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My idols are Justin Bieber And One Direction. Together they mean a lot to me, more than my own family and friends. That's rude, I know. But when you don't have family, and you only have some real friends, than it's not so rude anymore. But still i think that nobody will understand that. Don't start thinking i'm such an obsessed fan, if you don't know me. I'm not insulting anyone, but not all the beliebers and directioners are the same. I don't care how many tattoo's they have, what stupid faults they make, the only thing i care about is them living their dreams and being happy.
Together they teach me, to don't give up your dreams. All your dreams can always become reality. But than there's only one problem: What if you don't have any dreams? What if there's only one thing you want, and that's just to be happy. And not being happy for 5 minutes, but being happy for a long time. That's now the only thing I want in my live. And right now the only persons that make me happy are them, because i'm happy that they're happy. They're living their dreams and that's something that makes me happy. <3 Soleo x

I'm a part of the Believe and the Take Me Home Tour.


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  • Bolleboosx

    Lieve Bo,

    Ik wens jouw fijne kerstdagen en een mooi en gelukkig nieuwjaar.
    Ik wil je graag bedanken voor het lezen van mijn storie: Be careful it’s my heart – Harold Styles


    7 jaar geleden
  • Smexy

    Wat voor vermoede heb je?? xoxo

    7 jaar geleden
  • Smal

    En, gaat je laptop trug?

    7 jaar geleden
  • Smal


    7 jaar geleden

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