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I just ran my first marathon this morning.

Just kidding.

I´m on my third cupcake.

Story Of My Life:

5/5 did a follow spree
Spammed them for a follow
Still has 0/5

Throw me out of da window #Done

Harry Styles

[HER • ee, HAR • ee]
meaning: ruler, chief / mighty (in war)


I wouldn´t want to date Harry Styles, because I feel like he wouldn´t kill spiders for me, he´d probably try and capture them, because he wants to set them free outside, but then he´d end up standing next to me on top of the table screaming whenever it moved and he´d get upset if I killed the spider, because heď already named it and found the perfect tree for it to make a web in.

If you are a Harry girl don´t open, I warn you! :
Sometimes Harry Styles is naked. In the shower, in bed. And sometimes, he slides it up and down, slowly, slowly and throws his head back and moans and licks his lips and thrusts his hips, and his muscles flex under his smooth skin and his toes curl and the heels of hit feet push into the bed and he growls out - a sound that rumbles through his chest and up his throat and out past his perfect pink lips, and his free hand grips the bed sheets or pushes against the shower wall and he thrusts harder and harder...

So yeah. Sometimes that happens. It might even be happening right now.

Opened it?? Haha, sorry. I had to put some Harry p--rn here.

A long list of things that I love about Harry Styles:

• his hair
• hands
• smile
• the little birth mark/freckle on his chin
• long torso
• his legs ( Which better than mine)
• dimples
• eyes
• limpy
• the way he speaks
• lips

• sweet
• kind
• caring
• gullible
• funny in a stupid kind of way
• bubbly
• he´s such a gentleman
• cheekiness

Little Things (Oh, God, get ready):
• the way he crosses his feets when he walks
• how he sticks out his tongue before he eats
• how he plays with his lips
• the way he interwines his hands when he sits
• the only man that looks good in a bowtie
• his white converse
• his beanies
• his horrible jokes that I still somehow find funny
• his awkwardness
• his belly, he´s getting back:)
• taste in music
• his raspy voice
• "Um" "Like"
• he´s amazaing with childeren
• tattoos
• how he bites his lip when he concentrates
• how he squints his eyes when he laughs realy hard
• his sweaters
• facial expressions
• he´s just a cutiepie
• the way he makes me smile

I love Harry Styles aka Harry Cyrus, my idol:)

Don´t fall in love with band members. because they will ruin your life, drive you away from your friends and social life, give you an internet addiction and sleep loss and false hope that they will ever notice your existence by either following or tweeting you

plus the will drive your standards so high that you will never have a crush on any guys you know in real life ever again or at least for another 5 years.

If you don´t believe in Larry Stylinson. Please watch this: It changed my opinion too:)

Or this one:

If I die young, scatter my ashes at a One Direction concert :)

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