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people are motivated purely by self-interest

Nothing ever ends poetically. It ends and we turn it into poetry.
All that blood was never once beautiful, it was just red.

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i thought it'd be fair to update this a little. hi, i'm c. i'm 18 years old, and if you've been on this site for a while, you probably know me as the person who makes layouts and never ever finishes their stories (or alternatively, as that really annoying 13 y/o with edgy characters who went feral as soon as someone used the same font color as them. theoretically i have not changed, sorry lol). i'm nonbinary (they/them & it/its are my pronouns, though i prefer not being referred to at all), mentally ill, and too lazy to type with proper capitalization, so i'm basically just every gen-z teen you'll ever meet except more pretentious.
i really like folklore, horror, gothic literature, extremely evil fictional characters who deserve to be put down, writing, art, psychology(!), peter pan(!!!), and dolls.
i don't have an inkling as to whether i would respond to either private or guestbook messages, but you can always give it a shot!

anyway, my two semi-active friends on here are: kriss & ana, and the rest died with the rest of the site. (if you happen to be one of them, you may seek contact with me at any time, i won't think it's weird. i'm interested to see where you are in life now.) (oh also bug is my partner and i love them very much okay that's it bye)

and no, i don't type nederlands

" Hello, I am C and my special interests are DEATH and PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE, how about you ahaha "

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    Hehe heeaay

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    ahh shfwiejf
    you're cute too (:

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  • ChiIdhood

    ik voel me echt zo niet 19 echt zo gek! ik heb het gevoel dat ik nog maar net 18 ben, maar dat is dus niet zo oh noooo

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  • ChiIdhood

    Yeyeyy hahah (:
    als ik ooit tijd heb ga ik echt tussen de wijzers lezen heheh

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