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Fall in love or fall in hate.
Get inspired or be depressed.
Ace the test or flunk a class.
Make babies or make art.
Speak the truth or lie and cheat.
Dance on tables or sit in the corner.
Life is divine chaos. Embrace it.
Forgive youself. Breathe.
And enjoy the ride.
Parents Guide to Jrock

1.] Don't worry, your kid probably isn't gay, even though the pics hanging next to their bed looks like girls.

2.] When they show you a pic of their favorite singer, don't instantly assume that it's a girl, it probably isn't.

3.] If you walk into the room while they are on the computer and they minimize the window instantly, don't be offended, it's probably for your own protection.

4.] Don't insult their favorite J-Rockers.

5.] Don't be surprised when you can no longer talk to your child about anything except Japan.

6.] Be prepared to learn more than you ever had, about something you never wanted to know about.

7.] A man in a dress is sexy, no matter what you say, nothing can change that.

8.] It doesn't matter that they don't know what the singers are saying, don't bother arguing about it.

9.] Don't be suprised if their total clothing and make-up style changes

10] Your child will eventually start talking strangely. Here’s some explanation. Kawaii=cute, Kyaaaa=emotional positive outburst.

11] WIN is good, FAIL is bad

12.] Important rule: the more feminine, the more attractive

13.] When they start talking about Lucifer, they aren't worshiping Satan.

14.] If you listen through the door and the vocals sound like a mixture of Ancient Greek and Russion, assume it’s a Japanese man singing in English.

15.] When two males kiss, it is called fanservice. This is a good moment to say “Kyaaaa”

16] Score points by buying them Japanese items. Japanese candy and Hello Kitty are “win”.

17] Cinema Bizarre and Tokio Hotel are FAIL! Don’t go “but they are called Tokio Hotel”. Just no. It doesn’t work.

18] Never say Japanese people, Chinese people and Korean people are all the same.

19] Japan is holy, Tokyo is holy, Harajuku is holy.

20.] Maybe it’s a phase, maybe it’s serious, but let them enjoy it while it lasts ^^

behind very angel is a demon

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  • Locomotor

    Sinds ik van jou helemaal niets meer heb gehoord over de songtekst wedstrijd neem ik aan dat je de opdracht niet meer in gaat leveren, en val je dan ook nu af.


    1 decennium geleden
  • Locomotor

    Omdat de database van Q was gecrashed is de inleverdatum verschoven, ook kan ik de reeds al ingeleverde songteksten van een aantal deelnemers nu niet meer zien, graag ontvang ik van iedereen die zijn opdracht nog wil inleveren hem deze week via een pb,

    dankjewel =)

    1 decennium geleden
  • Locomotor

    Ik wil je er even aan herinneren dat zondag, 16 februari de inlerverdatum is voor de lyricswedstrijd:)

    1 decennium geleden
  • Dominate

    Heb je foto's van jezelf? misschien ken ik je wel ofzo.

    1 decennium geleden
  • LetUsBurn

    ja ik zit op de angelus ^^

    1 decennium geleden

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