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Its Not Just a Band To Me ,


we're not a boy-band we're a band - Ashton Irwin

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  • evashton

    I remember when i saw you for the first time, when i guested you in my broadcast because i had to eat dinner and let my dogs out. Everyone was so exited about you and you were kind and really good at singing!
    And i never regretted it!
    When we facetimed for the first time did you had that 3D thing on your head and you were in a rollercoaster ( witch you hate ) That was so funny! Hahah
    At my first dance party when we hit 16 or 17K fans, and i haven't had that much fun on @younow #younow as than. So thank you Dom, six months without you will be hard af, who will i call now when i just want to talk about nothing so i won't feel alone, who will be as enthusiastic as you when something awesome happened or something i am not that happy with but you still cheer me up with your amazing laugh! And who will share me with crazy spiders falling from above in your keyboard? And in those moments that are scary, when i feel like crying and laughing are you the one who makes me smile. When i was full of tears because my dog passed away and i tried not showing anyone, but fail. And you still tried to make me smile, and being there for me. When we were supposed to make songs together, and than you all ready start doing that and go full in my idea's. And you always call me with those insane ( but amazing ) idea's of you that you had to tell me or even show me. When we said to make a band or an collab account and YOU DOMINIC actually made that happen! I know you will get trough this, i only wished i could be there for you ánd actually help you. And now i am about to cry because i don't know what i need to do without you in it, for the next months, i am scared, because we speak so much since the last couple of months we have been trough your breakup, to your success! You 18th birthday and the fact that you graduated last week. But i've never been without you longer than a week, and i will feel an emptiness in me but i will also feel the joyful Dom inside me, because i know that is what you would like me to feel ; happy, thankfull, lovely, kind, caring, wise, myself, a weirdo, passion, hyper, enthusiastic, taking the lead, having wonderfull idea's, become an AMAZING ( i all ready hear you say AMAZING like that ) singer/songwriter like yourself, and sad, because that is something that comes with being as awesome as you. Sad because you can't do what you love to do in the next couple of months, but also grateful for learning new things around you and exploring those. I am so grateful for knowing someone as special and talented as you. This is not an goodbye Domino!
    I love you 💕✨🙆🏻😂☹️💁🏻🙈😔❤️

    4 jaar geleden
  • evashton

    Ik zou willen dat quizlet een app kon maken voor iphone zodat ik zoveel kan blijven lezen en schrijven als ik zelf wil want ik hou van deze website!

    5 jaar geleden
  • ILoveHorror

    Merry Christmas and a happy 2015!:)

    6 jaar geleden
  • TommoxLou

    Larry Christmas and a happy New Year ! (:

    6 jaar geleden
  • TeamHemmo

    6 jaar geleden

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