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Marthian            My Baa            Queen Meeko

Puns of my life
Brotatoes • Baemi • Bumbrella

Bucketlist 2017
• Pass for an exam
• Pass for a course
• Make some friends at school
• Be a (hoofd)animator at a kazoukamp
• Finish at least 30 books
• Go to my friends' graduations
• Be proud of myself
• Go on a vacation with my friendsies
• Go on a vacation / trip with my soulbuddy
• Have a relationship of 4 years and counting
Things that aren't on my bucketlist, but still they happened
• Calling 112
• Sleeping in the woods (in a tent)
• Peeing outside as an adult
Booketlist 2017
• IT - Stephen King (Horror)
• Nosferatu - Joe Hill (Horror)
• Runa - Vera Buck (Thriller)
• Het spel - Barry Lyga (Thriller)
• Bloed van mijn bloed - Barry Lyga (Thriller)
• Het bloed kruipt - Stuart Neville (Thriller)
• Levend aas - Katrien Van Effelterre (Thriller)
• Piep zei de muis - M.J. Arlidge (Thriller)
• Iene Miene Mutte - M.J. Arlidge (Thriller)
• Een kille rilling - Bernard Miller (Thriller)
• Poppenspel - Mo Hayder (Thriller)

• Boo - Neil Smith (Humor)
• The haunting of sunshine girl - Paige McKenzie (Horror)
• The girl with all the gifts - M.R. Carey (Horror/Thriller)
• Touch - Claire North (Fantasy)
• Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo (Fantasy)
• Black City - Elizabeth Richards (Fantasy/Romance)
• Percy Jackson and The sea of monsters - Rick Riordan (Fantasy)
• Percy Jackson and The titan's curse - Rick Riordan (Fantasy)
• Percy Jackson and The battle of the labyrinth - Rick Riordan (Fantasy)
• Percy Jackson and The last olympian - Rick Riordan (Fantasy)
• My life next door - Huntley Fitzpatrick (Chicklit)

Yet to read
Currently reading

• Films:
      - Horror
      - Animatie
      - Suspense

• Series:
      - Castle
      - Criminal minds
      - Inkmaster
      - Gravity Falls

      - Bob's burgers
      - Hemlock Grove
      - House
      - 13 reasons why

• Boeken:
      - Suspense
      - Horror
      - Thriller
      - Seriemoorden(aars)
      - Engelen/demonen

I was a drab little crab once

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  1. Ziegler
    Ziegler Ziegler is online 2 uur geleden

    Girl ur profile is on point

  2. WaIt
    WaIt WaIt is online 1 dag geleden

    — Rosaleigh Camille Desormeaux • friend
    If anyone ever wondered if Reed has had some serious love feelings for someone, it would have been Rosaleigh. They started off as friends, but as Reed enjoys expressing his flirty personality and Rose responded in a playful way, this had become their way of communicating in some way. Beneath their playful friendship, they are friends and Reed tends to open up a bit more with her than with others, apart from Elin. However, Rose started to pull back a little and even reacted in a hostile way towards him. It made Reed confused and the crush he was developing for this young woman, slowly faded away. Now their flirty relationship is more of a normal friendship in which Reed sometimes still tries to get the real Rose back.

  3. WaIt
    WaIt WaIt is online 1 dag geleden

    Ah, ja, dat vind ik een leuk idee! Misschien dat Reed een lichte crush op haar ontwikkelde voor haar verandering, maar dat haar vijandigheid dat minder heeft gemaakt.

  4. Ziegler
    Ziegler Ziegler is online 2 dagen geleden

    Well I kinda need someone he wants to get to know (in whatever way possible, most likely just because he's interested in her as a friend). So maybe not a real relationship yet?

  5. Ziegler
    Ziegler Ziegler is online 2 dagen geleden


    What kind of relationship would you like between Rose and Abel?



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