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Justin, you may not realize it but when you look out into the audience at your concerts and see the thousands of screaming girls but behind them is a past and a whole lot of stories. A story of how they lost friends because they supported you, a story of all the arguments they were in trying to defend you, a story of all the fights they've had wit people from school because they were trying so hard to stick up for you and your music, a story of how they've cried when people have said they'll never get to meet you and how hard it is knowing they'll never be with you. A story of how a girl struggels through most says just because she'sstereotyped as the psycho Belieber. A girl who has tired so hard to meet you that night at the concert but failed. A girl who used every penny she ever had to get that concert ticket, who begged her parents for weeks on end to bring her and did everything, absolutely everything in her power to meet you. I'm not saying they do a lot, but it's the little things your fans do for you, just because you're you. They do it because you're their inspiration, you've saved a few of their lives from destruction, you're their role model, the person who's music had brightened up their day, a person who makes them feel better about themselves and help them all individually throughout their days. When you look out into the crowd, you might just see a bunch of screaming girls who you call Beliebers. When you see them in the crowd, you might not see all teir individual stories and pasts, but I do.
Do you know why? Because i am one of them too.


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