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Lazlo Strange. Strange, that dreamer.
“he collected stories like treasure.”

"The library knows its own mind...When it steals a boy, we let it keep him."

“Good people do all the things bad people do, Lazlo.
It's just that when they do them,
they call it justice.”

“The dream chooses the dreamer,
not the other way around....”

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“You’re a storyteller. Dream up something wild and improbable. Something beautiful and full of monsters."

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  • LynnBlack

    hahahahah yeah who will tell ;p

    5 jaar geleden
  • LynnBlack

    Oh trust me I wish I was as brave and hopeful as Lyris or as strong and feared as Aya or at least be Lucky and have a 1001 lives like Froro but I'm neither of all these hero's and this world is nothing like Middle Earth so maybe i might not be a Middle Earth hero but I might someday mean something to this world, and maybe even make a difference But it could be you or Lady Oakenshield or Lady Elvithien or even any other crazy friend of mine as well who knows...

    5 jaar geleden
  • Katalante

    Japp. Ik geef het 1 maand. Dan zal ik seizoen 3 wel af hebben;)

    5 jaar geleden
  • LynnBlack

    Oh not only America Deary, yes America may be the eye of Barad Dur but then on the other side we've got Russia, the eye of Isengard, and we dutchies are trapped between those two, now the only question is how long shall it take before the orkish people run us down? Before they start another war oh oops I shouldn't say it too loud should I, eyes and ears everyhere some might start thinking I'm the crazy one, the dangerous black spy who has too much fantasy but hey c'mon you know I'm right! ;p

    5 jaar geleden
  • Katalante

    Het is trouwens Jaqen H'ghar

    5 jaar geleden

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