. (bloos)

    8 jaar geleden
  • Hucci

    Jouw one shot is geactiveerd (;

    8 jaar geleden
  • Hucci

    Ik snap het helemaal, ik zal zo beginnen aan jou one shot ;D

    8 jaar geleden
  • iriseveraard_

    moet ik je dan elke keer even mailen als ik een hoofdstukje klaar heb ?

    8 jaar geleden

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