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The interesting thing about all this hate that Justin Bieber gets is that if he wasn’t famous, the majority of you ‘haters’ would never think about hating him. Just say somebody linked his video on their Facebook (if he wasn’t famous), you would all comment saying “Awww, he’s a cutie!” “This kid is good!” And all of those nice things. Or if this kid was in our neighborhood, the same kid, with the high voice and that hair, but he wasn’t famous… What would you all say? You’d compliment him, and tell him he’s good, and you’d say he’s cute. But just because you know his name now, you think you have a right to judge? You know, if he wasn’t famous, you would feel guilty about hating on him, wouldn’t you? 100% you would. Or people would stick up for him and say “Noo, you’re being mean, he’s talented, he’s just a kid” But just because he’s world wide famous, you think it’s okay to hate? NO. If you commented something mean on his video before he was famous, regular people would stick up for him and tell you off. But now, if you do that, people LAUGH at your joke about him. Why is that? Just because he’s famous? It’s not okay to hate just because somebody is famous. Despite how famous he is, he’s still a 17 year old boy who has bad days and is going through changes. He still has feelings. Hating on him just makes you look real, real bad because despite your ‘opinion’… Hate him or not… He’s still living his dream. He’s doing something with his life while you sit down, criticizing the world. Think before you hate. And admit to yourself that at the end of the day, if you saw Justin’s videos and he wasn’t famous, but was still the same kid, you wouldn’t hate on him. So why now? Why is it suddenly okay to hate on him just because he’s a celebrity? I didn’t know that when you become a celebrity, you don’t have feelings. Oh, that’s right. I didn’t know that because it’s not true. Despite how famous somebody is…. Everybody has feelings.

heel stiekem heb ik even ingebroken om te laten weten dat je heel veel voor me betekent, ik zou niet weten wat ik zonder je moet en hoe ik anders belgisch had moeten leren. iloveyou en vergeet niet dat je fantastisch schrijft! Je bent geweldig <3.


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  • 4everaloneYO


    8 jaar geleden
  • Ro

    Hey honey, remember me? Maybe not, maybe you do. Maar het is goed, je mag je kut voelen, je mag denken dat alles tegenzit, je mag vinden dat alles fout gaat. Maar denk aan alles wat je wel bezit, memories, fantasy en vrienden? Je hebt een heel leven voor je, en natuurlijk mag je je kut voelen, en natuurlijk gaat alles een keer fout, maar what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Smooth roads will never make good drivers, clear skies never make good pilots, a problem free life never makes a strong person. So don't ask life 'why me' say 'try me'
    everything is going to be alright, and just so you know, people are here ya know. They'll help you through this.

    1 decennium geleden
  • Gustanoid

    Dear Silke,
    you know that my English is very bad. But I want to say you that I love you my big Bieber-Fan-friend.
    We’re going to make London unsafe, baby! Also NY but that’s still a long time.
    Okay, enough for today. My brain can’t cope all that English so…..

    Femke is out.

    1 decennium geleden
  • Redamancy

    Silke, now I'm going to say something to you. Although I know my message is going to be destroyed by your Bieberloving stalkers.
    You are a special person, my friend. You are really unique. And the enormous distance between us, doesn't mean that we can't be friends anyway.
    Polygamie matties for life <3

    1 decennium geleden

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