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Dàh <3

shut up and listen

To get one thing off my chest, I really don't care if you hate me, or if you would like to throw insults to me. Do it all you want.
Give a good laugh. But, don't be suprised when I thank you for your input and laugh to your face.
Plainly put, I don't care what you have to say, or what insults you have about my mother.
It doesn't phase me one bit. I take my pride, holding my head high, knowing that i'm the bigger and better human. Not some beast that has to fight with everyone or everything just because they are different , or they have stuff i might not like.
For all the people, who are going around and put people down, grow up people are allowed to their options and you should not put them down for saying something. If you don't like something, turn the other cheak. Don't seak a 'battle'. Follow your words. Actually act like your being a adult, and not a kid.
The insults ive seen are quite pitiful. And that makes me think, 'My god. These are the people who I will have to grow up with and deal with.''No thank you. If you are the one of the people who put someone else down.
For those people I have one thing to say:

Thank for being a little kid now grow up!

Let's go to the candymountain :D

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    1 jaar niet meer on? is wel lang hé? Haha, jammer je hebt een goede muziek smaak

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    Ik lees
    Ik beantwoord
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    THQ for reading(H)

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