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I'm on a little break,
but don't worry...

it's not me, it's you.

my name ━ demi
my age ━ 19
my birthday ━ august 24th
my sign ━ virgo
height ━ 1,74 m
weight ━ 64 kg
eyes ━ green, grey, blue ish
hair ━ long, dark blonde
fears ━ beetles, cockroaches and failure
allergies ━ pollen, dust, kiwi, lactose
bro's and sis's ━ two older half brothers, 28 and 29 years old
parents ━ divorced, living with my dad
study ━ finished beautician, going to study creative business
career ━ I'm working in a toystore, which I love
pets ━ two cats at my dad's and a chihuahua at my mom's

relationship status ━ taken
sexuality ━ straight, don't mind kissing girls though
heartbroken ━ once, oktober 2016
fallen in love ━ I am in love right now
celeb crush ━ timothy chalamet, froy gutierrez, neels visser
actual crush ━ my boyfriend of course

favorite females ━ madelaine petsch, adelaide kane
favorite season ━ every season, love snow, love the sun, hate pollen though
favorite food ━ every food is my favorite food, but pizza and sushi I guess
favorite show ━ peaky blinders, teenwolf, riverdale, reign
favorite movie ━ phonebooth, world war Z, everything everything
favorite disney movie ━ beauty and the beast
favorite disney character ━ olaf, the beast, maximus
favorite dc comics character ━ the joker, catwoman
favorite marvel character ━ thor, black widow, spiderman, deadpool
favorite marvel movie ━ infinity war, age of ultron, civil war, deadpool 1&2
favorite dc comics movie ━ the batman series, suicide squad, justice league
favorite books ━ fifty shades trilogy, harry potter DUH
favorite harry potter character ━ draco malfoy, luna lovegood and dumbledore
favorite harry potter house ━ slytherin
favorite place on earth ━ besides my home town; gran canaria, new orleans, Malta and the united kingdom

tattoo wishes ━ paper plane on left ankle, palm tree on right ankle, stars of virgo left upper arm
piercing wishes ━ helix, second and third earring
travel wishes ━ everywhere, as long as I'm with good friends
world wishes ━ cleaner world, safer world, no more wars
life wishes ━ good career, loving family, loving friends

what else do you wanna know? tell me.

I'm a peaky blinder for god's sake.

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